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Judeo-Christian approach to the government’s role: the case of education

It is without doubt for those who have studied the Torah/Bible intellectually:

God created the human individuals with the code of GOOD human behavior – in the Bible and most probably genetically;

God did not create the government, which is allowed to impose on the human individuals its own anti-Bible code of behavior;

the human individuals themselves created the government to defend and protect their God’s given right to live their lives as individuals under the Bible’s code of GOOD human behavior.

Something else is obvious for those who have studied the Torah/Bible intellectually:

the Bible reminds us God created the human individuals in His Creator’s image and likeness to continue His creative work in any area of human endeavor – in family and children rearing, in business and arts, in … everywhere;

the creative work requires financial support, and the Bible guides the more fortunate human individuals to provide the financial support to the less fortunate human individuals as Mitzvah/Charity.

The Bible does not guide the human individuals to expand the role of the government – from defending and protecting the God’s given right to live their lives as individuals under the Bible guidance to the confiscating the wealth of the more fortunate and redistributing it to the less fortunate.

However, that is what the multiple governments have done. Why? Because the government’s forced wealth redistribution allows the government redistributing the other’s wealth to itself in much greater quantities than to the others. In order to justify such redistribution, the government has to dethrone God with His Judeo-Christian code of GOOD behavior and substitute it with its own code, and the government has done it so far successfully using its legislative powers.

However, when the Bible-guided human individuals decide to compete with the government they win and the two narratives below prove it. These narratives are about an Israeli private company HIPPY, which enable the parents find out what unique educational program is best for their own kids, and the Big Government, which imposes its own unified educational program on all kids.

A private company HIPPY that gets their money from Mitzvah/Charity and private sales that are affordable for the less fortunate families  

HIPPY helps parents empower themselves as their children’s first teacher by giving them the tools, skills and confidence they need to work with their children in the home. The program was designed to bring families, organizations and communities together and remove any barriers to participation that may include limited financial resources or lack of education.

HIPPY is an international program that started in Israel in 1969 as a research and demonstration project. It has since spread to other countries. Germany, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, and Canada along with Israel and the United States now comprise HIPPY International. The HIPPY program came to the United States in 1984.

HIPPY USA was established as an independent non-profit organization in 1988 to promote and guide the development of the HIPPY program in the United States. Currently, there are 139 HIPPY program sites in 23 states and the District of Columbia.

The Big Government with the big forcefully redistributed money  

In 2002, with bipartisan support, Congress reauthorized ESEA and President George W. Bush signed the law, giving it a new name: No Child Left Behind (NCLB).

NCLB gave the government the leading role in children education and the government has done, what it is doing in all areas of government involvement – dividing society further, this time creating the groups of traditionally underserved and vulnerable students and providing them with more redistributed money – with no or little success.

HIPPYUSA – much better education results, see at

The Big Government – much greater expenses and much greater appetite for redistribution funds, see at

The Government creates racial problems and makes them unsolvable

In my post “There is no anti-Black or anti-Ethiopian racism – we just dislike in the others what we dislike in ourselves” I have made the point that the so-called racial unrests in USA and Israel are not racial at all. Not the race of rebellious minorities is the reason for the majorities in both countries to dislike the rebellious minorities – the majorities in both countries do not like the actions of the rebellious minorities that are destructive to the spiritual Bible-based fabric of the society.

Moreover, the government intervention creates the so-called racial problems, which are unresolvable, and I intend to prove it in this post.

What is the true reasons for some minorities who happened to be of different races to be dissatisfied with their lives and revolt?

The dissatisfied minorities observe much better material life of the others and they feel deprived of a lot of stuff the others have. That is a good spiritual feeling along the lines of Torah/Bible that should create incentives for doing whatever is possible to improve your own life, the life of your family and your community.

If this is the true reason for some minorities to be dissatisfied, what they should do to become happy?  

To improve your own life, the life of your family and community, and become happy, you have to get a better education or better training and begin teaching your kids to respect the way of life of the others even if it is what you believe you cannot reach.

Why the dissatisfied minorities are not doing all that? 

The deprived, dissatisfied minorities may be willing to do all what is necessary to improve their well-being if they are left alone – to do all what is necessary with the help of numerous charities (Americans and Israelis are most charitable people in the world).

However, the politicians are getting involved that prevents the dissatisfied minorities from resolving the challenge on their own. The politicians are delivering to the disadvantaged minorities the following message:

That is not your fault that you are dissatisfied, disadvantaged and deprived of many things that the others have;

that is the fault of the entire society that has not provided enough help for you;

you are not able to address this challenge on your own;

you are unhappy because the others, who are of different race, treat you as people of a spiritually lower race;

the government is the only force that can help you.

Many dishonest members of the dissatisfied minorities are helping the untruthful politicians deliver this message, and the dissatisfied minorities like this message.

What is the reason for the politicians to be untruthful and create a false impression that they are able to satisfy the unhappy minorities and make them happy again?

The reason is simple – forcing the dissatisfied minorities to believe that there is an easier way to make them happy. This easier way is through the government redistribution of funds – the government would confiscate, through the taxation system, money from the others and deliver the confiscated money to the disadvantaged minorities.

Why the intervention of the government makes the unhappy minorities even unhappier?

The human happiness is a function of a subconscious cost-benefit analysis. Your cost is an amount of your spiritual (mental) energy, your time and money you are investing to get something you want; your benefits are what you are getting in return. At a certain level of the invested spiritual energy, time and money, you made a decision –subconsciously – that more investment do not provide good return. At this point, you stop investing – and you are satisfied with your own decision and therefore you are happy.

The situation is completely different if you are getting what you demand free – you do not invest any mental energy, any creative time and money to get what you are getting as an imagined compensation for some historic suffering. Since the cost of your investment is close to zero while profit (the free goodies) is substantial, you are encouraged to demand more and more. But you cannot get more and more since there are limits on the taxation level – at a high taxation level, the economy and the money for free goodies begin contracting. However, you are already convinced the free goodies are what the society own to you. You become angrier and much-much less happy.

At this point, the unhappiness of the so-called disadvantaged minorities may bring a truly bloody unrest. What to do? We should go back to the Bible-proven recipes for happiness – to try to make yourself happy through your own efforts with minimal reliance on the others, first on the government.

Unconventional thoughts – on the roots of and fighting anti-Semitism | Vladimir Minkov | The Blogs | The Times of Israel

Unconventional thoughts – on the roots of and fighting anti-Semitism | Vladimir Minkov | The Blogs | The Times of Israel.

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