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That is a civil war where the very existence of the nation is at stake


A nation is not a herd of human species who are being born and deceased on one large piece of land called a country. What distinguishes a nation from a herd is a set of fundamental rules from the Guiding Power that makes individual lives purposeful far beyond their lives in mortal human bodies.


At the core of our current civil war is the fact that the two fighting communities define the Guiding Power in a fundamentally different way.


One fighting community defines the Guiding Power as an Eternal All-mighty Superpower above us the humans that created all us and provided us with a set of rules for living “in His image and likeness”. In our country, this community is called the Judeo-Christian community. Its Guiding Power called God guides them in the Torah/Bible-inspired actions.


The essence of this guidance is well known:


We are created spiritually equal in the image and likeness of God Who empowers all human individuals with the ability of being a creative master of the life of him/her-self, his/her family and community. The role of a democratically elected government is to safeguard this ability of human individuals. Everybody has equal opportunities given to him/her by God but realization of the equal opportunities depends on an individual him/her-self. That is why the economic results are different. Some people are rich and some are poor, some live from a paycheck to a next paycheck. Also, there are those who are misfortunate and cannot support themselves and who are helped through the mitzvah/charity.


The other fighting community defines the Guiding Power as a human government, which with the help of the news media and powerful social institutions forces us to live along the lines of its rules created to strengthen its own power under the slogans of human rights and social justice. In our country, a most popular name for this community is the Progressive community. This community is guided by the human ideas very close to the ideas, which were presented in the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx.


The essence of this guidance is well known as well:


The Progressive community are guided by the idea that all people should be economically equal independently of their ability to be creative masters of their own lives and the lives of their families and communities. Therefore, a democratically elected government has to be a provider of economic equality, and to do it through the wealth redistribution.  


The civil war between the two communities decides the spiritual future of the nation. Do the nation continue advancing and strengthening its Torah/Bible-guided Judeo-Christian spiritual foundation? Or, the nation rejects this foundation and replaces it by the Progressive foundation which is known as the human rights and social justice?


The Judeo-Christian community now has its spiritual leader – it is US President Donald J. Trump – the most able leader of the anti-Judeo-Christian community many believe has been former US President Barak Hussein Obama.


The Jews and the Christians are in both communities. However, as some would say, the Jews and Christians in the Progressive community are Jews and Christians “in the name only”, since the Progressive, Communist Manifesto guided principles are adversary to Judeo-Christian principles.


The Progressive community, if the Judeo-Christian community defeats it, is going to lose bigly because of drastic reduction in its electoral power base:


·         Many millions of government and public taxpayers-paid jobs occupied by the Progressive community spiritual members are eliminated – the “eliminated” would be privately employed


·         Immigration of people with non-Judeo-Christian traditions is sharply decreased – the Judeo-Christian community would be strengthen


·         Progressive news media is sharply reduced in electoral influence – new pro-Judeo-Christian news media would be born


·         Welfare community is sharply reduced in numbers – welfare recipients would be moving to various workplaces or private charity assistance


·         Community of people who are receiving the special government protection and benefits (based on race, color of skin, education, wealth, gender, country of origin, religion, etc.) is sharply reduced – the nation would be much more united.


We observe the fierce resistance of the Progressive community to all that, that has pushed the nation to a current civil war. The most effective weapon in the arsenal of the Progressive community is the sabotage of all governing actions of the current Judeo-Christian President and the Congress –the sabotage by publishing fake news, by violent street demonstrations, by delaying congressional approvals, by bring to standstill new laws in liberal courts, etc. For the Judeo-Christian community to win, it has to respond very forcefully.


That is a civil war where the very existence of the nation is at stake. If the Judeo-Christian community wins, the nation would restore its Judeo-Christian greatness and preserve the nation as its Guiding Power “designed” it. If the Progressive community wins, the nation would become a completely different entity with an unclear future.


It is serious – it is an American (cold) civil war


If somebody states we are in the state of a civil war, two questions must be answered – (1) what are the two fighting parties and (2) how to distinguish between the state of a civil war and the state of political disagreements.




The two US fighting parties are not what the mainstream news media and political pundits are presenting to us such as conservatives vs. liberals, democrats vs. republicans, rich vs. poor, men vs. women or blacks vs. whites.


One of the two fighting parties consists of the people of the traditional American Judeo-Christian morality who might be religious or secular. The people of traditional American Judeo-Christian morality are judging what is good and is bad in the nation by the Torah/Bible guidance (obtained genetically and by traditional education). The unquestionable leader of this party is the just inaugurated US President Donald Trump.


The other fighting party consists of the people of the establishment hegemony, who again may be religious or secular and who are judging what is good and what is bad in the nation by what strengthens their own power. In this fighting party, we find the government (all three branches at federal and state levels), the mainstream news media, various mighty social and political organizations, and even some private enterprises, which are thriving on taxpayers’ money. It looks like there are three leaders of this party – Former US President Barak Obama, Former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders.




The state of political disagreements exists when there is a certain common set of national moral values and traditions, which the fighting parties are trying to reach using different political and social means. If that is the case, a compromise on how to proceed can be reached between the two parties – one, which has won the election and the other one, which has lost. Both parties are participating in governing. That was in the past of our country – it is not anymore.


The case of (cold) civil war exists when there is no more national unity on the set of national moral values and traditions and both fighting parties are trying to implement their own vision of governing the country by morally vilifying the adversary (the state of the cold war) or killing the enemy (the state of the hot war).


Here is what we have now in our political battles.


There is no common constitutional ground in the Supreme Court – the decisions are being made on strictly liberal vs. conservative interpretation of the Constitution. There is no common ground in the mainstream media – the news are presented on strictly pro-Trump and anti-Trump positions. There is no common legislative ground in the Congress – the laws are being made on a strictly partisan voting. There is no common social cohesiveness among the population – the massive rallies of pro-Tramp and anti-Tramp crowds are equally impressive with no attempts to find a compromise. After numerous legislative actions to find a common ground with African American community, we are losing the small pieces of commonality we have found in the past. There is no common ground on the foreign affairs. There is no common ground on the welfare assistance. There is no common ground on the “women issues”. Etc.


From the news media:


Outgoing President Obama refused to condemn the disruptive demonstrations erupting across the country against President-Elect Donald Trump and the violent attacks on his supporters.


With calls for an #InaugurationFast, liberal American rabbis navigate political and spiritual waters to lead their flocks in protest of the incoming administration.


Altering prayer to exclude Trump, rabbi taps into history of liturgical dissent.


The civil rights leader John Lewis: I do not consider Donald Trump a legitimate president.




So what to do? The history provides the guidance on how to become a victor in a civil war: the winning party suppresses and defeats the other party by the legislative means (if we are in the state of a cold civil war as it is now) while trying to look for a legislative compromise without compromising the traditional American Judeo-Christian morality.


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