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The advocates of two-state solution should realize it cannot be possible without settlements

Prime-Minister of Israel Netanyahu is accused for changing his mind – before he was against the two-state solution, now he is for this solution.

Those accusations are groundless – Netanyahu is interested not in “a solution” – he is interested in the true security of Israel. He may accept any solution if it brings the true security for the state of Israel and its citizens. So the question we should be asking is “can the two-state solution bring the true security for Israel”.

The true security has two major components. One of them is physical security that is the living in peace with the neighbors. The other one is spiritual security, and the spiritual security for many Jews is to live and worship peacefully in all places of the Promised Land even if parts of the Promised Land are governed by a non-Jewish authority. So the answer to the question “can the two-state solution bring the true security for Israel” is – may be if the Palestinians, the Arabs and the so-called international community reverse their approach on the Jewish settlements in the territories of a Palestinian part of the two-state solution.

The history has proven, and has proven with no uncertainty, when a country or a community is trying to get rid of Jews living among them it spells pogroms – from little ones like the desecration of everything Jewish to large ones like “broken windows” or “holocausts”. Read the rest of this entry

Once again on “International Community” having two different sets of the law – for themselves and for Israel

The discussion on my recent post on “Now Israel has only one option in securing its future with Palestinians and Iran” revealed once again that a mystical “international community” has been a cover-up for the true anti-Semites. This cover-up is for anti-Semites who are trying to hide their dislike or even hate of the Jews and the Jewish leading “tribe” of Israel by pretending to be an “international community” which is trying to hold Israel responsible for violation of some “international laws” invented by anti-Semites themselves to rebuke Israel and the entire Jewish nation. Below is a response to their libels. Read the rest of this entry

Now Israel has only one option in securing its future with Palestinians and Iran

Palestinians have changed their negotiating strategy with Israel. They have finally understood that Israel would not agree on any “final solution” that may allow Palestinians, with collaboration of the new anti-Semites of the post-WWII world, to eliminate the Jewish nature of the State of Israel. Therefore they have begun to act unilaterally with the help of an anti-Semitic UN, with an encouragement of some in Europe, and with anti-Israel Obama administration. That has left Israel with no other option but creating and implementing its own unilateral solution with a clear understanding its unilateral solution will be met with great resistance in Europe, in an Obama’s White House, and hopefully with no substantial resistance in a post-Obama USA. It looks like in the late 1970th and early 1980th the situation for an Israeli unilateral solution was much better. Read the rest of this entry

We have not yet learnt how to fight anti-Semitism

I have received a letter from World Jewish Congress President describing the menace of contemporary anti-Semitism and asking for monetary assistance in fighting this menace. In particular, the letter says:

“It’s with the greatest concern and urgency that I write to you today. I need your help to confront the growing crisis threatening the future of Jews in some European countries … and nowhere is this clearer than in France.

The shock and horror felt following the Jihadist terrorist attacks that took the lives of 17 people in Paris – that included four Jews targeted at a kosher market– served to shine a global spotlight on the crisis. But, sadly, France’s Jews have grown all too accustomed to such hate-fueled attacks.

Sadly, this latest attack is just the most recent in a disturbing trend. In 2012, a teacher and three school children were massacred at a Jewish school in Toulouse. And just this past summer, 200 congregants at the Don Abravanel synagogue in Paris were forced to barricade themselves as rioters, mainly Islamic radicals from North Africa armed with chairs, clubs and knives shouted Death to the Jews” and “Alla Akbar,” and attempted to break through.”

Of course I understand the contemporary menace of anti-Semitism and I am ready to provide a monetary assistance to help everybody to fight anti-Semitism. But I am trying to figure out how the money will be used, and why our great efforts in fighting anti-Semitism have not brought yet any tangible results.

Will the money be used for anti-anti-Semitic education and advertisement in Europe, for creating government anti-anti-Semitic laws, for organizing marches and conferences, for hiring more security guards for Jewish places? All those actions have not worked in the past.

Or, the money will be used for creating a sort of world-wide Judeo-Christian union where the Jews and the Christians would work together on defeating the contemporary anti-Semitism in all its forms – anti-Semitic, anti-Jewish, or anti-Israelis – at its source. It might work, if we correctly identify the source.

What is the source of contemporary anti-Semitic, anti-Jewish and anti-Israel attacks from which the attacks are originated? What is this source where anti-Semitic, anti-Jewish and anti-Israel attacks are aimed at undermining the entire Judeo-Christian Western Civilization?  Read the rest of this entry

How to handle Islamic assault on Jews, Israel and Judeo-Christian world

The Judeo-Christian world, and Israel is a founding member of this world, has recognized the danger of Islamic spiritual and physical assault on its very foundation. The Judeo-Christian world is trying to find the best way of handling the assault. Among the ways being tested are such as

  • Support Secularism (France …) – here the belief is that Muslims may be attracted to secular ideas and in essence stop being the true Koran-guided Muslims
  • Encourage Multiculturalism (Germany, UK …) – here the belief is that Muslims may decide to live in peace with Jews and Christians under Western, in essence Judeo-Christian laws, again stopping being the Koran-guided people in non-Muslim pubic surrounding
  • Help Moderate Muslims defeat Extremist Muslims (USA …) – here the belief is that there are two Koran-guided Muslim communities – a moderate one and an extremist one, and that Moderate Muslims are like us and they soon may become a majority friendly to Jews and Christians
  • Pretend the danger is not of Islamic nature and proclaim Islam is religion of peace (Current US administration …) – here the belief is that the proper words can change the spiritual fundamentals
  • Assume the problems with Islamic world are rooted solely in Israel’s “occupation” of West Bank and “oppression” of Palestinian Arabs – here the belief is that after the EU and the USA force Israel to accept Arab demands on creating a fully independent Palestinian state, which would be able to let Iran and Arab friends of Iran militarily assault the State of Israel, Islamists stop terrorizing Europe.

It looks like nothing in the above is reducing the Islamic assault on Jews, Christians, Israel and the entire Judeo-Christian world, and here is why.  Read the rest of this entry

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