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For Trump, the government is business, not politics, and that is what we need


Indeed, for Trump, the government is business, not politics – and this is what we had missed for a long time.


In the politics, the elected government leaders are governing the country by finding the consensus of the governed. The consensus is at the core of any democracy, and until recent times it worked nicely.


President Bill Clinton on immigration:


In this video-presentation, President Bill Clinton underscored the failed immigration policies and related dangers for the country – the bipartisan consensus in the Congress on the topic was evident. Twenty years later, Donald Trump underscores the same problem and suggested solutions – no consensus at all.




Nowadays the consensus is impossible to find – not only on the immigration but also on almost everything. The latest pro-Trump and anti-Trump manifestations, proclamations, accusations, marches and legislative battles are clear indication of that — in the demands of both sides there is nothing that could constitute a common ground. That is a clear indication that the US are in the state of a (cold) civil war as I described in one of my recent posts.


If that is the case, the only way to govern is to treat the government as a business, and Donald Trump is perfectly suited to do this. He was elected not to find a consensus in the nation but rather to “make America great again” as the majority that elected him envisions it, with the hope that the rest of population may appreciate the new social arrangements in the country. How the majority that elected him may find out that we are on the way of making America great again?


That is not that difficult – just recall what made America a great country at the beginning when she was truly great.


Below is a reminder of the social arrangements at the times of American greatness.


·         Judeo-Christian Bible-guided morality was directing the legislative work of the government with no religious authorities at the helm – this morality has to be restored and has to replace the human-made morality of “social justice and human rights”. The Judeo Christian Bible-guided morality is in essence the morality of the Ten Commandments in their American Judeo-Christian interpretation – to strengthen spiritually the nation and let the others follow if they are willing.


·         A small government consuming a minimal part of GDP without critical interference into the free-market economy through government imposed regulations – for example, to reduce the size of the government from the existing about 2/3 to 1/3 of GDP.


·         Helping the disadvantaged mostly through non-governmental charities with the government involved only on as-needed basis.  


·         An immigration policy that promotes the immigration of those who are eager to follow the Judeo-Christian morality of the country – not to weaken it by introducing rival moralities.


·         America was respected because of her moral, economic and military strength – not because of numerous free goodies provided to the others.


Is there a danger of a government, which is managed as a non-consensus business, of becoming a dictatorship? Of course, yes, and the citizens have to be vigilant. However, now that is the only way to “made America great again”.


From the news media:


“We congratulate President-elect Trump on his election victory and welcome his clear commitment to be a president for all Americans and to “bind the wounds of division” after a long and bruising campaign,” said Stephen M. Greenberg, chairman, and Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice chairman & CEO, of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.


“We look forward to working with President-elect Trump and his advisors in the transition before his inauguration and in the years to come during his presidency on the issues facing our country, as well as of specific concern to the American Jewish community including strengthening the special U.S.-Israel relationship, the rise of anti-Semitism and the security of the Jewish people at home and abroad,” added Greenberg and Hoenlein.


The Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Rabbi Marvin Hier, dean and founder, and Associate Dean Rabbi Abraham Cooper praised Trump’s stated policy on Jerusalem. “We are buoyed by Donald Trump’s unambiguous commitment to a strong and safe democratic Israel and his recognition of Jerusalem as its eternal and undivided capital,” they said.




Unfortunately, not all Jewish organizations appreciate the Donald Trump promise of restoring Judeo-Christian morality in America. Liberal Jewish organizations believe the weakening of Judeo-Christian foundation of America is beneficial to America, Israel and the Jews – and they are wrong!


Lessons of Obama presidency: the roots and upbringing define governance 

We are sure Vladimir Putin’s roots as a KGB man and his upbringing in a corrupt post-Soviet Russian system define his governance – what is Good for him, what is Bad for him, and how to apply force to enhance Good and suppress Bad. We may not like all that but at least we believe we know why it is so – we believe it so because of Putin’s roots and upbringing.

However, in our own American politics we measure a potential candidate for presidency by his politically correct statements – not by his spiritual roots and upbringing, and the governance of our outgoing president Barak Obama is a perfect example.

When we compare his politically correct governing promises with the results, it looks like an almost complete failure. However, when we compare what his roots and upbringing encourage him to do, it may look like a great success – not for the country and its people but rather for Obama’s personal ambitions coming from his roots and upbringing.

Obama’s politically correct governing promises were very attractive:

  • A diverse family with American White-race mother and Kenyan African-race father that assured many he understands the people of different races and therefore is prepared to bring them together.
  • A street organizer that assured many he understands the life of poor people and therefore knows how to deliver them a better life conditions.
  • A Nobel Peace laureate that assured many he knows how to make peace domestically and internationally.
  • An Ivy-League college graduate that put him in one group with many other distinguished political leaders.
  • A person who made political journeys into many countries of the world where he was treated as a dignitary who may deliver almost everything.
  • A church-service participant that assured many he has good morals.

