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The Jews who boycott Trump at AIPAC conference betray Judaism

From the news media:

300 American rabbis, Jewish figures vow to boycott Trump’s AIPAC speech.

A group of American rabbis is planning to boycott an upcoming speech at the AIPAC conference by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

About 300 rabbis and other Jewish public figures, led by Rabbi David Paskin, have created a Facebook group named “Come Together Against Hate,” in which they called for a mass walkout during Trump’s speech.

Rabbi Erik Yoffie, a past leader of American Reform Judaism:

We have been urging rabbis to simply not attend the Trump speech and let our absence be felt and noted.

I am not surprised by the action of David Paskin. He advertises himself as a Rock N’Roll rabbi, and in this capacity his duty is to entertain and he intends to use the AIPAC conference for his own entertaining.

And I am not surprised by the action of Erik Yoffie as well – he has always followed the policy guidance of Democratic Party that has begun to realize that Donald Trump has a good chance to become an American President since he is supported by the non-racist and democratic “white” majority of the country.

The 300 number of boycotting rabbis and Jewish figures is relatively small as compared to the about 15, 000 of AIPAC Conference attendees. Nevertheless, I am surprised by their desire to join the boycott because this boycott is a sort of violation of Jewish Torah-based morality.

This point of view has nothing to do with personality of Donald Trump.

The Golder Rule of Judaism is clear – “That which is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow. That is the whole Torah; the rest is the explanation; go and learn it.”

We the Jews are always demanding from the others to give us the opportunity to present our point of view on everything including on the desirable Israeli-American relations. And suddenly, we want to deny Donald Trump a Golden Rule right to present his views on the desirable relations between USA and Israel.

We the Jews are demanding the end to the boycott of Israel by those who do not like Israel – because it is unethical and contrary to the Golden Rule. And suddenly, we call for an anti-Golden-Rule boycott of somebody even without presenting this somebody the opportunity to speak out.

That is one more illustration to the “tragic state of American Jewry” which was perfectly described by Caroline Glick in her paper “The Tragic State of American Jewry” and was detailed in my post “What to do with the Tragic State of American Jewry”.

What to do about “the tragic state of American Jewry”


Caroline Glick in “The tragic state of American Jewry”:

“The American Jewish community is steeped in multiple crises. They threaten its present and its future. The crises … are a product of another, more basic quandary. Throughout Jewish history, Jewish continuity and survival have been rooted in Torat Yisrael, Eretz Yisrael and Am Yisrael. Torah literacy … was for thousands of years the basic pillar of Jewish exilic identity. It was through familiarity with the Torah and its laws that Jews were made aware of their uniqueness and maintained their ties to one another, to Jewish communities worldwide and to the Promised Land.

Since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, and with the rise of secularism in the US generally and among American Jewry in particular, Zionism and Jewish peoplehood became more prominent focuses in the formation and cultivation of Jewish identity for American Jewry.

Likewise, the emphasis that Jewish educators have placed on Holocaust education makes it difficult for Jews to understand that anti-Semitism is an enduring prejudice. Today Jews are hard-pressed to understand that anti-Semitism exists even when there aren’t death camps and that not all anti-Semites are Nazis. Some anti-Semites are their progressive professors.

The hard truth seems to be that the salvation of American Jewry can only come with the restoration, at wider and wider communal levels, of the three foundations of Judaism to their proper positions in a meaningful, substantive way.”

Caroline Glick has presented a very precise diagnosis of the state of American Jewry and how to fix it – to rejuvenate the American Jewry spiritually by returning it to the three spiritual cornerstones of Jewish people – Torat Yisrael, Eretz Yisrael and Am Yisrael.

Torat Yisrael defines the Jews as the people guided by the prescripts of Torah; Eretz Yisrael defines the Jews as the people living in the Promised Land; Am Yisrael defines the Jews as One undivided Nation.

The problem is that these three cornerstones of Jewish people – Torat Yisrael, Eretz Yisrael and Am Yisrael – are defined differently by about 15% Orthodox minority and by about 85% non-Orthodox majority.

