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Anti-Semitism: to fight it we must teach Judeo-Christian morality

Anti-Semitism: to fight it we must teach Judeo-Christian morality

US House overwhelmingly passes Holocaust education act aimed to fight anti-Semitism. The bipartisan bill allocates $10 million dollars for the expansion of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum’s education programming. However, that is not enough.

The only effective way to fight the anti-Semitism is to begin teaching in schools, colleges and in other public (and of course, religious) institutions the course on Judeo-Christian morality and its crucial role in creating the Western Civilization. Unfortunately, although major Jewish and Christian religious leaders understood it, they are afraid of it since it may force them to reexamine some of their cherished religious tenets.

Here are the major thoughts the teaching of the Judeo-Christian morality should be based upon – best of all, in the framework of teaching the US Constitution or the history of Western Civilization.   

The morality is what distinguish the humans from everything else

The morality distinguishes the humans from everything else what surrounds the humans in this world. The morality guides the humans to define what is GOOD and should be supported, and what is BAD and should be suppressed. The humans are grouped into nations distinguished by their unique morality versions, and the moralities’ clash creates either peaceful creative competition or disastrous wars.

The source of human morality named God

Until the (our) God’s overhaul of human morality, the morality was pagan (with numerous false gods) at the core of which was the belief that a lot of GOOD might be in the neighboring tribe, and the best way to get it is to militarily defeat this tribe and capture all available GOOD stuff.

Then, God intervened, and the process began of changing the pagan morality to what is called nowadays in America the Judeo-Christian morality.

What is God

For this discussion, God should be defined not as many orthodox religions define it but simply as the Supreme Power above us the humans that – in some already scientifically proven or still mysterious ways – forces us to follow its guidance.

What is God’s moral guidance

In short, the Golden Rule – do not do to the others what you do not want to be done to you.

In the first written form – the Ten Commandments.

In the detailed spiritual form – the Torah/Bible.

In “the image and likeness of God” – be unique creative individual.

In the form of social collective organization – individual freedoms and responsibilities over government authoritarianism.

In the simple human attitudes – the feelings of spiritual and economic happiness for everybody.  

The Jews as the chosen by God to propagate the God’s moral guidance to the others

At the time of God’s delivery of the morality guidance there were many pagan tribes, and one tribe, which is nowadays the Jewish nation, was chosen to propagate God’s moral guidance to other tribes. Why? – Most probable, because this tribe was the best to understand the God’s morality guidance and the best to propagate it.

God first spoke with Abraham of the Jewish tribe (19 century BC), and then delivered the written Ten Commandment to Moses at the Mount Sinai (13 century BC).

From the Torah: As the Children of Israel waited to cross into the Promised Land, Moses leaves them with the following simple instruction, “… Now choose life, so that you and your children may live” (Deut 30:19). – Not death as was with the pagan morality, and this was the beginning of spiritual travel to the Golden Rule!

The God’s selection of the Jews to be the Chosen does not preclude the possibility that in the other parts of the world, let’s say in China or India, another tribe might be selected to be the Chosen for that part of the world.

The non-Jews as the recipients of the God’s morality guidance

After a long period of learning how to live along the lines of God’s morality guidance, the Jews began propagating the God’s morality guidance to the others, and the teachings of Rabbi Joshua for the non-Jews created a version of the God’s morality tailored to the life circumstances and traditions of the non-Jews.

Until this point in time, there was the God’s morality for the Jews – there were no organized institutions of religion – organized to enforce the God’s morality for the Jews! There was no organized religion of Judaism.

However, about two thousand years ago the life under the God’s morality changed. Two things had changed at that time – the Jews were expelled from their native land (the Promised Land) and dispersed all around the world, and the God’s morality for the non-Jews began its own non-Jewish life.    

At this time in the history, the organized religions became shaping up – the organized religions of Judaism and Christianity.

In the Exile, the small Jewish communities created the institute of Synagogues and Rabbis to preserve and enforce the God’s morality as well as to tailor the God’s morality guidance to completely new life conditions – that was the beginning of the religion of Judaism.  

At the same time the non-Jews used the teaching of Rabbi Joshua to create the institute of Priests and Churches to enforce the God’s morality for their own non-Jewish historic traditions – Rabbi Joshua became Jesus Christ and the non-Jewish organized religion became Christianity.

In other parts of the world, different organized religions were created.   

The Judeo-Christian morality as the spiritual foundation of Western Civilization and Judeo-Christian America

The organized religions of Judaism and Christianity played a crucial role in strengthening the God’s morality guidance and tailoring it to various unique human life conditions.

Such tailoring brought the spiritual divisions and numerous streams of Judaism and Christianity were created frequently fighting each other.

