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Europe is awakening while Obama holds his country disoriented on the dangers of Islamism

Unfortunately, that is the case, and the latest publications in the news media make it unmistakably clear.

News from the United Kingdom

Prime Minister of UK Cameron has determined to challenge the conspiracy theories of a powerful Jewish cabal because these theories are camouflaging the real dangers of Islamic radicalization in UK and all over the world that, Cameron believes, we must to address and fight.

News from France

President Nicholas Sarkozy will crack down on the Islamization of his country, after all, as many begin to believe. Just days after saying that multiculturalism had failed in France, President Sarkozy is launching a debate on religion and the secular state, focusing primarily on what limits should be placed on Islam.

News from Netherlands

The Netherlands has banned the black flag of jihad ahead of a large demonstration in Amsterdam to support Hamas against Israel, and Amsterdam begins outlawing the public demonstration of Islamic laws.

News from the public opinion poll on Israel and USA

59% of Americans say their sympathies lie more with Israel with whom they have analogous fundamental moral values, as opposed to just 13% who say their sympathies are more with the Palestinians many of whom on the side of Islamic radicalization.

However, the news from the White House are completely different  

US President Obama blames Israel for its interference in US affairs over Iran deal although Israel is not interfering in US affairs – Israel is trying to counter Iran’s actions aimed at Islamic radicalization of the Middle East and the entire world. The empowerment of Iran through the engineered by Obama Iran’s deal would arm Islamic radicals with nuclear armaments and further advance Islamic radicalization.

Thus, European countries have begun recognizing the dangers of Islamic radicalization and devising the legal instruments for restraining these dangers. The US White House under Obama’s autocratic rule is trying to pretend there are no dangers of Islamic radicalization neither for the USA nor for Israel. Why?

Here is my own “not politically correct” answer.

Elected leaders of European countries, as well as the majority of their citizens, are people with strong feeling of the history and traditions of their countries, and they are trying to defend and protect their countries as they are – with the traditional mix of political, social and religious movements. The traditions of the European countries are Bible-based Judeo-Christian traditions, which are strong in spite of declining influence of official religious organizations.

The same has been true for the USA – normally, elected American leaders have been people with genuine respect for American Bible-based values and desire to preserve them. However, in the last few decades the Bible-based values have begun to be substituted by newly created values of “social justice” and “human rights”. This has opened the door for people with no respect for Bible-based traditional values to be elected, and Barak Obama was one of them. How might it happen if the majority of the country is still the Bible-based moral majority? It looks like the Bible-based moral majority just abandoned the elections since they have not found in the “social-justice-human-rights” electoral slogans anything worthwhile to vote for.

The US President Barak Obama has no good feelings for the traditional American Bible-based moral values. His moral values are closer to authoritarian Islamic values. Therefore, Obama is trying to keep the country disoriented about the dangers of Islamic radicalization to have Islamic idea obtaining a legitimacy in the country.

Without Ten Commandments, our own Judeo-Christian civilization is dead

Yes, without Ten Commandments, our civilization is dead, and our Judeo-Christian spiritual leaders (rabbis, priests) are doing very little to slow down the process of dying.

The anti-Torah/Bible forces attack the Ten Commandments as the spiritual foundation upon which our Judeo-Christian civilization has been built. Their goal is to replace the Ten-Commandment-based spiritual foundation of our civilization by something else of their own designs.

Here is the latest example.

“The Ten Commandments monument must be removed from the grounds of the state Capitol, the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled. Justices ruled 7-2 the monument must go because the state constitution prohibits the use of public property to directly or indirectly benefit a ‘church denomination or system of religion’.”

That is what all enemies of our civilization have done in the past and are doing right now. They are those who have the burning desire to dethrone the Supreme Power called God (being real, surreal or even imaginary) who guides all of us – through the Ten Commandments – in creating the better world for all.

Why do they want to dethrone God? To become themselves supreme powers above us and force us to work along the lines of their own designs of a better world.

Why should we care? We should care since the God’s design of the better world is aimed at creating conditions and incentives for peaceful creative coexistence of all of us while the human designs are aimed at creating a better world for a selected group of people at the expense of the others.

