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I am made in the image of God – not in the image of my rabbi

The disagreements among Jews on almost everything is not something new – it has been always an important feature of Jewish character. From the very beginning, various Jewish groups were competing with each other for a “right way” of following the God’s guidance (codified in the Torah) in always challenging and changing life circumstances. During the Moses’ times: enter or not to enter the Promised Land? During the Roman times: fight the Roman political rule or not to fight? And nowadays: should an individual define himself whether he/she is a Jew or somebody else should tell him/her who he/she is?

From the very beginning, the Jews were split on how to define “a right way” of following the God’s guidance that is codified in the Torah.

If an individual Jew believes he/she is made indeed in the image and likeness of God, he or she is searching individually for “a right way”. The Jews, who have found similar “right ways”, form a collective to compete, hopefully peacefully, with other Jewish collectives. In the past, they were Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes, Zealots and Sicarii; nowadays the Jews are split between various Orthodox, Conservative, Reform and Atheist movements.

However, many rabbis believe that a simple Jew is not able to search for “a right way” individually – a rabbi has to tell him or her what is right and what is wrong. It looks like those rabbis believe only they are made in the image and likeness of God and therefore are capable to search and find God’s “right way”.

From the news media by Dr. Afshine Emrani:

I’m a proud Jew who loves to shine the Jewish light onto the nations. But today, the Israeli Chief rabbinate rejection of this remarkable woman, Ivanka Trump, makes me put my head down in shame. Rabbi Lookstein who performed the conversion is a former Rabbi of one of the leading Orthodox synagogues in Manhattan and former principal of one of the preeminent Modern Orthodox schools, the Ramaz School. The decision of the Israeli religious court to reject Ivanka’s conversion to Judaism by this highly qualified and well respected Rabbi is a slap in the face to all Jews. This action is nothing short of religious dictatorship. I lived in Iran, I know. I recall how the Mullahs ruled. It’s the scream to stay in absolute power. It’s the tyrannical desire to rule the masses. It’s about the power to twist text into financial gains.

Thus, Ivanka Trump, who was not Jewish by birth, and a Jew by birth Jared Kushner have decided to build a Jewish family making this decision themselves, as human individuals made in the image and likeness of God, and Orthodox rabbi Lookstein taught them how to build a true Torah-guided Jewish family. Suddenly, the Orthodox rabbinic establishment of Israel got irritated by this new Jewish family and by their rabbi-teacher and declared only they have the authority to make a family Jewish. In other words, the Jewish Orthodox rabbinic establishment declared that a new Jewish family have to be in an image of God this establishment has created for a Jewish family – not in an image of God a Jewish family creates for itself individually.

From the news media by Rabbi Baruch Efrati:

The secular world and the observant world live side by side. The non-observant … are open to tikkun because of the light spilling over from the religious world existing beside them and their sacrifices for the Jewish people. The secular Jewish world does not want to take over the religious world from a theological point of view, but to live beside it – hence, the possibility of influencing that world, listening to its hearts’ desires, elevating its holy sparks to their heavenly source. The secular are actually non-observant Orthodox, they do not present an alternative organized religion that turns transgressions into an ideology intended to take the place of the Torah. … In contrast, the Reform Movement has a “progressive” ideology that wishes to exchange the Oral Law’s G-d-given message. It does not wish to ask questions about the Torah but to create a religious empire of its own. It has an organized theology that grants legitimacy to transgressions and turns them into religion. There is no possibility of living side by side, but a theological battle over who will lead the nation. Our dialogue is thus one between enemies, not lovers. It is either we or them, the holy or the ritually impure and their ideological rebellion against the Oral Law.

Thus, the Jewish Orthodox rabbinic establishment believes the non-religious, secular Jews are OK but the non-Orthodox religious people are … close to devilish ones. Both the non-religious secular and non-orthodox religious Jews have defined their God-guided Jewish way of life based on their own individual interpretation of the image of God codified in the Torah. However, the Jewish Orthodox rabbinic establishment want all Jews to be modeled in their own rabbinic image of God – not in the true image of God in the great variety of possible images a “Chosen” Jew can chose for him/her-self to create his/her own Jewish way of life that reflects an individual life circumstance.

Exodus, Jews, Judaism and Israel in the light of Brexit

The true meaning of Brexit is simple and powerful: that is a spiritual separation from the others to preserve and strengthen the own identity and moral foundation (own spirituality). For the nation of UK, it is like the Exodus for the Jews that let the Jewish nation solidify and further develop the Jewish unique identity and moral foundation.