However, despite many centuries of hostility between the Jews and the Christians the combined Judeo-Christian unifying national morality was beginning to crystallize, and this morality created the Western Civilization with its unique variety in the Judeo-Christian America.

Unfortunate modern tendency to disregard the role of organized religions of Judaism and Christianity in creating our national morality  

The fear of naming our national morality the Judeo-Christian one is unjustified! For many years from the very beginning the Judaism and Christianity were strengthening our morality, and we must respect it even if we can explain nowadays many things better scientifically and philosophically. We must respect our religions in the same way as we respect the wisdom of our forefathers although we know much more.

The USA as any other nation must have its own morality that is its unique identity. Without a unique national identity/morality a nation perishes.

This identity for the USA is the unique American Judeo-Christian morality which is at the foundation of both the American Nation and the religious institutions of Judaism and Christianity.

Other religions and ideologies may function in the nation, but they should function at the community level without harming the national Judeo-Christian morality and the governing system based on this morality.  

The Jewish contribution in creating the Western Civilization and Judeo-Christian America

The Jewish contribution in creating the Western civilization and Judeo-Christian America are great indeed in both the national identities/moralities of the nations of Western Judeo-Christian civilization, and in the material wellbeing of these nations that result in the happiness of the great majority. The people of the Judeo-Christian Western civilization live much better than the people in other civilizations and the Judeo-Christian Western world is therefore the immigration magnet for the people from other civilizations.   

The anti-Semitism as the ignorance about Jewish contribution in creating the Judeo-Christian America and Western Civilization

The anti-Semitism is rooted in the acknowledgement that the Jews are different and what is different might be frightening for many. The anti-Semites believe that much of their unhappiness is caused by the actions of these different and “all-powerful” Jews. However, the anti-Semites are not aware that what they are happy with in their life is due to a great degree to the efforts of these different and “all-powerful” people. Thus, the education about Jewish contribution to the happiness of the people in the Western Judeo-Christian civilization should be the major tool in fighting the anti-Semitism.  

Does the Mueller Brigade subvert our Judeo-Christian democracy?

I am trying to respond to very important questions related to the Mueller Brigade and the unique democracies in the USA and Israel presented by one of my opponents.
The opponent: “I fail to see similarities between the KGB and Mueller investigation at all. Whatever Mueller and his team come up with will be made public and, if Trump is accused of something, he’ll be able to publicly defend himself with the help of best lawyers money can buy. The KGB operated slightly differently, don’t you think?”
The Mueller Brigade and anything similar to it should not exist in our unique Judeo-Christian (in the USA) and Jewish (in Israel) democracies.
There is only one fundamental principle of any democracy – the ability of county’s population to elect freely the government that defends and protects the traditions (the spirituality) of this population. The elected US government has to legislate to defend and preserve the US Judeo-Christian traditions; the elected Israeli government has to legislate to defend and preserve Israeli Jewish traditions; the elected Russian government has to legislate to defend and preserve the Russian authoritarian traditions.
The country’s population can elect anybody who they believe is the strongest in defending and protecting the country’s traditions. If some population segments do not like the election results, they have to change the results in the next elections. Unfortunately, those unhappy population segments are using the judicial manipulations – through unelected governing forces – to change the election results. Those forces do it with “the best lawyers money can buy” – to overthrow the will of the people expressed in the elections. That is what unites the Mueller brigades with KGB – KGB was suppressing the will of the people by “the GULAG-type punishments” created by the best KGB lawyers rewarded by the government perks.
The opponent: “So you think firing Comey the way Trump did it was a good thing? How so?”
Yes for both – the firing Comey and the way he was fired.
Comey and led by him FBI had become the most effective tool for changing or challenging the election results and it was changing the very essence of our Judeo-Christian democracy, which is based on the will of We the People, not on the will of judicial manipulations. We should remember that FBI was created for finding and persecuting the real criminals – not the political adversaries that FBI had become under Comey’s leadership.
Concerning the way how Comey was fired, you may not like it but the US President as the chief executive of the executive branch of the government has the right to fire anybody in his executive branch.
The opponent: “The reality is that Trump’s current approval/disapproval ratings are now 37/58 %, going down from 40+ approval at the beginning. Very low compared to several of his predecessors over the same period. How is it so?”
I think the answer is obvious. The “Trump’s current approval/disapproval ratings are now 37/58 %, going down from 40+ approval at the beginning” were produced by the same news media outlets which predicted the crushing electoral defeat of Trump.
By now, the true Trump supporters know those news media outlets are collecting the anti-Trump information only. Therefore, the true Trump supporters do not participate in these public opinion polls, and the news media are getting the results they want to have.
From the news media:
FBI agents raided the Virginia home of Paul Manafort, President Trump’s former campaign chairman in late July, taking documents and other materials related to the investigation into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election.
That is what FBI is going to subvert the will of We the People and American Judeo-Christian democracy.
From the news media:
More than 3,000 people are expected to attend a mass rally on Wednesday night at the Tel Aviv Fairgrounds in support of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu amid his efforts to deal with multiple criminal investigations.
It looks like Israelis are awakening – they are ready to defend – to defend not Netanyahu as a person but rather the Jewish Israeli democracy by defending Netanyahu. It is very similar to what is going on in the USA.