We the humans created the religions as a sort of investigative apparatus for discovering God’s guidance for creating the better world. The religions have been fulfilling their task successfully – except for the times of hot and cold religious wars. However, we have to remember that the religious wars were not a part of the God’s design – they were the outcome of some religious leaders’ fight for becoming a sort of human dictatorial leaders.

The Communists tried to replace the God’s Ten Commandments with the Communist Manifesto to empower the so-called proletariat and enslave the others.

The Nazis tried to replace the God’s Ten Commandments with the Main Camp to empower the so-called Aryan race and enslave the others.

ACLU and various anti-religious coalitions are trying to murder legally the Ten Commandments to impose their own design of a better world on all of us under the banner of social justice and human rights. Unfortunately, many in the US Government, among them some of our presidents and Supreme Court members, are assisting them.

Of course, I am not equating the Communists or Nazis with ACLU and anti-religious coalitions. I am just trying to emphasize the common desire of all anti-God-guided forces to remove the Ten Commandments from our life and then to fill in the spiritual vacuum by their own ideas.

Unfortunately, Jewish and Christian leaderships are not forcefully fighting the anti-Ten-Commandments wars. They are not exposing the falsehood of the anti-Ten-Commandments forces on the constitutional State-Church separation.

The separation clause does not separate the Ten Commandments from the government – the Bible and the Ten Commandments are the foundation of the entire Constitution. The true purpose of the separation clause is to prevent any one religious denomination from becoming a sole interpreter of the Ten Commandments and a sole spiritual power guiding the legislative work – as it was in the countries of Old Europe.

By the way, it looks like that the forces fighting against legislating the state of Israel as the Jewish State are the same anti-Ten-Commandments forces – they want to substitute the Torah-based legislative foundation of the state of Israel by … something else of their own design.

Why the Jews support anti-Jewish social movements?

That is true – many Jews are supporting various social movements, which are not only anti-Israel but anti-Jewish (in the true sense of Torah guidance) as well. Many Jews support same-sex marriage over children oriented family, supremacy of all-mighty human government over supremacy of the All Mighty, forced wealth redistribution over free-market forces, pro-Palestinian anti-Israeli “peace process” over security oriented Israel proposals, anti-religious basics of government legislative work over Bible-based fundamentals … That is mostly the result of insufficient spiritual Jewish leadership.

Indeed, the Jewish spiritual leadership does not provide the Jews with sufficient Torah-based guidance on how to create a better world for everybody here in this real world before being relocated to the Heavens, although most of the Jews are genetically (or Torah) driven to do this.

Building a better world, like building anything, requires the design of what is to be build. Various social movements are preparing their own designs and are trying to implement them through legislative authorities. Among the existing social movements, there are spiritually Jewish and spiritually anti-Jewish movements as could be seen from the analysis below.

The great majority would agree that any design of a better world for everybody should include provisions on taking care of those who cannot take care of themselves. The great majority would agree with the statement attributed among others to the Pope John Paul II and Mohandas Gandhi that proclaims, “The society will be judged on the basis of how it treats its weakest members”.

However, the great majority is split on defining what is the proper way of treating its weakest members and who is responsible for treating them.

Some in the society who are calling themselves the liberals (socialists, progressives, or even communists) believe

  • the proper way of treating the weakest in the society is the so-called “social justice” and “human rights” way which is to take forcefully the wealth from the economically strongest (the rich, the wealthy) and transfer this wealth to the economically weakest (the poor, the unfortunate) with no responsibilities attached, and
  • the official government authorities are responsible for treating the weakest since the government authorities have the legislative power to take forcefully the wealth of the wealthy people (who are making the wealth, the liberals believe, by indecent means).

The others in the society, who are called conservatives (capitalists, free marketers, or fundamentalists), believe in something opposite, namely that

  • the proper way of treating the weakest in the society is the Torah/Bible-guided way which is to have the economically strongest in the society helping the economically weakest through the charity/mitzvah work, and
  • the economically strongest individuals, who have become the economically strongest not by indecent means but rather by God-given talents, are responsible for helping the economically weakest individuals, and the help should be accompanied with the responsibilities to become economically independent and to leave the camp of the weakest.

