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Priests recognized spiritual unity with Jews – the time for Rabbis to follow

In early December 2015, the Vatican’s Commission for Religious Relations with Jews issued a document that strengthens the spiritual unity between the Jews and the Christians. This very important document drew the Church further away from the strained relations of the past with the Synagogue. This document reinforces a Judeo-Christian spiritual unity in the Western Civilization – unfortunately, the Orthodox Church of the East remains essentially anti-Jewish and sometimes even anti-Semitic.

Here is what the Vatican’s authoritative Priests say and how Rabbis may respond

–The priests say:

Catholics should not try to convert Jews and should work with them to fight anti-Semitism. The Catholic Church neither conducts nor supports any specific institutional mission work directed towards Jews.

The rabbis may respond in the following way:

Thank you for recognizing that the movement “Jews for Jesus” was hurting the relationships between the Jews and the Christians. The Jew have religion of Judaism and the Christians have religion of Christianity. What unites the Jews and the Christians is not a common religion but the Torah/Bible-based mutual Judeo-Christian spiritual principles on how to build a better world for everybody. Religions Judaism and Christianity provide for Jews and Christians different communication tools for getting in touch with One God and receiving His guidance.

–The priests say:

Christianity and Judaism are intertwined and God never annulled his covenant with the Jewish people.

The rabbis may respond in the following way:

Yes, that is true, and we are ready to discuss with you the essence of our mission of the Covenant People (the Chosen) as God instructed us, which is to build a better world for everybody together with everybody. And we are ready to begin working with you on creating the Judeo-Christian social and political characteristics of this world and implementing them through the democratically elected governments.

–The priests say:

The Church is obliged to view evangelization to Jews, who believe in the one God, in a different manner from that to people of other religions and world views.

The rabbis may respond in the following way:

That is necessary indeed, and we are ready to work together with you on defining the “other religions and world views” which are spiritually friendly and willing to work together on building a better world for everybody such as Buddhists, or antagonistic and working to destroy us such as Nazis or ISIS.

–The priests say:

Catholics should be particularly sensitive to the significance to Jews of the Shoah, the Hebrew word for the Holocaust, and pledged to do all that is possible with our Jewish friends to repel anti-Semitic tendencies. A Christian can never be an anti-Semite, especially because of the Jewish roots of Christianity.

The rabbis may respond in the following way:

Thank you – we are proud that our rabbi Joshua, who after his death became Jesus Christ, initiated the creation of Christianity as a Torah-based religion for the non-Jews. Please help us fight anti-Semitism everywhere, in particular in the EU governing organizations and in Islamic world, first the anti-Semitism directed against Israel and masked as a fight against “Israel’s occupation of Arab lands”.

–The priests say:

Catholics should bear witness to their faith in Jesus Christ also to Jews but that they should do so in a humble and sensitive manner, acknowledging that Jews are bearers of God’s word.

The rabbis may respond in the following way:

We are happy to see that while you are receiving the God’s guidance through Jesus Christ, you are acknowledging our God-given ability to receive the God’s guidance directly from Him.

God and Religion in the Torah – and they may disagree


I have received from MiKu the following comment: “So you discard a Talmudic idea because it doesn’t fit your agenda, then you aren’t qualified to invent “Intellectual Judaism””, and I have responded in the following way:

“Michael, I am not discarding anything. I am, in my human duty as a spiritual scientist, trying to find out why the purely Talmudic-based Orthodox Judaism is not attracting anymore the Jewish majority, and the Jews are testing something else such as conservatism, reformism, secularism, etc. You may believe the purely Talmudic-based orthodox rabbis are the guardians of Judaism but what guardianship is this if the Jewish majority do not follow them. So I have decided, after many unsuccessful attempts to discuss it with the purely Talmudic-based orthodox rabbis, to go back to the Torah and figure out what may be done to attract the Jews again to the Torah’s guidance. What spiritual objections do you have against my search?”

This post is a part of my search.

We the Jews are united as Jews, all of us from the Orthodox to the Secular, by our collective faith rooted in the Torah, transferred from generation to generation most probably genetically, and enhanced through Jewish education.

We the Jews, all of us from the Orthodox to the Secular, are disunited almost on everything by our diverse and sometimes conflicting interpretations of the Torah guidance.