The Mueller Brigade and KGB similarity

From the news media:
Krauthammer: Dispute Between POTUS, Mueller, and Congress Could be A ‘Threat’ to ‘Constitutional Stability’
The first half of my life I had lived in the Former Soviet Union. I lives there with clear understanding that, in spite of the Soviet Constitution with its three equal branches of the government (Soviet Parliament, Soviet Government and Soviet Judiciary system) all of them working under spiritual guidance of the Communist Party, there was only one real power in the country and that was KGB.
The common feeling was we the people in the Soviet Union were guilty of something what only KGB knew and therefore we could be GULAG-ed anytime by KGB.
About 40 years ago, my family and I immigrated to the USA and spiritually joined this nation – spiritually, since we loved American individual-freedom-based traditions. We are Jewish and for us the Judeo-Christian spirituality of this country where the Jews constitute a minority was very important (the Judeo-Christian spirituality was on the KGB list of serious crimes).
Now, almost 40 years later, the news media reminds me, here in the US, of those terrifying Soviet KGB-guided times when the news media describe the power of the Mueller Brigade.
In accordance with the US Constitution, we have three equal branches of government (Legislative the Congress, Executive the Government and Judicial the Supreme Court), which have to work together and manage everything what is going on in the country. However, nowadays those three branches are afraid to control the Mueller Brigade. We have Department of Justice with Attorney General who constitutionally is obligated to control everything in his department including the Mueller Brigade. However, Attorney General is scared of the Mueller Brigade. We have the Supreme Court, whose constitutional duty is to make sure everybody in the country works along the lines of the Constitution. However, the Supreme Court is scared of the Mueller Brigade as well.

And I am asking myself a question:
Is it possible that the Mueller Brigade is an army of some hidden all-powerful dictatorial force inside of all three US governing branches, and this force has been creating an authoritative dictatorial-style governing system for the US? Is it possible this hidden all-powerful dictatorial force aims at securing the power of both political parties and their multiple associates, including the mass stream media – for the sole purpose of redistributing the wealth from us, We the People, to them whoever they are?

From the news media:
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office rejected accusations of corruption contained in a court document accidentally revealed to the public. On Thursday, a document submitted by the police to the Rishon Lezion Magistrate’s Court revealed that police are investigating Netanyahu on suspicion of bribery, fraud and breach of trust.
It looks like Israel may have its own Mueller brigade.

Regrettably, many Republican Senators are Swamp fellows

From the news media:
President Donald Trump signaled disappointment that the Senate failed to pass an Obamacare repeal, after hours of failed Republican attempts to keep their promise to the American people.
President Trump may be disappointed but he surely understands why five Republican Senators voted against him.
As the latest US elections have demonstrated, the American majority is in the assembly of We the People, for whom the Declaration of Independence which entrusts our life guidance in God (in any His individual representations). However, many Americans are in the Swamp – they are those for whom the Swamp guidance has replaced the God’s guidance. The Republican Senators who are fighting against the Trump agenda are among them.
God’s guidance demands individual responsibility and reliance on our own spiritual and material labors while the Swamp’s guidance (the guidance of Big Government) requires obedience to human authoritative powers playing the role of a god, and reliance on “goodies” given to you for strengthening the power of your human gods (the Swamp).
In the Swamp, we can see representatives of all political, social and religious groups.
Republicans and Democrats, such as Republican Senators McCain, Murkowski and Collins and Democratic Senators such as Schumer, Durbin and Cardin, are in the Swamp. Many Jewish and Christian leaders, such as Reform Jewry Leader Jacobs and president of the Southern Baptists’ Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission Moore, are in the Swamp. Many Conservative and Liberal ideologues are in the Swamp. Why? Because all of them are empowering themselves through the Big Government. They are using the Big Government to promote and legalize their own power.
We the People have our own Judeo-Christian definitions of whom to love and to hate – they the Swamp fellows want these definitions be replaced by their own, which strengthen their own power and destroy our values.
We the People take care of our families and communities following our Judeo-Christian values for good families and communities – they the Swamp fellows want to replace these values by their own and enforce them through the Big Government.
We the People cherish our gender/sexuality/life-value Judeo-Christian traditions – they the Swamp fellows want these traditions be redefined by the Big Government to control our lives.
We the People want to have our health services at our choosing, balancing risks, benefits and cost – they the Swamp fellows are trying to chain us up to their government health system to control us.
We the people believe everybody is created equal “in the image and likeness of God” – the Swamp fellows do not believe in this and therefore impose on us various “affirmative actions” to make us “equal”.
We the People have own Judeo-Christian believes – the Swamp fellows force us to worship the Big Government, which is they.
From the news media:
Retired Marine Gen. John Kelly is a battle-hardened commander who would bring a background of military discipline and order to President Donald Trump’s roiling White House as the new chief of staff.
It looks like President Donald Trump has realized the Swamp fellows in the Republican-dominated Congress are not going to let him “Drain the Swamp” and the role of new Chief of Staff would be to neutralize the Congressional Swamp fellows and advance the We-the-People/Trump’s agenda.