The 15% Orthodox minority defines these three cornerstones from the belief that the true faith is based on the Fear of God and this Fear of God has to be addressed and mitigated by prayers and rituals.

From the Orthodox thoughts:

Every Jew has a real soul emanating from the Essence of G-d. If we just tap into it, we would find that every Jew at his core wants to fear G-d and follow His command. It may take effort to reach that core but is the purpose of Hakhel. There really is not any other way because our character and upbringing is very different and we naturally have an ego that does not allow us to get beyond it, unless we tap into the soul, which is really one piece of the collective Jewish soul.

If it isso, most probably the 15% Orthodox minority defines the three cornerstones in the following way:

  • Torat Yisrael means to study the Torah and derive from it the guidance for prayers, rituals and moral behavior inside the isolated Jewish communities;
  • Eretz Yisrael means to gather all Jews in the Promised Land to do Torat Yisroel;
  • Am Yisroel means to create in Eretz Yisroel the spiritually isolated Jewish Nation.

The 85% non-Orthodox majority defines all that in a completely different way. Based on their actions, it looks like the true faith for them is based on the Jewish mission to build a better world for everybody and together with everybody. That is what the 85% non-Orthodox majority is doing every day without or with some prayers and rituals – secular (hiloni), traditional (masorti), and some modern Orthodox (dati).

For the non-Orthodox majority, those three cornerstones of Jewish people should mean the following:

  • Torat Yisrael is to study the Torah and derive from it the guidance for social, political and economic actions in the Judeo-Christian world (in America and elsewhere) to build a Torah-guided better world for everybody;
  • Eretz Yisrael is to defend the State of Israel as the best part of the Judeo-Christian world and make it as a sort of the Chosen Country;
  • Am Yisrael is to create in the entire world, first in the USA and the State of Israel, the Jewish Nation of the Chosen – not to govern over the others but to work with the others on building a better world for everybody.

The rabbis have to understand the meaning of the three cornerstones of American Jewry as it is developed – as a possible interpretation of the Torah guidance, not as a violation of the Torah guidance, – and lead the renewal of American Jewry to change “the tragic state of American Jewry” for better.

Politically correct “Religious discrimination is wrong” is wrong

Politically correct “Religious discrimination is wrong” is wrong

Here is a typical politically correct statement from the news media:

Religious discrimination is wrong — a simple statement; and yet despite its simplicity, discrimination against Muslims in the United States is becoming increasingly acceptable.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump recently called for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.” What makes statements like Trump’s possible is that our society is becoming way more accepting of systemic anti-Muslim discrimination. According to FBI statistics, the number of annual anti-Muslim hate crimes has increased by about 500% — with the number of 2014 hate crimes against Muslims increasing 14% over the 2013 total.

This politically correct statement is twice wrong.

It is wrong since there are religions, sometimes called ideologies, which should be discriminated against, since they are trying to eliminate the Torah/Bible-based morality, which is the moral foundation of our civilization. It is wrong since the quoted anti-Muslim hate crimes are not the crimes at all but the people’s resistance to the Quran-inspired battle against our way of life.

To understand all that, we have to define the religion even if it is in the form of ideology.

A religion is the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods. This superhuman controlling power is believed guiding the people on how to define “good” and “bad” for their behavior in family and community, in social and political spheres. This controlling power guides the people on how to treat the outsiders, and the treatment of the outsiders might be friendly and hospitable or hostile and even murderous.

An ideology is a sort of religion where a human, or a group of humans, has elevated him/it-self, or has been elevated by the faithful followers, to a position of a superhuman controlling power. Here are just a few examples – the Nazism ideology with Hitler, the Communism ideology with Stalin, or the ideologies of two American political parties with their establishment rulers (of course, of not murderous nature as is the case with Nazism and Communism).