Why the same Torah is the source of our unity and disunity?

The Torah comprises of two different universes.

One of them is the so-called God’s universe, where God with His multiple images such as Supreme Power, Adonai, Nature, Big Bang, etc. is the Higher Authority above us the humans. The other one is the Religion’s universe. They are different.

Naturally, God Himself created the God’s universe – in all His multiple images. Our human authoritative leaders called in the Jewish nation the Rabbis created the Religion’s universe.

The God’s universe is presented in the Torah with God’s guidance on how to build a human society where every human individual is acting in all his/her life endeavors in the individually understood “image and likeness” of God. We accepted the guidance of the Higher Authority above us the humans after the failure of numerous humans to play the role of such authority. The most fundamental part of this guidance is the so-called “Free Will” that encourages all human individuals to compete with each other for better designs of various parts of the God’s better world.

Based on the Torah’s guidance, the rabbis created the Religion’s universe with their guidance on how to understood the “image and likeness” of God in terms of human moral behavior. The rabbis’ role as teachers in this Religion’s universe was extremely valuable. However, in the course of religious history, the rabbis began to exercise another role – the role of authoritative rulers, and in this role, the rabbis created disunity. In order to secure his power as an authoritative ruler, a rabbi was declaring that only his guidance was the true God’s guidance, and all others were mistaken. This authoritative-ruler approach obviously breaded disunity.

When the Jews lived in the isolated Jewish communities (shtetls, ghettos), this disunity was hidden – the Jews were not interacting with the real God’s world outside the Jewish communities, knew only their rabbi’s guidance and obeyed him.

However about two centuries ago, things had begun to change – the Jews had begun to be accepted by the gentiles and begun real competitive coexistence in the gentile world. The life conditions for Jewish individuals had become completely different, and the rabbis were not able to adjust their spiritual guidance to specific life conditions of everybody. That was the end of the traditional Orthodox spiritual supremacy in the Jewish nation – not because of somebody’s revolt but rather because of inability of the Orthodox rabbis to adjust the Torah’s teachings to the changing times. The Orthodox rabbis were not prepared to tailor their teachings to the enormous changes in the world created along the lines of God’s laws of nature. The result: the birth of new spiritual Jewish movements – conservatism, reformism and secularism. Those feuding movements are trying to find the God’s guidance in new life circumstances, created in the God’s world by the God’s laws, – the guidance the orthodox rabbis were not able to provide.

The Ten Commandments vs. Social Justice

The Ten Commandments and the Social Justice are the two systems for redistribution of individually created wealth aimed at making a better world for everybody, or Tikkun Olam in Jewish spiritual terms.

If we have two wealth-redistribution systems suggested for creating a better world for everybody, we have to figure out which system is better. The great majority would agree that a better world for everybody should be a just world. If it is so, the most important is to define what is just and unjust in both systems.

In the Judeo-Christian universe (observant and non-observant), the Ten Commandments and the entire Bible (Old and New Testaments), which is tailoring the Ten Commandments to various life circumstances, define justice and injustice. Those definitions are coming from the Higher Authority above us called God. We may disagree on the image of this Authority (God, Adonai, Supreme Power, Nature, Big Band, etc.) but not with the need for and the importance of such authority. This Authority unites all of us since, as the Bible declares, this Authority creates all of us as equals – in His image and likeness. If we are created as equals, the definition of justice and injustice, which is coming from this Authority, have to be considered just for everybody.

The guidance of this Authority for creating a better world, which is just for everybody, is clear and simple:

  • A better world, which is just for everybody, is the world where every individual has the opportunity to be an individual spiritual and material wealth creator in all areas of his/her life – family, community, religious institutions, employment, politics, social development, charity/mitzvah, etc. Moreover, to be personally responsible for the results of individual creative work.
  • The purpose of government is to secure the individual opportunities, not to impose on the individuals the government’s own ideas on social justice. The government has to legislate along the lines of the Bible – to strengthen individual families, to provide safety for families and communities, to keep forceful confiscation of wealth to a minimal level just needed to support a minimal government.
  • About 10% of the individually created wealth should be used for helping the less fortunate to enhance their individual opportunities through individual charity/mitzvah wealth transfer – not to enslave them in the welfare system forever.

