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Politically correct Jewish actions strengthen anti-Semitic forces


From the news media:


Jewish groups seek action from Trump to match his words on anti-Semitism. After weeks of combative, dismissive posture from White House, community leaders skeptical at president’s long-awaited condemnation.




The history is clear on all condemnations: they are not changing the people’s minds, and that is even truer concerning the anti-Semitism.


The anti-Semitism is up, as compared to a sort of “normal” level, when what Jewish organizations support harms the traditional Judeo-Christian values – the anti-Semitism is down when the Jewish organizations support the traditional Judeo-Christian values.


Currently, the traditional Judeo-Christian values are threatened by the government actions aimed at replacing the Bible-based moral values by politically correct values and at diluting the power of Judeo-Christian communities by increasing the immigration from the non-Judeo-Christian countries.


Unfortunately, many Jewish organizations have supported these government actions. That is what increases the level of anti-Semitic “noise” and no US President’s condemnation can change it.


From the news media:


A majority of Europeans want a ban on immigration from Muslim-majority countries. An average of 55 per cent of people across the 10 European countries surveyed wanted to stop all future immigration from mainly Muslim countries…


A majority of US voters support President Donald Trump’s executive order temporarily halting migration from terror-exporting countries.




The Simon Wiesenthal Holocaust Center’s Rabbi Marvin Heir says he understands the new directions the nation is taking under leadership of Donald Trump and that in the interest of all Americans to pray and hope that Donald Trump is a great president. Such statement of a great Rabbi is a signal that the true Jews are together with the traditional Judeo-Christian majority who elected Donald Trump as US President to restore the Judeo-Christian moral foundation of the country. Obviously, such a morally authoritative statement reduces the level of anti-Semitism.


However, many other rabbis and Jewish leaders publicly expressed their displeasure with the choice of the American majority, which elected Donald Trump to be their President.


Just a few examples: 18 rabbis arrested during NY protest over Trump travel ban…. A Jewish group organized a “Jewish Rally for Refugees” in New York….. Reform Jewish leaders largely oppose President Donald Trump’s policies…. Never-Trump Jews…. Not-My-President Jews …


The Jewish movements mentioned above boost anti-Semitic beliefs that the Jews are against the traditional Judeo-Christian values.


One more factor strengthens negative feelings of the American majority toward the current wave of immigration from the countries of the Third World. Many of these immigrants do not have working skills suitable for US and European labor markets, and therefore are an extra burden for the taxpayers. Indeed, American taxpayers will spend more than $4 billion in the 2017 budget to support over half-million (mostly not Judeo-Christian) refugees who have been resettled by the federal government in the United States since October 2009.


From the news media:


ADL: We want action, not just words from Trump against anti-Semitism. Jewish watchdog urges president to take steps to stem wave of incidents after ADL office in NY hit by a bomb threat following four waves of such threats to Jewish centers across America.




What actions? Any government actions against anti-Semites would rather confirm the anti-Semites’ feelings about the all-mighty Jews who “own” the government and “rule” the others through the government. Instead, what ADL and other Jewish organizations should be doing is to organize authoritative Christian spiritual discussions around the country about the spiritual wrongness of anti-Semitic beliefs.


Putin’s hacking created serious problems for Trump – not helped him

I was a scientist in a Soviet Russia researching how the Russian way of life was influencing technical and economic decisions in the country. After I immigrated to the US, one of my scientific assignments here was to find a better way to collaborate scientifically with the Russians. Therefore, I know the subject when I say that the Vladimir Putin’s hacking was the impediment for Donald Trump – not the help.

From the news media:

After a briefing from the nation’s top intelligence officials, President-elect Donald Trump said he is confident Russians did not affect the outcome of the US presidential election but he did not say whether he now accepts the intelligence assessment that Moscow did meddle in the race.

Trump acknowledged in a statement that “Russia, China, other countries, outside groups and people” are consistently trying to hack US networks. But his statement did not include any mention of Russia’s interference in the election aimed at helping him — a conclusion that US intelligence agencies have made with high confidence and presented to him Friday afternoon.

Russia’s alleged use of computer hacking to interfere with the U.S. presidential election fits a pattern of similar incidents across Europe for at least a decade.

Cyberattacks in Ukraine, Bulgaria, Estonia, Germany, France and Austria that investigators attributed to suspected Russian hackers appeared aimed at influencing election results, sowing discord and undermining faith in public institutions that included government agencies, the media and elected officials.


It is most probably true that Russia has been hacking everything what can be hacked in the US – the hacking is an espionage branch and in the world we are living in, all countries, including even friendly countries, are spying on each other.

It is most probable not true that Russia has been trying to help Donald Trump to become a US President – under the presidency of Obama, Russia restored its dominance in many areas of her “glorious” Soviet past with no effective US resistance; Hilary Clinton promised to continue the Obama’s policies whereas Donald Trump, while praising Russian President Vladimir Putin, promised to restore the US dominance.

It is true that the US and Russia are spiritual adversaries. We in the Western Judeo-Christian civilization appreciate a limited government where we as individual citizens – not the government – are able to be personally responsible for our own wellbeing. The Russian majority likes its traditional authoritative political system where the all-powerful government takes care of its citizens, and the government – not individuals – is responsible for the citizen’s wellbeing. We may not like it but Vladimir Putin is a legitimate Russian ruler who is governing along the lines of Russian traditions.

