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We cannot defeat terrorism if we disconnect ideology from religion

From the news media:
UK Prime-Minister Theresa May says that the recent [terrorist] attacks are connected in one important sense. They are bound together by the single, evil ideology of Islamist extremism that preaches hatred, sows division, and promotes sectarianism. It is an ideology that claims our Western values of freedom, democracy and human rights are incompatible with the religion of Islam. It is an ideology that is a perversion of Islam and a perversion of the truth.
In essence, Theresa May makes a point that the religion has nothing to do with the ideology and that a religion cannot be wrong by definition. What Theresa May is saying is that if the devotees of some religion, in the case of Theresa May the Islam, do evil things, it is not the fault of this religion (Islam) but the fault of some evil ideology created by the evil people of this religion.
Unfortunately, that is not true. Ideology is a crucial part of any religion – without ideology a religion is a mere mirage. Trying to separate ideology from religion is self-defeating. And here is why.
Merriam-Webster dictionary defines religion and ideology in the following way:
– Religion – the expressed manifested faithful devotion to an acknowledged ultimate reality or deity.
– Ideology – the integrated assertions, theories and aims that constitute a sociopolitical program.
So, any religion has an acknowledged ultimate realty or deity.
For the Jews it is One God with many names such as Yahweh for example; for the Christians it is the Trinity (the unity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in one Godhead); for the Muslims it is Allah and His messenger Mohammad.
For the Nazis, the acknowledged ultimate realty or deity was Hitler and for the Soviets, it was Stalin.
What we tend to forget is that those ultimate deities were not silent. They provided for their devotees the “socio-political programs” on how to shape up a society/nation out of the devotees. And those “socio-political programs” are ideologies by definition.
For the Jews, it is Torah-based Talmud and all its derivatives; for the Christians, it is Torah-based New Testament and all its derivatives, and for the Muslims it is not Torah-based, fundamentally different Quran-based Sharia.
For the Nazis, it was (fortunately, was!) the Mein Kampf, and for the Soviets it was (fortunately, was!) the Communist Manifesto – both certainly anti-Torah “socio-political programs”.
The “socio-political” fundamentals of the USA are based on Judeo-Christian Torah-based moral prescripts which are opposite in many fundamental beliefs to those in the “socio-political” Islamic Quran-based fundamentals prescribed by the Sharia – on family structure, on women, on individual freedoms, on the role of government, on tolerance to the beliefs of others, etc. That does not mean that Islam cannot transform itself – but until it does it, in order to be able to survive as a Judeo-Christian nation we have to fight the Islamic ideology as a part of religion of Islam. This fight shall include preventing the Muslim citizens from creating “socio-political” institutions based on the Sharia and accepting only those new Muslim immigrants who pledge to do so.
This fight shall include preventing any kind of new immigrants who are not accepting the Judeo-Christian “socio-political” fundamentals of the USA. The ongoing (cold) civil war in the USA is to a great degree a result of the influx of such immigrants in the last half-century.

Real Russian intervention in America – not in the election results


From the news media:


(CNN) Attorney General Jeff Sessions met twice last year with the top Russian diplomat Sergey Kislyak in Washington. Sessions did not mention either meeting during his confirmation hearings when he said he knew of no contacts between Trump surrogates and Russians. Sergey Kislyak, the Russian ambassador, is considered by US intelligence to be one of Russia’s top spies and spy-recruiters in Washington, according to current and former senior US government officials.




The establishment news media continue their campaign of discrediting US President Donald Trump by implying the Russians through their intervention into our election process elected him. Yes, the Russians intervened in our election process and continue to do so, but not with the purpose of electing their “favorite candidate”.


To understand the real Russian intervention in America, we have to listen to Vladimir Putin himself. This is what he is saying concerning Russian-American relationships:


According to Vladimir Putin,


·         Russia is one of the two world super-powers the other one being the US


·         During the turbulent Russian times when Russia was changing politically from the communist dictatorship to Russian-style democracy the US pushed Russia out of many her former sphere of influence and by doing that humiliated Russia


·         Now Russia is trying to restore its world super-power position and a sort of restore her dignity – by all means available.


So the question is what means are available?


Direct military confrontation is not available because the US has unquestionable conventional military superiority over Russia. The conventional weaponry is very expensive and the Russians can provide in their budget no more than a mere fraction (10-15%) of what the US is spending.