In the secular universe, which might be even artificially observant, an elected or non-elected government defines what is just and what is unjust. Any human government, although necessary at some minimal level, disunites people. Why? Because any human government operates with one important goal in mind – to preserve its power at a next election cycle.

There is an established practice of how to preserve the power in this secular universe:

  • A government convinces the society that not all people are created equal, and therefore the role of a government is to be a sort of equalizer. To perform this role, a government finds a small group of wealthy individuals with a lot of individually made wealth but with a negligible voting power, and forcefully confiscates a significant part of their wealth.
  • Then, a government redistributes the confiscated wealth to a large group of less wealthy (most of them are not poor in a classical definition of this word) but with a decisive voting power. If the redistribution is correct, the government preserves its power.
  • However, such redistribution is unjust for the entire society. The wealthy individuals are unhappy – they think the injustice was committed against them. They believe so not because the money was taken from them – but rather because the money was taken forcefully without their consent on how much to take and how to redistribute. The injustice is committed as well against those who are receiving the redistributed money. It is so since the government decides what is good and what is bad for them – they are deprived the opportunity to make their own choices.

Without Ten Commandments, our own Judeo-Christian civilization is dead

Yes, without Ten Commandments, our civilization is dead, and our Judeo-Christian spiritual leaders (rabbis, priests) are doing very little to slow down the process of dying.

The anti-Torah/Bible forces attack the Ten Commandments as the spiritual foundation upon which our Judeo-Christian civilization has been built. Their goal is to replace the Ten-Commandment-based spiritual foundation of our civilization by something else of their own designs.

Here is the latest example.

“The Ten Commandments monument must be removed from the grounds of the state Capitol, the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled. Justices ruled 7-2 the monument must go because the state constitution prohibits the use of public property to directly or indirectly benefit a ‘church denomination or system of religion’.”

That is what all enemies of our civilization have done in the past and are doing right now. They are those who have the burning desire to dethrone the Supreme Power called God (being real, surreal or even imaginary) who guides all of us – through the Ten Commandments – in creating the better world for all.

Why do they want to dethrone God? To become themselves supreme powers above us and force us to work along the lines of their own designs of a better world.

Why should we care? We should care since the God’s design of the better world is aimed at creating conditions and incentives for peaceful creative coexistence of all of us while the human designs are aimed at creating a better world for a selected group of people at the expense of the others.

We the humans created the religions as a sort of investigative apparatus for discovering God’s guidance for creating the better world. The religions have been fulfilling their task successfully – except for the times of hot and cold religious wars. However, we have to remember that the religious wars were not a part of the God’s design – they were the outcome of some religious leaders’ fight for becoming a sort of human dictatorial leaders.

The Communists tried to replace the God’s Ten Commandments with the Communist Manifesto to empower the so-called proletariat and enslave the others.

The Nazis tried to replace the God’s Ten Commandments with the Main Camp to empower the so-called Aryan race and enslave the others.

ACLU and various anti-religious coalitions are trying to murder legally the Ten Commandments to impose their own design of a better world on all of us under the banner of social justice and human rights. Unfortunately, many in the US Government, among them some of our presidents and Supreme Court members, are assisting them.

Of course, I am not equating the Communists or Nazis with ACLU and anti-religious coalitions. I am just trying to emphasize the common desire of all anti-God-guided forces to remove the Ten Commandments from our life and then to fill in the spiritual vacuum by their own ideas.

Unfortunately, Jewish and Christian leaderships are not forcefully fighting the anti-Ten-Commandments wars. They are not exposing the falsehood of the anti-Ten-Commandments forces on the constitutional State-Church separation.

The separation clause does not separate the Ten Commandments from the government – the Bible and the Ten Commandments are the foundation of the entire Constitution. The true purpose of the separation clause is to prevent any one religious denomination from becoming a sole interpreter of the Ten Commandments and a sole spiritual power guiding the legislative work – as it was in the countries of Old Europe.

By the way, it looks like that the forces fighting against legislating the state of Israel as the Jewish State are the same anti-Ten-Commandments forces – they want to substitute the Torah-based legislative foundation of the state of Israel by … something else of their own design.

Why the Jews support anti-Jewish social movements?