The politically correct statement that “religious discrimination is wrong” is based on the belief that if all the humans have ONE GOD, they have to define “good” and “bad” in the same, God-guided way. If it is so, the difference between different religions comes down only to different rituals and prayers that enable different peoples to communicate with ONE GOD differently while receiving the same guidance. Therefore, all religions are ONE-GOD-guided and discrimination against any religion should mean sinning against ONE GOD.  However, this reasoning is wrong since all religions has their own interpretations of the God’s guidance. On certain issues, those interpretations are hostile to each other. Here is just one example. The Judeo-Christian religious movements are trying to treat the outsiders as equals – “you should love your neighbor as yourself”, while the Islamic religious movements consider the outsiders as the infidels who should be fought and spiritually eliminated – “Allah is an enemy to those who reject [Islamic] Faith”.

If it is so, the Western civilization with its Judeo-Christian interpretation of God’s guidance has to discriminate against and resist to the Islamic civilization, which considers the Judeo-Christian world an enemy of Allah – an enemy to be defeated.

It looks like the political, social and news-media establishment operates in an artificial politically correct world while real Americans live in the real Judeo-Christian world, and those two worlds have completely different criteria on what is “good” and what is “bad’. The politically correct establishment believes the religious discrimination is wrong against any Islamic religious movement while the American majority is for a sort of limited discrimination as overwhelming support of the Donald Trump’s proposal to stop Muslim immigration to the USA demonstrates.

So what to do? It looks like the following three steps should be implemented:

  • Yes to individual Muslim immigration to the countries of Judeo-Christian Western civilization for the Muslims willing to follow the Judeo-Christian morality in public life.
  • No to mass Muslim immigration to the countries of Judeo-Christian Western civilization – that is not “islamophobia”, that is the recognition of Quran-based Islamic hostility toward the Judeo-Christian world.
  • Yes to Torah/Bible-guided actions in protecting and assisting the suffering Muslims in various places of Islamic world.

The American majority should empower the next year those non-establishment, non-politically-correct leaders who may implement those steps.

Lessons of European history for Jewish-Christian-Muslim relations

I have just returned from a trip to Portugal and Spain where I have tried, among many other things, to find – in the rich history of these countries – the events that may help understand better the current political battles in the USA. Some of my findings, which are mostly from private conversations, are presented below.

On Jewish-Christian relationships

It is well known Spain and Portugal expelled the Jews about five centuries ago. Before expelling the Jews, the Christians lived in a relative peace with the Jews. The Portugal/Spanish Christian Crusaders were concerned with expelling the Muslims from Jerusalem – not the Jews who had been already expelled from Jerusalem in the 2nd century by the Romans.

It is less known both countries now believe the expulsion of the Jew was a grave mistake that led to economic and spiritual decline. The lack of Jewish money, inventiveness and entrepreneurship led to a long-lasting economic decline, and the spiritual disconnection of Jews and Christians led to radicalization of Christian Church. These days the Portuguese and Spaniards are eager to put back on the map everything that demonstrates the glorious Jewish past in their countries; in essence, that is a revival of Judeo-Christian spiritual realm. The Portuguese and Spaniards are not alone.

The Pope Francis on his recent trip to the USA made a surprise change to his schedule on the final day of his U.S. tour to convey his own message of respect for the Jewish people. In an unannounced event, the pontiff stopped to bless a sculpture commissioned by the Institute for Jewish-Catholic Relations at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia that repudiates a centuries-old anti-Semitic image. The sculpture displays a Jew with the Old Testament (the Torah) and a Christian with the New Testament; both are peacefully comparing their scriptures. This Judeo-Christian image can be seen at

Those who are advocating the separation of Judeo-Christian spirituality/morality from the government and social life should study the history and learn from the history that they are advocating the spiritual destruction of their own country.

On Muslim-Christian relationships

It is well known the Moors had created an advanced culture in some parts of Spain and Portugal, mostly in Spanish Andalusia – with beautiful arts, sciences and social arrangements, which were much better of what the Christians were capable to achieve at that time. At the times of the Moors, many (Muslims, Christians and Jews) lived in a relatively tolerant multi-culture community.