Both the Jewish liberals and the Jewish conservatives are participating in creating the better world for everybody, promoting their own designs. The conservative design is a Torah-guided design and therefore the Jewish one. The liberal design is not a Torah-guided one and therefore is the anti-Jewish one.

The liberal design is anti-Jewish because the fundamental premise of this design is that the Jews and Gentiles are not capable or not willing to help the weakest through the mitzvah/charity as required by the Torah/Bible.

Why then the Jewish majority support the social movements that promote anti-Jewish designs of the better world?

The answer is simple. The Jews cannot build alone the better world for everybody without participation of everybody in this work – the Jews are in minority in all Western gentile countries. The Jews have to work together with the Gentile majority in the Western Gentile countries. The Gentile majority in the Western counties is not Christian anymore in the strict sense of the Bible guidance – as the Jews, they have stopped going to their mostly conservative religious institutions and have stopped consulting their mostly conservative pastors.

Thus, both the Jewish and formerly Christian majorities in Western Gentile countries are not advised any more on the design of the God’s better world. The spiritual vacuum on the design has been filled with the liberal non-Jewish (and non-Christian) designs. The Jewish majority do not have any other alternative to the design for the better world but the liberal anti-Jewish designs.

How to reverse it? There is only one way to do it – to get a new breed of rabbis (and Christian ministers as well) who would inject themselves into the social movements which create the designs for the better world and would make those designs the Torah/Bible-guided.

May be a relatively new International Rabbinic fellowship, which represents the so-called Open Orthodoxy with a leading rabbi Avi Weiss can do it since they are committed among other things, as they stated, to

  • creating the “safe space” where every participant feels comfortable voicing his opinion
  • bringing together Orthodox rabbis from the Golah and from Israel to put a wide range of opinions on the table in terms of Halakha, Hashkafa and public policy, and
  • affirming the shared divine image (tzelem Elokim) of all people, and the responsibility to improve the world.

A Judaism that has been molded in my soul after years of deliberations

I am practicing my Jewish faith with my fellow-congregants at a small non-denominational Jewish congregation. I have joined this small non-denominational congregation instead of any one in the existing formal denominations – Orthodox, Conservative, Reform or Reconstructionist – because I found in many denominational synagogues that the fear of deviating from the established denominational practice suppresses the tradition of challenging the established practice.

On the Jewish religious Right, I found almost violent spiritual intolerance to any question that challenges the existing dogma and to spiritual beliefs of the non-Jews who are “goyim”. I could not figure out how the Jews of the religious Right are going to build a better God-guided world for everybody including the goyim if they hate those goyim. I could not accept the notion that One God, who created everybody as equals in His image and likeness, may hate the goyim.

On the Jewish religious Left, I found the inclination to support the social concepts, which are politically correct but are untruthful to the Torah, and to reject the mission of the Jews as the Chosen. Moreover, they are not spiritually connected to the Land of Israel and Jerusalem, as it ought to be. Without all that, I could not figure out how we the Jews are going to build a Torah-guided better world.

Furthermore, I could not comprehend the image of God that is prevailing in the religious Left and Right: on the Right as an All Mighty Father-like being, and on the Left as a non-existing fictitious thing.

To understand both the Left and the Right, I began looking for the essence of Judaism outside the “dogmas” of formal Jewish denominations – in the thoughts of many rabbis, Jewish thinkers of the past and present, and scientists. Below are some findings.

On religious and non-religious Jews

The people who believe they are Jewish have to be counted as religious since the only valid definition of being Jewish is the connection to the fundamental religious stories – Abraham and One God, Moses and Exodus, Mount Sinai and Torah, the Chosen and Promised Land, Jerusalem and the next year in Jerusalem. All those Torah’s narratives, even if they are just imaginary, created the Jewish Nation, as well as Judaism, Christianity and Judeo-Christian civilization.

Concerning the image of God

Since the Supreme Power called God does not have any physical image, any potential images could be in play. However, what the great majority of Jews and non-Jews may agree with is God, at any of His image, reveals Himself in His laws of nature, which govern the material and spiritual developments of human life. If it is so, the material and spiritual laws of nature are revealing the true image of God.