The entity we call the humanity consists of spiritually competing nations. A spiritually competing nation should not hate the others – it should peacefully compete with the others to become “the light for the others”, or should peacefully change itself if it sees something more attractive in the life of the others, or should peacefully isolate itself from the others if it cannot change or compete.

In the political realm – not in the religious one, the first known Brexit was done by the Jewish nation with the Exodus from Egypt and then at the Mount of Sinai. There the Jews decided to split from the others to preserve and strengthen their own identity based on the God’s Torah-guided rules of behavior that distinguished the Jews from the others, and the new spirituality/identity of this nation was codified under the name of Judaism. In the religious terms, this Jewish identity was to obey the God’s commandments presented in the Torah – in the political terms, that was to strengthen the true individual freedoms – in the image and likeness of God, translated in the contemporary world into a free market economic/social system of government.

Just 68 years ago, the Jewish nation made another Brexit from the others and formed the state of Israel, where the Jewish nation can practice its spirituality on its own without overwhelming influence of the others.

The Brexit of UK from the EU dictatorship is of the same “Jewish” spiritual nature – to get rid of the evil of all-powerful EU government, which is forcing the people of UK to surrender its national identity to the newly invented, politically correct “humanity” identity.

Now, the same kind of revolt in making could be observed in other countries of EU such as Hungary or Greece for example.

America made its first Brexit at the end of 18th century by splitting from the authoritarian UK monarchy to preserve and further develop a newly created Judeo-Christian Bible-based identity with a free market economic/social system and strictly limited government that was codified in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. At such system of governing, the government was helping the people enhance their Judeo-Christian spirituality with the free-market and social freedoms.

However, in the course of the last about one hundred years the US government has been increasing its power – slowly, in small steps – and by now it has more power than the people have. With the changes in the small steps, it was difficult to understand that those small steps were creating a new political and social reality where the politicians were using the system for their own spiritual and financial empowerment and enrichment at the cost of the people.

The new Brexit-type movement in the USA, which some call “Trump-ism” (Donald Trump is just a messenger of this movement) is a revolt of the Judeo-Christian majority against the all-powerful US government of any party affiliation. That is a sort of American Exodus to make “America great again” – great in the Judeo-Christian identity and spirituality.

The Exodus/Brexit supporters do not hate anybody, they are not racists or anti-immigration bigots – they respect all immigrants of different races, nations or religions assuming those immigrants support the Judeo-Christian identity of an Exodus/Brexit country where they reside, and ready to be assimilated. However, the Exodus/Brexit supporters believe those who are unable to adjust to the Judeo-Christian identity should live happily in the countries of their own identities.

Judeo-Christian moral principles vs. “Social justice” ideology

In essence, the current US Presidential election battles are the battles for defending the country’s Judeo-Christian moral principles from the assault of “Social justice” warriors. If the “Social justice” warriors win, the injustice in our society will rise as is easily seen when the Judeo-Christian principles for family, equality and morality are compared with similar principles of the “Social justice” ideology.


Judeo-Christian Bible-guided family-related principles are clear – a family is the most important collective unit in the human society created only for one reason – for happy and successful recreation! If it is so, two LGBT persons living together may be respected as cohabitants but not treated as a family.

A family should make unified decisions on what political and economic arrangements in the country are preferable and how to educate kids – and be responsible for its decisions. If a family is in distress, it has to rely on the charitable help of a wider spiritual community. A family should have one vote and anybody in the family may deliver this vote.

“Social justice” ideology destroys the family as the most important collective unit in the human society – husband and wife are encouraged to have different voting opinions and kids’ education is moving from the family care to the government care – with the government, imposing the mandatory rules of behavior for all. A government is trying to convince you that your family is not your friend and defender – the government is taking upon itself this role. A sort of government-guided slavery replaces the Bible-guided family freedoms.

The following example demonstrates the destructive consequences of the “Social justice” family-related beliefs. Yes, we had forced the blacks brought here from Africa to work at our plantations. However, when our majority realized that it was the true slavery indeed, we went to a civil war to abolish this slavery and begin treating the blacks as normal citizens – of course with “normal” prejudices that existed at the time, and exist even now, against some communities such as for example Jewish and Catholic ones. However, for the “Social justice” warriors it was not enough – they created the affirmative action laws with many welfare provisions that had destroyed the family structure in the black communities and made the black majority deeply dependent on the government. The result – the social injustice for those who are forced to comply with the anti-Judeo-Christian affirmative actions’ laws.


