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Obama is a very successful president – to the detriment of the country

The U.S. pollsters on citizen’s satisfaction/dissatisfaction with their life in the country:

Only one quarter of the U.S. population is satisfied with their life while three quarters are dissatisfied.

About 80-85% of the population believe the government has been incapable to resolve the country’s domestic and international challenges.

President Obama’s on the U.S. domestic affairs:

He proposed an unprecedented increase in additional taxation of all citizens by $1.759 trillion over ten years that will come in the form of a couple large tax changes, numerous small tax changes, and new fees. His actions bought an unprecedented increase in the budget deficit from $9 trillion to over $19 trillion that everybody would be forced to pay in the near future. All that and myriads of business-constraining regulations were done in the name of narrowing the nation’s income inequality – and, although it was not openly pronounced, of narrowing the income inequality between the USA and the developing countries.  

Senator Josef Lieberman on the U.S. foreign affairs:

The simple fact is that there is more instability in the world today than at any time since the end of World War II. The threats come from emboldened expansionist powers such as Iran, Russia and China, and also terrorist aggressors such as the Islamic State and al-Qaeda. In short, the enemies of freedom are on the march.

At the same time, the United States, which assumed global leadership after World War II to protect our domestic security, prosperity and freedom, has chosen this moment to become more passive in the world.

Thus, we are failing in domestic and foreign affairs, our taxation burden is growing and our people are nervous. If it is so, how Obama can be considered a very successful president?  

Success or failure of a president, or any other elected or non-elected public figure, should be judged by assessing how far a president or any public figure has advanced his/her declared goals. If the declared president’s goals of Obama were to have most of the citizens satisfied with the state of their life, then his presidency should be considered a failure.

However, Obama had different goals and his goals have been clearly pronounced in his famous June 2009 Cairo speech. Here they are, extracted from the original text.

  • The Western civilization is in debt to Islam. It was Islam that carried the light of learning through so many centuries, paving the way for Europe’s Renaissance and Enlightenment. … Let there be no doubt: Islam is a part of America.
  • Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance. However, the sweeping change brought by modernity and globalization led many Muslims to view the West as hostile to the traditions of Islam.
  • America’s strong bonds with Israel are based upon cultural and historical ties, and the recognition that the aspiration for a Jewish homeland is rooted in a tragic history that cannot be denied.

And here is how Obama has advanced his goals.

  • In the U.S. and abroad, President Obama has never reminded his audience that the foundation of the Western civilization is the Judeo-Christian, Bible-based moral principles, and Europe’s Renaissance and Enlightenment are based on these principles. Probably, he does not believe that is the case. Moreover, he has been trying to suppress wherever is possible the appearance of anything considered to be Christian in the government activities and he has never attended a true Church service. His withdrawal from the Islamic Middle East has created a tsunami of Muslim immigration to Europe that may indeed remake the Western civilization from the Judeo-Christian, Bible-based one to the Islamic, Quran-based one.  He has increased the Islamic immigration to the USA as well.
  • Although the fact is that the Muslims – in the name of the Islamic laws – have committed almost all terrorist acts in the USA, Europe and the Middle East he has directed the government to fight the “intolerant gun owners” instead of fighting the “tolerant Islamists”.  (Those “tolerant Islamists” just recently killed the Islamic governor of Punjab province in Pakistan over his call to reform strict blasphemy laws that carry a death sentence for insulting Islam.)
  • Although he did not phrase it that way, his language suggests that a position of the “partial BDS” or “Zionist BDS” that was considered beyond the pale just recently is now apparently mainstream enough for him. Why? Because in his view the creation of the Jewish state of Israel was not the result of fulfilling the Judeo-Christian prophesies, as the true Jews and Christians believe, – it was just the result of “tragic history”.

Thus indeed, President Obama is a very successful president since he has been able to move the country and the world along the lines of his goals – of course, to the detriment of the country as the public opinion polls have clearly demonstrated.

This time the (white) American majority might vote and change the country’s path

For the past presidential elections, the votes of the minorities – not of the majority – were crucial in electing a president. It looks like, this time the situation is changing for good – now the majority intends to elect the president.

Although the majority is mostly “white” and many among the minorities are “black or colored”, the election result will not be defined by confrontation between different races. Rather this time, the election result will be defined by the confrontation between the majority believing in American-style Judeo-Christian principles as the foundation of a just society and the minorities supporting other principles.

From the news media of analytical mind-set:

A changing America: In 2012, blacks outvoted whites.

A Census report on the 2012 election finds that blacks were more likely to vote than whites for the first time. The number of white voters declined by more than 2 million, another first.

Besides a lower voting rate, the number of white voters declined in 2012. There were 1.1 million more eligible white voters in 2012 than in 2008, but their total votes cast dropped by more than 2 million — the first time any racial group has shown a decline in net voting since the Census began tracking the issue, in 1996.

From the news media of minorities’ mind-set:

Donald Trump has a white supremacist problem. The only question is whether he will ignore it, deny it or do something about it.

From the Nevada 2016 primaries results:

In the Democratic Party primaries, just about 12,000 citizens of the state voted; in the Republican Party primaries, uncharacteristically high number, over 75,000 citizens of the state voted.  

The above quotes from the news media bring the following questions:  

  • Why the (presumably white) majority has not participated in the past presidential elections?
  • Why Nevada 2016 primaries have attracted a negligible number of Democrats while Republicans have voted in mass?
  • If the majority has decided to participate in the election, what it would demand from the government?
  • Is this is true that the (presumably white) majority have white supremacist problem?

Below are most probable answers to these four questions.