The scientists in various research arias (such as physics, chemistry, math, materials, engineering, etc.) are discovering the laws of nature governing the material aspects of a God’s better world. The better we know the material laws, the more successful we are in building the material foundation of a God’s better world. Here, many scientific schools are competing with each other, and the criteria for winning is the demonstration that everything in the material world follow a discovered law.

The theologians in various religious denominations are discovering the laws of nature governing the spiritual aspects of a God’s better world. The better we know the spiritual laws, the more successful we are in building a God’s better human community on the God’s better material foundation. Here, many spiritual schools (yeshivas, theological colleges, rabbis and sages) are competing with each other, and the criteria for success is the acceptance by the communal majorities the guidance of the discovered spiritual law. Since the spiritual laws are of probable nature, there is no way for any one group of theologians to demonstrate with 100% probability that their discovery is good for all communities. That is why we have many diversified religious communities.

Concerning the Torah

For the Jews, the fundamental spiritual laws were discovered and delivered from God through Moses on the Mount of Sinai over three millenniums ago, and were described in the Torah. From the very beginning, different Jewish groups were competing, and continue to compete nowadays, for the true interpretation of the Torah guidance, and that is a very positive thing – only through the spiritual competition, the true meaning of the Torah guidance can be discovered.

Concerning the Chosen mission of the Jews

This concept is the crucial for unique Jewish spirituality – without this concept the Jewish Nation would disappear in the diaspora as many other nations have done. There are two wrong interpretations of this concept, and we have to dispel them. One of them is that the Jews are the Chosen to serve God in their homes and synagogues in isolation from the entire world. The other one is that the Jews themselves – to rule the non-Jewish world – invented the mission of the Chosen. We have to dispel both misinterpretations – the true meaning of this concept is the hard work for building a God’s better world for everybody.

Concerning the Christianity

Like many diversified Jewish religious denominations inside Judaism, diversified religious streams in Christianity are searching for the true God’s guidance on building a better world for everybody – based on their interpretation of the Torah in the Christian Bible tailored to the traditions of the non-Jews. We should build our relations with the Christians as partners in building a God’s better world. We should overcome the uneasy feeling of historic persecutions of Jews by Christians. Even, if it pleases somebody, Christianity may be called a Judaism for non-Jews.

Concerning the Anti-Semitism

We are rightly spending a lot of energy in fighting the anti-Semitism. However, many of us are overlooking a positive meaning of anti-Semitism. It is a sign that we have been successful in fulfilling our mission of the Chosen – have been successful in converting the world for the last two millenniums from a heathen mind-set to a Torah/Bible mind-set. The spiritual conversion is a difficult process for everybody, and anti-Semitism is a sign of natural resistance. The lack of anti-Semitism might mean the failure of the Jews as the Chosen to fulfill their mission.

Concerning the state of Israel as the Promised Land

The Promised Land is a spiritual concept while the state of Israel is a political development. If it is so, the Jews are Torah-guided to reside everywhere in the Promised Land, even if a part of the Promised Land becomes an Arab state – to do whatever is possible, with a clear understanding that very little is possible, to create a better place for everybody in the entire Promised Land. The part of the Promised Land, where the state of Israel and Jerusalem are located, has to become an example for other peoples on how to build a God’s Torah-guided better world.

Wrong and right ways to fight anti-Semitism

Tony Blair is to take on a new role tackling anti-Semitism by assuming the chairmanship of a pan-European body that campaigns for stronger laws against extremism across the continent. The British former prime minister has been appointed as chairman of the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation.

In the joint article with Moshe Kantor, who is the president of the council and of the European Jewish Congress, Blair warns that Europe is entering a dangerous era as it is experiencing the slow rate of economic growth last seen on the eve of the first and second world wars.

Tony Blair and Moshe Kantor compared the very low levels of annual GDP growth in Europe before WWI and WWII with a very low level of European GDP nowadays and concluded that the very low level of GDP creates mass economic unhappiness and social instability that leads to social unrests and even to wars. Unhappy people are looking for an easy way to do something with their unhappiness and of course, the easiest way is to blame the Jews.