Judeo-Christian principles of equality are clear – all people are born equal (created equal in the image and likeness of One God) – blacks and whites, europeans and africans, manual workers and people at high intellectual positions. And all people have to have equal opportunities to reach their individual best. For different people, “the best” is different. “The best” may be reached everywhere – in agriculture and science, in manual work and high-tech, in politics, in position of social responsibilities, in spiritual life. If you reach your best, even if your best is at the earnings’ level much-much lower than that of your neighbor, you are happy.

“Social justice” ideology is trying to convince you that you are unhappy if your earnings are much-much lower than that of your neighbor, and the government is here to help you – to help you by confiscating the wealth of your richer neighbor and by transferring the confiscated to you free of charge. However, the confiscation and transfer would be done only if you follow the government orders. Again, that is a sort of government-guided slavery replacing the Bible-guided family freedoms.

The following example demonstrates the destructive consequences of the “Social justice” equality-related beliefs. The “Social justice” warriors created a concept of the “minimal wages” for a family needed for maintaining the “normal” family life. If the family earnings do not reach the level of “minimal wages”, the government would provide it – either through welfare supplements or through legislative pressure on the businesses. The family responsibilities are replaced by “Social justice” goodies. The result – social injustice for those who are robbed – without their consensus – to maintain the “minimal wages” of the others.


Judeo-Christian principles of morality are clear – they are the Ten Commandments which are presented and detailed in the Torah/Bible and in numerous authoritative instructions. For each stream of Judaism and Christianity, the instructions are different in details but unified in principles. In the Judeo-Christian countries, the non-Judeo-Christian communities may exist – however, these communities have to respect and follow the Judeo-Christian governing principles outside their communities as the Jews have been doing during all their history.

“Social justice” ideology is denigrating the Judeo-Christian morality by proclaiming that all moralities are equal and the governing principles of a Judeo-Christian country should accommodate the non-Judeo-Christian principles thus assaulting the morality of the Judeo-Christian majority. By promoting the “Social justice” ideology over the Judeo-Christian moral principles, its creators are creating for themselves the positions of human gods. Unfortunately, the spiritual Judeo-Christian authorities do not resist the “Social justice” ideology thus denigrating their own beliefs.

The following example demonstrates the destructive consequences of the “Social justice” morality-related beliefs. The “Social justice” warriors believe that in the Judeo-Christian countries the Islamic morality should be accepted as equal to Judeo-Christian morality – in spite of Islamic antagonistic rules on the coexistence with the others, in particular with the Jews and Christians. The result – the Muslim immigration to the USA and European countries with no serious restrictions, Islamic terrorism and ultimate injustice to the Judeo-Christian majority.

Politically correct “Religious discrimination is wrong” is wrong

Politically correct “Religious discrimination is wrong” is wrong

Here is a typical politically correct statement from the news media:

Religious discrimination is wrong — a simple statement; and yet despite its simplicity, discrimination against Muslims in the United States is becoming increasingly acceptable.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump recently called for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.” What makes statements like Trump’s possible is that our society is becoming way more accepting of systemic anti-Muslim discrimination. According to FBI statistics, the number of annual anti-Muslim hate crimes has increased by about 500% — with the number of 2014 hate crimes against Muslims increasing 14% over the 2013 total.

This politically correct statement is twice wrong.

It is wrong since there are religions, sometimes called ideologies, which should be discriminated against, since they are trying to eliminate the Torah/Bible-based morality, which is the moral foundation of our civilization. It is wrong since the quoted anti-Muslim hate crimes are not the crimes at all but the people’s resistance to the Quran-inspired battle against our way of life.

To understand all that, we have to define the religion even if it is in the form of ideology.

A religion is the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods. This superhuman controlling power is believed guiding the people on how to define “good” and “bad” for their behavior in family and community, in social and political spheres. This controlling power guides the people on how to treat the outsiders, and the treatment of the outsiders might be friendly and hospitable or hostile and even murderous.

An ideology is a sort of religion where a human, or a group of humans, has elevated him/it-self, or has been elevated by the faithful followers, to a position of a superhuman controlling power. Here are just a few examples – the Nazism ideology with Hitler, the Communism ideology with Stalin, or the ideologies of two American political parties with their establishment rulers (of course, of not murderous nature as is the case with Nazism and Communism).

The politically correct statement that “religious discrimination is wrong” is based on the belief that if all the humans have ONE GOD, they have to define “good” and “bad” in the same, God-guided way. If it is so, the difference between different religions comes down only to different rituals and prayers that enable different peoples to communicate with ONE GOD differently while receiving the same guidance. Therefore, all religions are ONE-GOD-guided and discrimination against any religion should mean sinning against ONE GOD.  However, this reasoning is wrong since all religions has their own interpretations of the God’s guidance. On certain issues, those interpretations are hostile to each other. Here is just one example. The Judeo-Christian religious movements are trying to treat the outsiders as equals – “you should love your neighbor as yourself”, while the Islamic religious movements consider the outsiders as the infidels who should be fought and spiritually eliminated – “Allah is an enemy to those who reject [Islamic] Faith”.