  • In the past, the (presumably white) majority has not participated in the presidential elections in mass since they have believed that the existing political system is building a just society along the lines of their Judeo-Christian morality. If it is so, they have not cared too much which political party or who in a party may lead the country. Many in the majority have not voted and the minorities’ participation has become a decisive factor.
  • This time everything is changing since the majority have finally realized that the existing political system has not been building a just society along the lines of their Judeo-Christian morality. The minorities – with their different and frequently incompatible to the American-style Judeo-Christian morality – have been successful in replacing the American-style Judeo-Christian morality, which should be the foundation for building a just society, by the multiculturalism, which diminishes the American-style Judeo-Christian morality. The minorities have achieved all that through active participation in the elections. And this was the call for majority’s actions that Nevada 2016 primaries have demonstrated – the majority have realized the Republican Party is a more reliable political force for building a just society on the foundation of Judeo-Christian morality.
  • The majority wants to restore the Judeo-Christian moral principles for creating an American fair society for everybody. The restoration list is a long one but here are just a few examples: the Ten Commandments as the legislative foundation; the family morals are not to be legislated; the assistance to the needy through the charity; the government should compet with the private sector wherever it is possible; the USA should lead the world; etc.
  • The (presumably white) majority is not “white supremacist” in racial terms – this majority includes people of different races. However, this majority prefer to be the “supreme authority/power” in their own country in terms of imposing the Judeo-Christian definitions of what is Good and what is Bad in government legislative activities.


Why we have to elect somebody like Donald Trump

One of my friends (A) have expressed in a discussion with me his dislike of Donald Trump. I (B) responded by making the point that we may dislike Trump but, to save our country as we know it, we have to elect in 2016 him or somebody like him to be our President. Here are some points of this discussion.

(A): Are you taking Trump seriously among other Republican contenders?

(B): Yes, I am taking him seriously but with a deep anxiety. If any other Republican contender becomes a president, many things will be much better as compared to what we have now and what we may expect from Hilary Clinton who would essentially continue the Obama policies. However, it would be not enough to reverse the country’s decline – the decline will continue although at a slower pace.  With Trump, there is a chance to reverse the trend and restore the nation’s greatness, although the risk is great.


(A): Well, if he is nominated, Hillary will have a much better chance to become president. The other problem is Trump is just as inexperienced as Obama was in 2008 and just as narcissistic. Bad combination, in my opinion.

(B): You are right but that is the risk worthwhile to take. All “experienced politicians” who pretend to be “ordinary citizens” have put the country on the way to spiritual and economic decline – that is what we have to remember while choosing whom to vote for.


(A): Trump is surging because “the elites” of both parties have failed miserably in the last 15 years or more, and Obama turned out to be simply anti-American (as most Americans understand it).  However, from what I have heard from Trump, I think he has not ideas but good-sounding slogans that are either very difficult or impossible to implement in real life. So if he is elected, I am afraid what will follow is not some renewal of America, but just more chaos. Put another way, I have learned not to trust in a “knight on a white horse”. More likely, though, I think his nomination would rather pave the way for the Clintons and Democrats to remain in power, and that would not be fun.

(B): My assessment of the situation is different. “The elites” as you called them are experienced only in inventing new goodies for the potential electorate to be elected and then do the wealth redistribution from us to them. The Republican “elites” sound much better to our ears but the result is the same and the result is very destructive. I do not believe that the victory of the establishment “experienced” Republicans would create the change we desperately need. In addition to the Republican victory, we need something else. We need somebody to create first a sort of anti-establishment revolution and then somebody else who may create something fresh and new. Trump is a possible candidate for this job – of course, with all risks involved. His business experience for American restoration might be more valuable than the experience of all “experienced politicians” running for the president. Why? Since we do not need more new government programs that all “experienced politicians” are creating – we need good management including a sharp reduction of the ineffective 2/3 of the government, and nothing else. And Trump has the best experience among all of the contenders to do this – to do just “good management”.


(A): The late principled conservative William Buckley once said that a voter must vote for the most conservative candidate who can still be elected. Ronald Reagan was an experienced politician before he became president. In the post WWII USA, there was no president who came to the office without professional political/government background.

(B): We have had conservative Presidents and Congress elected as Conservatives such as Reagan, Bush H., Bush W. However, the march to abyss has not stopped – the taxation is growing under various concealments, the nation’s debt is mounting, the government “free stuff” is rising, the government regulations of individual citizens are increasing, the individual freedoms are shrinking under the pretense of democracy.

Thus, just a conservative government, even following the advice of the great William Buckley, is not enough to stop the march to abyss – we have to change the political thinking, a sort of way of spiritual thinking in this country, in addition to a conservative government, if we are to begin the restoration.

The existing ruling news media and the both-parties establishment have created the current political politically-correct thinking. Therefore, first, we have to dethrone the news media and the establishment, and Donald Trump is the only candidate who is doing it successfully – nobody else. However, all your risk-related points with the Trump’s candidacy are valid.


In conclusion, an almost quote from a popular news media outlet:

Trump is popular and it is undeniable. It is because people are afraid, and Trump is pushing the fear. The Trump is telling the people they should be afraid of Muslims, of Mexican immigrants, of China’s business practices, of President Obama, of Black Lives Matter, of stricter gun laws, of ISIS … However, all those threats are the Trump’s conspiracy to scare the electorate and win the election. Do not trust Trump – trust us the news media and the political establishment we are representing.

The problem is the threats Donald Trump is describing are real and supported by the facts, and the people feel all that. This popular news media, as many others, is deceiving the people by denying the existence of those threats, and it is doing all that to continue profiting from a politically correct march to the abyss.

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