In the Blair/Kantor opinion, the economic hardship breads anti-Semitism as a form of social unrest. The government has to address this problem.

Traditionally, the government is addressing this problem in two ways.

First, the government is trying to reduce the economic hardship by encouraging the economic growth (the government thinks it can do it) and increase the amount of free goodies to the “socially unstable” through redistribution of wealth (the government knows very well how to take the wealth from the wealthy and deliver it to the “socially unstable”).

Second, the government is trying to create the laws punishing the “socially unstable” when the outcome of their instability is the acts of anti-Semitism classified as the acts of social unrests.

Unfortunately, the government actions on fighting the anti-Semitism cannot reduce the anti-Semitism because the roots of anti-Semitism are not in the economic hardship. The anti-Semitism existed long before the people invented the phrase “social unrest”.

Anti-Semitism is rooted in the belief that the Jews are a sort of spiritual evil, and the spiritual evil has nothing to do with economic hardship. In the historic past, the non-Jews nurtured this belief as defense against the spiritual influence of Torah-based ideas on how to treat “your neighbor”. The Jewish ideas were shocking to the heathen non-Jewish tribes. The Jews were telling the heathen neighboring tribes that the God’s way to normal life was to work together and help each other in order to be prosperous and happy while those heathen tribes believed in something completely different – the prosperity and happiness is reached by military victories over the neighboring enemies and by seizing their wealth.

Slowly, the Jewish ideas began capturing the non-Jewish world and Christianity was born. The Jews might expect that the Christians would be friendly to the Jews because of the mutual spiritual foundation. However, that was not the case. With the maturity of Christianity, the anti-Jewish hatred became stronger: the Christian authorities to strengthen their dictatorial power over people’s minds cultivated this hatred.

In the 20th century, the mainstream Christian authorities realized that the Jews should be friends of Christians – without the Jewish Old Testament, the Torah the Christianity loses the spiritual foundation for its existence. Moreover, they found the true enemies of Christianity. That is Islamic extremism, which demands the Christians’ conversion to Islam, and radical Atheism, which demands the replacement of the Torah/Bible-based morality by the human-made “social justice” and “human rights”.

That is why many Christians are ready nowadays to fight together with the Jews the new threats to the Judeo-Christian civilization and begin fighting the anti-Semitism.

If it is so, a better way for Tony Blair and Moshe Kantor to fight anti-Semitism would be to create – with the active participation of leading Christian and Jewish religious authorities – a non-government European Judeo-Christian union with the goal of restoring the Bible-based approach for governing the European Union. Restoring the Bible-based approach in legislative work would be the most effective step in fighting anti-Semitism – it would demonstrate the true great role of the “Semites” that is the Jews in creating our Judeo-Christian civilization that is cherished by the overwhelming majority of its citizens.

When the Judeo-Christian Torah/Bible-based morality is restored, the anti-Semitism would stop being a disruptive and threatening social force.

It might be not that difficult because – in spite of rising anti-Semitism – the Jews still held in Europe in high regard. This was revealed by a recent poll on attitudes toward minorities in European Union countries conducted by Pew Research Center in six European countries.

Despite rising anti-Semitic attitudes and attacks in Europe, a broad majority of Europeans still hold favorable views about Jewish people.

The survey, conducted after the Charlie Hebdo and Hyper Cacher kosher supermarket terror attacks in Paris in January, examines the attitudes of six European Union nations regarding minorities, including Jews, Muslims, and Roma.

In France, 92% of citizens hold a favorable view of Jews, similar to the 89% documented in 2014, and a big jump from the 72% recorded in 1991. Similar results were recorded in Britain, where 86% of respondents voiced a positive attitude toward Jews, a number that remained virtually unchanged in recent years. The 80% majority of Germans hold a favorable opinion of Jews, with little difference in the numbers from 2014, but a marked increase from the 53% of respondents who viewed Jews favorably in 1991. Three-quarters of Spaniards see Jews favorable, with Italy trailing slightly at 71%. Even in Poland, the 59% majority is holding a positive attitude toward Jews.

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