If it is so, the Western civilization with its Judeo-Christian interpretation of God’s guidance has to discriminate against and resist to the Islamic civilization, which considers the Judeo-Christian world an enemy of Allah – an enemy to be defeated.

It looks like the political, social and news-media establishment operates in an artificial politically correct world while real Americans live in the real Judeo-Christian world, and those two worlds have completely different criteria on what is “good” and what is “bad’. The politically correct establishment believes the religious discrimination is wrong against any Islamic religious movement while the American majority is for a sort of limited discrimination as overwhelming support of the Donald Trump’s proposal to stop Muslim immigration to the USA demonstrates.

So what to do? It looks like the following three steps should be implemented:

  • Yes to individual Muslim immigration to the countries of Judeo-Christian Western civilization for the Muslims willing to follow the Judeo-Christian morality in public life.
  • No to mass Muslim immigration to the countries of Judeo-Christian Western civilization – that is not “islamophobia”, that is the recognition of Quran-based Islamic hostility toward the Judeo-Christian world.
  • Yes to Torah/Bible-guided actions in protecting and assisting the suffering Muslims in various places of Islamic world.

The American majority should empower the next year those non-establishment, non-politically-correct leaders who may implement those steps.

Priests recognized spiritual unity with Jews – the time for Rabbis to follow

In early December 2015, the Vatican’s Commission for Religious Relations with Jews issued a document that strengthens the spiritual unity between the Jews and the Christians. This very important document drew the Church further away from the strained relations of the past with the Synagogue. This document reinforces a Judeo-Christian spiritual unity in the Western Civilization – unfortunately, the Orthodox Church of the East remains essentially anti-Jewish and sometimes even anti-Semitic.

Here is what the Vatican’s authoritative Priests say and how Rabbis may respond

–The priests say:

Catholics should not try to convert Jews and should work with them to fight anti-Semitism. The Catholic Church neither conducts nor supports any specific institutional mission work directed towards Jews.

The rabbis may respond in the following way:

Thank you for recognizing that the movement “Jews for Jesus” was hurting the relationships between the Jews and the Christians. The Jew have religion of Judaism and the Christians have religion of Christianity. What unites the Jews and the Christians is not a common religion but the Torah/Bible-based mutual Judeo-Christian spiritual principles on how to build a better world for everybody. Religions Judaism and Christianity provide for Jews and Christians different communication tools for getting in touch with One God and receiving His guidance.

–The priests say:

Christianity and Judaism are intertwined and God never annulled his covenant with the Jewish people.

The rabbis may respond in the following way:

Yes, that is true, and we are ready to discuss with you the essence of our mission of the Covenant People (the Chosen) as God instructed us, which is to build a better world for everybody together with everybody. And we are ready to begin working with you on creating the Judeo-Christian social and political characteristics of this world and implementing them through the democratically elected governments.

–The priests say:

The Church is obliged to view evangelization to Jews, who believe in the one God, in a different manner from that to people of other religions and world views.

The rabbis may respond in the following way:

That is necessary indeed, and we are ready to work together with you on defining the “other religions and world views” which are spiritually friendly and willing to work together on building a better world for everybody such as Buddhists, or antagonistic and working to destroy us such as Nazis or ISIS.

–The priests say:

Catholics should be particularly sensitive to the significance to Jews of the Shoah, the Hebrew word for the Holocaust, and pledged to do all that is possible with our Jewish friends to repel anti-Semitic tendencies. A Christian can never be an anti-Semite, especially because of the Jewish roots of Christianity.

The rabbis may respond in the following way:

Thank you – we are proud that our rabbi Joshua, who after his death became Jesus Christ, initiated the creation of Christianity as a Torah-based religion for the non-Jews. Please help us fight anti-Semitism everywhere, in particular in the EU governing organizations and in Islamic world, first the anti-Semitism directed against Israel and masked as a fight against “Israel’s occupation of Arab lands”.

–The priests say:

Catholics should bear witness to their faith in Jesus Christ also to Jews but that they should do so in a humble and sensitive manner, acknowledging that Jews are bearers of God’s word.

The rabbis may respond in the following way:

We are happy to see that while you are receiving the God’s guidance through Jesus Christ, you are acknowledging our God-given ability to receive the God’s guidance directly from Him.

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