The US is trying to expand its own Judeo-Christian domain of American-style democracy and free-market economy – Russia is trying to expand its own domain. There are no sanctions or “war crime” charges that can force the Russians to change their way of life. They may resist by their nuclear military might but now they are resisting by weakening the will of American people to confront the Russians, and they have done it by creating the fundamental discord in American society. It looks like they have achieved it by the hacking. Now the major task of our new President Donald Trump is to unify the nation – not to deal with Russian military adventures.

Indeed, the Russians (Putin and Russia) succeeded in creating the internal US political discord by the hacking. At the congressional hearings on the Trump executive appointees, the anti-Trump establishment assaults the ability of President Donald Trump to manage rightly internal and external challenges. At the major American news media, the news media assaults the very personality of President Donald Trump. It looks like, many in the US intelligence community have been helping in those assaults. Indeed, the Russians succeeded – without a strong support of the vast American majority, President Donald Trump would not be able to initiate truly decisive actions against Russian military adventures.

What to do? First, to restore the national unity based on our Judeo-Christian morality – not on politically correct values. Then, to negotiate with the Russians (of course, from the restored position of demonstrated military strength) the parameters of peaceful coexistence without trying to change the very essence of Russia.


We can have good relationships with Russia … if they are not politically correct 

Almost a half of my life I lived in a Soviet Russia, and I respected and followed the Russian way of life. However, the Russian traditions were a sort of barrier in realization of my own personal dreams of how to enhance my own life, the life of my family and community and the life of my country. Therefore, in the late 1970th my family and I immigrated to the USA.

My leaving a Soviet Russia did not mean the disdain for the Russian way of life – it is what the majority of Russian people (probably 85-90%) prefer. I was among the truly small minority who felt, and still do, that the Russian way of life is hostile to them. It was hostile to them but not to the Russian vast majority for whom the Russian way of life is inborn and they are ready to defend it. That is what our “politically correct” way of dealing with Russia is missing, and the possibility of improving our relationships with Russia depends on getting rid of “politically correct” thinking and finding common interests which let Russia be a historically traditional Russia and the US be a historically traditional US.

Why Russia and the US are adversaries

Democracy has only one true meaning and this is free people’s voting for the government leaders who uphold the people’s historically traditional way of life. Since Russia and the US have two different ways of life, they freely elect different leaders.

For the Russian majority, an authoritative leader who promises to take complete care of his citizens-subordinates, including spiritual and material needs, is the best and that is the reason why they freely elect Putin. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, there were numerous attempts to elect European-style leaders to get closer to the European-style democracy, but all attempts failed since they were not in accordance with the Russian historic tradition.

For the American majority, a leader who promises to return the US to the original individual-freedoms-based democracy where the majority of citizens are taking care of themselves – spiritually and financially – is the best, and that is the reason we freely elected Trump. In essence, the current American election-revolution is an uprising of the individual-freedoms-loving people who demand a smaller non-intrusive government against those who demand a sort of Russian-style authoritative government which has to take care of them, and this care – and that is most important – should include the suppression of the others who think differently.

The authoritative government suppresses the free-market economy that brings economic decline and increases suffering of the people. To justify the suffering, the Russian authoritative government (Putin) presents the US as an enemy and the suffering as the result of American actions that are forcing Putin to spend the money for strengthening the Russian military to defend the motherland. In other words, the US is responsible for the suffering of Russian people. In essence, that is an old Soviet-style mentality.

That is a situation where we have to look for the common American/Russian interest.

How to prevent the peaceful adversaries from becoming the violent enemies  

Of course, the common interest is to prevent any military confrontation that may become WWIII. The US is not interested in WWIII because of its overall foundational “peaceful mindset” while Russia is not interested in WWIII since it is militarily much weaker as compared with the West. Ronald Reagan prevented WWIII by significantly increasing the size of the American military during the Soviet Brezhnev’s times. The Russians were trying to match the US military and that ruined their economy. The result? – The death of the Soviet Union.

The Putin’s Russia is different from the Soviet Russia. The Russian wealthy elite leaders have vital interests in the Western financial system, Western markets and advanced technologies. Therefore, the Trump’s suggested investment in US military could be aimed not at ruining the Putin’s Russia, as was the case in the Reagan/Brezhnev’s times, but rather at forcing the Russians to accept American – negotiated with Russia – proposals for restoration of American influence in the areas where it was lost during the Obama’s presidency retreat.

From the news media:

President-elect Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed in a telephone conversation that relations between their countries were “unsatisfactory” and vowed to work together to improve them. … The two men discussed combining efforts in the fight against terrorism, talked about “a settlement for the crisis in Syria” and agreed that their aides would begin working on a face-to-face meeting between them. … The president-elect spoke admiringly of Putin during the campaign, praising him as a stronger leader than President Obama and saying the two countries should join together to fight terrorists, particularly the Islamic State in Syria. Those views put Trump at odds with many GOP defense hawks, who have praised his promise to increase military spending but are uniformly suspicious of Moscow and have denounced Russian actions in Eastern Europe, Ukraine and Syria. The offer of cooperation could also immerse Trump in a deep controversy with the Pentagon, where military and civilian leaders have strongly opposed collaboration with Russia, particularly in Syria.

Thus, there is a hope that Donald Trump may significantly improve our relationships with Russia if our goals are more practical and less politically correct – with respect for each other historically traditional way of life.


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