All of the above were false assurances constructed based on the artificially created politically correct morals – not on the true Judeo-Christian morality of our country.

The people with Judeo-Christian morality of our country assessed the roots and upbringing of Obama and came down to completely different conclusions, namely:

  • Since in the Islamic universe Obama is considered to be a Muslim (in Islam, religion of children is defined by father’s religion), and leaving Islam in this universe is punishable by death, there is a good probability his governance would be marked by anti-Israel, anti-Christian and anti-Judeo-Christian actions in favor of the Islamic universe. Now we see this assessment was correct – it looks like Obama’s actions have advanced the ideas of Muslim Brotherhood.
  • Since the chief goal of street organizers is not to improve the life of the organized but rather to demonstrate their leadership capabilities for future career advances, no improvements of life of the poor should be expected. Now we see this assessment was correct – the number of poor people now are greater that was eight years ago.
  • Since the Nobel Peace Awards have become purely politically correct awards, which do not require any real peace achievements, no peace achievements should be expected from a person with this award. Now we see this assessment was correct – the world now is a more dangerous place than it was eight years ago.
  • Belonging to the Ivy League makes you a part of the politically correct establishment, encouraging you to do everything to please this establishment, not to make the life of the ordinary citizens spiritually and materially better – now we see this assessment was correct as the victory of Donald Trump proved it.
  • Being treated as a dignitary in foreign countries might be an indication that those countries expect a future US president to favor them in international agreements. Now we see this assessment was correct as the economic harm in our trade relations with China and Mexico show.
  • Being a church-service participant is a negative characteristic if you go to the church which is hating the American traditional values and traditional Judeo-Christian morality of our country proclaiming from the pulpit “God damn America”. Now we see this assessment was correct as the Obama-guided retreat of the US from almost all world areas of American strategic interest demonstrates.

Indeed, the roots and upbringing of Barak Hussein Obama have defined his governance – to the detriment of our own material and spiritual wellbeing.

Exodus, Jews, Judaism and Israel in the light of Brexit

The true meaning of Brexit is simple and powerful: that is a spiritual separation from the others to preserve and strengthen the own identity and moral foundation (own spirituality). For the nation of UK, it is like the Exodus for the Jews that let the Jewish nation solidify and further develop the Jewish unique identity and moral foundation.

The entity we call the humanity consists of spiritually competing nations. A spiritually competing nation should not hate the others – it should peacefully compete with the others to become “the light for the others”, or should peacefully change itself if it sees something more attractive in the life of the others, or should peacefully isolate itself from the others if it cannot change or compete.

In the political realm – not in the religious one, the first known Brexit was done by the Jewish nation with the Exodus from Egypt and then at the Mount of Sinai. There the Jews decided to split from the others to preserve and strengthen their own identity based on the God’s Torah-guided rules of behavior that distinguished the Jews from the others, and the new spirituality/identity of this nation was codified under the name of Judaism. In the religious terms, this Jewish identity was to obey the God’s commandments presented in the Torah – in the political terms, that was to strengthen the true individual freedoms – in the image and likeness of God, translated in the contemporary world into a free market economic/social system of government.

Just 68 years ago, the Jewish nation made another Brexit from the others and formed the state of Israel, where the Jewish nation can practice its spirituality on its own without overwhelming influence of the others.

The Brexit of UK from the EU dictatorship is of the same “Jewish” spiritual nature – to get rid of the evil of all-powerful EU government, which is forcing the people of UK to surrender its national identity to the newly invented, politically correct “humanity” identity.

Now, the same kind of revolt in making could be observed in other countries of EU such as Hungary or Greece for example.

America made its first Brexit at the end of 18th century by splitting from the authoritarian UK monarchy to preserve and further develop a newly created Judeo-Christian Bible-based identity with a free market economic/social system and strictly limited government that was codified in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. At such system of governing, the government was helping the people enhance their Judeo-Christian spirituality with the free-market and social freedoms.

However, in the course of the last about one hundred years the US government has been increasing its power – slowly, in small steps – and by now it has more power than the people have. With the changes in the small steps, it was difficult to understand that those small steps were creating a new political and social reality where the politicians were using the system for their own spiritual and financial empowerment and enrichment at the cost of the people.

The new Brexit-type movement in the USA, which some call “Trump-ism” (Donald Trump is just a messenger of this movement) is a revolt of the Judeo-Christian majority against the all-powerful US government of any party affiliation. That is a sort of American Exodus to make “America great again” – great in the Judeo-Christian identity and spirituality.

The Exodus/Brexit supporters do not hate anybody, they are not racists or anti-immigration bigots – they respect all immigrants of different races, nations or religions assuming those immigrants support the Judeo-Christian identity of an Exodus/Brexit country where they reside, and ready to be assimilated. However, the Exodus/Brexit supporters believe those who are unable to adjust to the Judeo-Christian identity should live happily in the countries of their own identities.

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