What is available is the intelligence confrontation, including cyber and “immigration” weaponry, that is much less expensive – that is at the core of real Russian intervention in America. Through this intervention, Putin is working to create the social and political internal discourse in the US and make the US much less inclined to support an international confrontation with Russia.


The destabilization of the US political system, not the help to a certain candidate, was the real goal of Russian intervention, and they succeeded. For destabilizing the US, Putin used our all-mighty news media empire, which was fed by endless fake news leaks. Yes, our establishment news media helped Putin in destabilizing our country under the cover of the First Amendment.  


Some of Russian immigrants were used as a destabilization tool as well.


The massive Russian immigration of the 1970-1980 were mostly Jewish when the Jews were escaping the Russian anti-Semitism and were eager to join the Jewish branch of American Judeo-Christian nation. They wanted to become the true Americans delegating the Russian way of life to the history.


In the current Russian immigration, there are many for whom the recreation of Russian way of life in the US is the goal – spiritually they live in Russia, and the US for them is only the place for better housing and better earnings. They do not like and do not appreciate the American way of life – purposely or un-purposely, they destabilize the moral Judeo-Christian foundation of our country, and the Russian Orthodox Church here in the US helps them. The Russian way of life does not separate the Church from the State – the Church is helping the State – that is why in an US Russian Orthodox Church you may hear prayers for Putin.


From the news media:


FBI Agreed to Pay Spy Who Authored Trump Russia Dossier. A former British spy who prepared a dossier on unsubstantiated allegations of President Donald Trump’s Russian activities was to be paid by the FBI to continue his work while he was getting money from Hillary Clinton supporters to dig deeper into Trump’s past.


It is very much possible and probable that behind this “leak” was the Russian intelligence.




In the intelligence confrontation, Russia has a much better chance to win. In Russia, the news media and the government establishment do not work against the existing government and the immigration does not exist.


So what to do? It looks like only the real threat of military confrontation – already demonstrated somehow somewhere – can bring Putin to the negotiation table. At the negotiation table, the success will depend on the US ability to propose something that could recreate an image of Russia as an equal superpower while preserving the US security and economic interests. Let’s hope US President Donald Trump can do it.


To sanction Russia or to make a deal?

People who personally experienced the Russian way of life or studied and understood it know that “making a deal” with Russia may be much better for the US than “making sanctions” against Russia.


To understand why is it so, we have to remember one of the Judeo-Christian fundamental concepts, which is almost lost in the current politically correct thinking, that we the humans are created not as one spiritually homogeneous human herd but rather as many spiritually competing human groups – competing with each other, ideally without killing and humiliating each other. However, the current sanctions against Russia are humiliating to the Russians.


The sanctions are aimed at making an ordinary Russian (both rich and poor) suffer in hope that the ordinary Russians will force their government to surrender to American demands (in regard to Crimea, Eastern Ukraine, Syria, suppression of opposition, etc.) in order to have the US and Europe removing the sanctions. The politically correct idea behind the sanctions is that the Russian people are willing to accept a political surrender of their government to restore the wellbeing of their citizens (“the government loses – the people wins”). However, this idea is wrong – the entire Russian history and the true Russian tradition is the evidence of the wrongness of this idea.


To understand the wrongness of this idea, one has to know one of the crucial differences in spiritual beliefs of the two peoples:


          American people of traditional American-brand Judeo-Christian values believe that the wellbeing of citizens is much more important than the wellbeing of the State represented by the government.


          Russian people of traditional Russian-brand Christian values believe that the wellbeing of the State represented by its government is more important than the wellbeing of the citizens themselves.


Therefore, the Russian majority would treat the surrender of their government as humiliation of the entire country. The restoration of perceived indignation may lead to various military actions that may lead even to WWIII. It looks like the “sanction forces” in the US establishment led by Senator John McCain do not appreciate such Russian mind-set that may lead indeed to a war.


To reduce the probability of a war, the “making a deal” approach looks much better. In this case, America is reaching its goals without humiliating Russia. Two conditions are needed for this approach to be successful. First, our military should be strengthen to the level at which it becomes obvious for Russia a war with the US/NATO will bring a true humiliation to this country. Second, Russia has to have its own domain of strategic and economic influence – maybe shared with the US – to preserve an internal “feeling” of being a great nation and to have a base for improving the economy.


There are many ways for achieving this in a “making a deal” with Russia if a current US pro-Russian-sanction hysteria recedes.


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