We are fighting the anti-Semitism the wrong way

I am working on a book (“In intellectual search for spiritual Torah-based union between Jews and Christians”) and I am discussing various ideas I am exploring in the book with my friends and colleagues.
Many my friends and colleagues have expressed their uneasiness with one of the ideas of the book that we can fight successfully anti-Semitism only if we reestablish the spiritual closeness of Jews and Christians. Many of my friends and colleagues are uncomfortable with this idea because of historic Jewish dislike of Christianity as a source of anti-Semitism.
That is true – many Jews consider Christianity as the chief source of anti-Semitism, and I am writing this book precisely to address this dislike.
Every day we the Jews hear something about anti-Semitism in its “normal” everyday actions and its abnormal Holocaust explosion.
We are complaining and we are demanding from the government the laws that punish anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers.
However, these laws are making things worse – they are, in the minds of anti-Semites, the confirmation of the anti-Semites’ belief that the almighty Jews own the governments and the world and through the governments suppress – spiritually and economically – the others.
And we complaining, complaining and complaining … I have complained as well for long time, and, after I had become tired of complaining, I decided to look into the true historic roots of anti-Semitism – beyond believed to be “Christ killers”, “deceivers”, etc. I went back to the Torah, Bible, historic and contemporary Rabbinic and Priestly (Christian) teachings where I found the following.
• The Torah was given by the Almighty Power (whatever it might be) at Mount Sinai to everybody, let me say it again – to everybody, through the Jewish People, with the chief assignment for the Jewish people (the Chosen) to assist the non-Jewish people in transforming their lives from the pagan morals to the Torah-guided morals.
• The Torah guidance implies the transformation path is the spiritual and social competition among various human tribes each of them tailoring the Torah prescripts to their unique life conditions and randomly God-assigned genetic structure. There is no human uniformity in the Torah! Following the Torah guidance, the Jews created Talmud, numerous rabbinic rulings and various spiritual streams (Essenes, Sadducees, Pharisees, Zealots, Nazarenes and other in the biblical past and Orthodox, Reform and Conservative with different sub-streams now). Then, the Jews laid out spiritual foundation for other non-Jewish tribes (Rabbi Joshua who after his death became Jesus Christ), and those non-Jewish tribes created their own Torah interpretations in the New Testaments with their own priestly rulings and spiritual streams (many-many dozens of them).
• At the beginning, the spiritual and social competition was mostly peaceful since people were trying to receive the guidance directly from God with little concern for the actions of the others. At that time, there was no basis for anti-Semitism, and anti-Semitism did not exist in the form as we define it now. Then step-by-step the authoritative humans (rabbis, priests) got into the spiritual picture – since the life was getting more sophisticated and complex. Those authoritative humans were needed for Torah-guidance tailoring and interpretation. And with the authoritative humans as Torah-guidance tailors and interpreters, the foundation for anti-Semitism was developed.
• The authoritative rabbis and priests in their administrative power (this power has nothing to do with the true spiritual power) began solidifying and strengthening their own administrative power, and they did it by following the ancient technique of “divide and conquer”. Those rabbis and the priests for the last two millenniums constructed an image of mortal enemy of each other betraying the God’s unifying Torah/Bible guidance.
• For the last three centuries with the formation, slowly step-by-step, the Western Judeo-Christian civilization, Jewish-Christian hostility has been reduced, and reduced sharply, in both Jewish and Christian camps, and the opportunity for finding the spiritual Torah-based unity between Jews and Christians, and therefore for reducing the anti-Semitism, has been created.
That is why I believe the reestablishing of Torah/Bible-guided spiritual unity between the Jews and the Christians is the key in fighting the anti-Semitism.

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