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Liberal-Conservative divide is nowadays irrelevant

Yes, that is true – the liberal-conservative divide nowadays is irrelevant and the Trump’s presidential victory is the best proof of it. At the core of Hilary Clinton’s campaign was the exploitation of this divide and she lost. Donald Trump realized the liberal-conservative divide is not what disunites the country. He found and understood the true spiritual divide in our country, suggested how to fix it – and he won.

Nowadays the most fundamental divide is between those who are trying to preserve and enhance the Judeo-Christian moral foundation of our society in the permanently evolving God’s world and those who are trying to replace it by a sort of Globalist all-moralities-are-equal foundation. The current critical divide is between the people of Judeo-Christian morality and the people of Globalist morality, which in practice is very destructive. Communism, Nazism, Islamism are varieties of the Globalist morality. In the US, a true enforcer of the Globalist morality was President Barak Obama and Hilary Clinton’s dream was to continue “globalizing” the society.

What is the most fundamental difference between those two moralities?

The Judeo-Christian morality in its American version is based on the Torah/Bible definition of the humanity that comprises of individuals made in the image and likeness of God the Creator and Unique Individual. Therefore, each human individual has to be treated as a unique individual with the ability and spiritual power to create his/her own individual realm – of course, in the framework of the Bible guidance.

The Globalist morality is based on the belief that the human individuals are not able to find a common spiritual ground to live in peace. Therefore, a human god-like ruler has to lead and impose on the humans the rules for living in peace – the peace in the ruler’s definition!

The problem with the Globalist morality is that this morality can be imposed on the people and enforced only by force. It is so since the people cherish their own morality, which is for the US majority the Judeo-Christian Bible-guided one, and resist any attempts to change it.

The forceful conversion to the Communist-type Global morality led to a brutal dictatorship for all peoples in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe with many millions of innocent people murdered. The Jews there suffered the spiritual holocaust.

The forceful conversion to the Nazism-type Global morality let to a brutal dictatorship for almost all Europe and many in the Soviet Union with millions of innocent people murdered. The Jews there suffered the physical holocaust.

The forceful conversion to the Islamist-type Global morality is going now in many parts of the World (look just at the Middle East and France) – again with the numerous innocent people murdered.

Barak Obama has pushed all his Global-morality initiatives through the executive dictatorship-type actions since the Globalism is an enemy to a true democracy. Hilary Clinton has divided the electorate on those who supported her Global-morality vision for the US and those who were “deplorable” because they defended their own Judeo-Christian morality and resisted all “Global initiatives”. Hilary Clinton understood clearly that the people of Judeo-Christian morality could not be peacefully converted to the Global morality and therefore had to be spiritually annihilated. The divide between the Judeo-Christian and Globalist realms of our society is not the liberal-vs.-conservative divide. Indeed, both Judeo-Christian and Globalist fractions of our society have both liberal and conservative characteristics.

Dictionary definition of liberal:

Favoring reform, open to new ideas, and tolerant of the ideas and behavior of others; not bound by traditional thinking; broad-minded.

Dictionary definition of conservative:

Favoring traditional views and values; tending to oppose change.

Those who are trying to preserve and enhance the Judeo-Christian moral foundation of our society in the permanently evolving God’s world are liberals since they are trying to reform various institutions of our society to make sure that in the permanently evolving God’s world the Judeo-Christian moral fundamentals are preserved. At the same time, they are conservative since they are trying to preserve the Judeo-Christian moral fundamentals.

Those who are trying to replace the Judeo-Christian moral foundation by a globalist all-moralities-are-equal foundation are both liberal and conservative as well. Indeed, they are liberal since they do not feel any spiritual attachment to the Judeo-Christian foundation of the country and are ready to get rid of it. And they are conservative since they do not want to consider any compromises on their dogmas such as homosexual marriage, abortions, immigration, welfare, etc.

Hilary Clinton was defeated not by Russian meddling into our elections or by fake news – she was defeated by the true Americans who finally realized, with the help of Donald Trump and his spiritual friends, that the Globalist morality she and her spiritual friends were imposing on the country is an assault on the true American Judeo-Christian way of life.

Donald Trump and his trump election card

Donald Trump is ahead of everybody among US Republican-party presidential contenders. That is a man without any political experience, a man who never has been elected to anything. Almost everybody else among the contenders have a solid record of political experience as governors or senators – Trump lacks such experience. However, the people support overwhelmingly this man with no experience. Political pundits are suggesting that is a temporary political blindness of the conservative voters, and soon the voters discover the “true nature” of Trump’s desires and turn away from him.

My feeling is, the political pundits are wrong and the conservative voters know what they are doing, and here is why.

Let me begin with a quote from the news media:

“The word “disconnect” is the appropriate way to describe the chasm between America’s government and its citizens. We all have our favorite examples, but none can match the events of last week. On the eve of the 14th anniversary of the worst attack ever against our nation, President Obama celebrated a nuclear pact with Iran, an Islamic theocracy whose leader calls the United States “Satan” and joins crowds in chanting “Death to America.” A mere 21 percent of the American public supports the deal and a bipartisan majority of the Senate opposes it. Yet the filibuster rule blocked the Senate from defeating it, allowing Obama to hail the “historic step forward.””

To understand why it is so, we have to realize how our election system deteriorated from a truly democratic one to a corrupted one.

In all recent US elections, the votes by various minority groups – Hispanics, Blacks, Immigrants, LGBT, anti-religious groups, and so on – have decided the elections. The Judeo-Christian majority of the country have been voting in low numbers and therefore has stopped to be a decisive factor. Why? Because this majority has been greatly disappointed in the election results: the country continue its economic and social decline with any professional politicians in power. At the same time, the minority groups continue to vote in large numbers since they are attracted to various government “goodies” the professional politicians promise to deliver – for them, the “mystical decline” is of much lesser value.

The Judeo-Christian majority begin mistrusting the professional politicians who have created the existing political structure and are trying to preserve it for their own benefits. The Judeo-Christian majority displays their mistrust by reducing their participation in the elections.

Then, Donald Trump enters the elections as a Republican but with no loyalty to the Party. He is not competing with other contenders for a better political slogan or for a better election platform. He is not trying to be nice and politically correct. He is not trying to attract donors for the election campaign – the donors whom he would need to repay by taxpayers’ money if he were elected.

The 2016 presidential candidates’ competition and finally the presidential election would be a fight not between the two political parties or professional politicians inside each party, as it was in the past, but rather between the entrenched professional political establishment and the Judeo-Christian majority. Donald Trump has understood it from the beginning and he uses it as his trump election card – his electorate is the Judeo-Christian majority, which is trying to restore the original spiritual foundation of the country.

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