That is true – many Jews are supporting various social movements, which are not only anti-Israel but anti-Jewish (in the true sense of Torah guidance) as well. Many Jews support same-sex marriage over children oriented family, supremacy of all-mighty human government over supremacy of the All Mighty, forced wealth redistribution over free-market forces, pro-Palestinian anti-Israeli “peace process” over security oriented Israel proposals, anti-religious basics of government legislative work over Bible-based fundamentals … That is mostly the result of insufficient spiritual Jewish leadership.

Indeed, the Jewish spiritual leadership does not provide the Jews with sufficient Torah-based guidance on how to create a better world for everybody here in this real world before being relocated to the Heavens, although most of the Jews are genetically (or Torah) driven to do this.

Building a better world, like building anything, requires the design of what is to be build. Various social movements are preparing their own designs and are trying to implement them through legislative authorities. Among the existing social movements, there are spiritually Jewish and spiritually anti-Jewish movements as could be seen from the analysis below.

The great majority would agree that any design of a better world for everybody should include provisions on taking care of those who cannot take care of themselves. The great majority would agree with the statement attributed among others to the Pope John Paul II and Mohandas Gandhi that proclaims, “The society will be judged on the basis of how it treats its weakest members”.

However, the great majority is split on defining what is the proper way of treating its weakest members and who is responsible for treating them.

Some in the society who are calling themselves the liberals (socialists, progressives, or even communists) believe

  • the proper way of treating the weakest in the society is the so-called “social justice” and “human rights” way which is to take forcefully the wealth from the economically strongest (the rich, the wealthy) and transfer this wealth to the economically weakest (the poor, the unfortunate) with no responsibilities attached, and
  • the official government authorities are responsible for treating the weakest since the government authorities have the legislative power to take forcefully the wealth of the wealthy people (who are making the wealth, the liberals believe, by indecent means).

The others in the society, who are called conservatives (capitalists, free marketers, or fundamentalists), believe in something opposite, namely that

  • the proper way of treating the weakest in the society is the Torah/Bible-guided way which is to have the economically strongest in the society helping the economically weakest through the charity/mitzvah work, and
  • the economically strongest individuals, who have become the economically strongest not by indecent means but rather by God-given talents, are responsible for helping the economically weakest individuals, and the help should be accompanied with the responsibilities to become economically independent and to leave the camp of the weakest.

Both the Jewish liberals and the Jewish conservatives are participating in creating the better world for everybody, promoting their own designs. The conservative design is a Torah-guided design and therefore the Jewish one. The liberal design is not a Torah-guided one and therefore is the anti-Jewish one.

The liberal design is anti-Jewish because the fundamental premise of this design is that the Jews and Gentiles are not capable or not willing to help the weakest through the mitzvah/charity as required by the Torah/Bible.

Why then the Jewish majority support the social movements that promote anti-Jewish designs of the better world?

The answer is simple. The Jews cannot build alone the better world for everybody without participation of everybody in this work – the Jews are in minority in all Western gentile countries. The Jews have to work together with the Gentile majority in the Western Gentile countries. The Gentile majority in the Western counties is not Christian anymore in the strict sense of the Bible guidance – as the Jews, they have stopped going to their mostly conservative religious institutions and have stopped consulting their mostly conservative pastors.

Thus, both the Jewish and formerly Christian majorities in Western Gentile countries are not advised any more on the design of the God’s better world. The spiritual vacuum on the design has been filled with the liberal non-Jewish (and non-Christian) designs. The Jewish majority do not have any other alternative to the design for the better world but the liberal anti-Jewish designs.

How to reverse it? There is only one way to do it – to get a new breed of rabbis (and Christian ministers as well) who would inject themselves into the social movements which create the designs for the better world and would make those designs the Torah/Bible-guided.

May be a relatively new International Rabbinic fellowship, which represents the so-called Open Orthodoxy with a leading rabbi Avi Weiss can do it since they are committed among other things, as they stated, to

  • creating the “safe space” where every participant feels comfortable voicing his opinion
  • bringing together Orthodox rabbis from the Golah and from Israel to put a wide range of opinions on the table in terms of Halakha, Hashkafa and public policy, and
  • affirming the shared divine image (tzelem Elokim) of all people, and the responsibility to improve the world.
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