It is less known that a part of the Moors, who were mostly Arab Muslims, began the process of Islamization of these mostly Christian (rather in spirit) lands. And the Reconquista began that expelled the Muslims from Spain and Portugal and restored the Christian spiritual realm. However, nowadays nobody is trying to revive an Islamo-Christian realm, as it is the case with the Judeo-Christian realm, since Islamic and Christian traditions are not compatible as the majority of Portuguese and Spaniards believes. That is why they now resist the new Muslim immigration to their lands even if this immigration is promoted as a humanitarian project. It looks like two of the current Republican presidential candidates know the history well and therefore are on the side of Portuguese and Spaniards. They are Donald Trump and Ben Carson.

Donald Trump: Has German Chancellor Angela Merkel lost her mind? Her decision to accept upwards of 1 million refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and other jihadist hotbeds, shows the German leader is definitely ‘insane’.

Ben Carson: I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation. I absolutely would not agree with that.

They know not only the lessons of European history on Islamic-Christian relations. They know as well the contemporary Islamic military/terrorist actions against the Judeo-Christian civilization, which are based on the Quranic obligation to fight the infidels who are the Jews and Christians. Of course, there are many good Muslim individuals; however, they are not in power to influence the Islamic world in any “anti-Quranic” way.

A New Frightening World Order promoted by Obama

President Barak Obama has skillfully choreographed the reception of the Pope Francis at the White House to create an impression that his presidential powers, which are strictly limited by the Constitution, are at the level of the Pontiff’s powers, which as many Christians believe are God-given powers. Obama needs this impression to solidify spiritually the new world order he is trying to create.

The Obama’s new world order is frightening because it is destroying the Judeo-Christian spirituality of the Western Civilization.

The Judeo-Christian spirituality is rooted in the Ten Commandments and the Torah (Old Testament) and detailed in the Talmud and New Testament. Judeo-Christian spirituality has guided the development of political, social and economic institutions throughout the history of Western Civilization. The Judeo-Christian spirituality is the guiding light for the Western Civilization – for Jews and Christians, for religious, non-religious, for atheists and agnostics, for churchgoers and church haters, for people in power and out of power.

The true Judeo-Christian spirituality is based on the idea of a human being created as an individual in the image and likeness of God to follow a human’s interpretation of God’s guidance – that is how to continue God’s creative work in all spheres of human life and be personally responsible for own actions.

The new frightening world-order is based on demoting the One God in Heavens (for some – real one, for some – imaginary one) from the position of the Supreme Power over the humans and elevating to this position a human who plays a role of god. This human god is forcing all humans under his power to obey his commandments instead of following the God’s Commandments. Under the human-god commandments, a human is deprived of his individuality, becomes a member of a collective (crowd, community, nation, etc.) and is forced to follow orders from a human god. An individual is losing his freedom and is becoming a slave. In the contemporary world, the slavery is mostly spiritual and is enforced by the anti-Judeo-Christian secular laws and politically correct collective dogmas.

The strategy for a god-like human to develop his own world order is well known – it consists of four major steps.

(1)  First, denigrate the Judeo-Christian spirituality and its moral codification in the Ten Commandments as something too extreme, outdated and not suitable for governing a contemporary nation. The denigration begins with vilification of the originators of this spirituality, the Jewish people and their spiritual heart the State of Israel.

(2)  Next, divide the society into numerous feuding factions that would be unable or unwilling to find a compromise for peaceful coexistence. A divider presents himself as a savior to the dissatisfied who would lead them to victory over all other groups in that society.

(3)  Immediately after, confiscate the assets of society’s wealthy groups and redistribute this wealth among the underprivileged groups to obtain their unconditional support.

(4)  And finally, establish a dictatorial government to preserve and reinforce the power of a human god over citizens-slaves.

That is the end – a new world order is established.

This strategy has been successfully implemented several times in recent history. Among these successful implementations are the New Communist World Order under Stalin in the USSR and the New Nazi World order under Hitler in Germany. These days, Iran’s Ayatollahs and ISIS’s Mullahs are implementing this strategy.

The current immigration crisis in Europe – in addition to the present large Islamic communities in many countries of European Union – creates a fertile ground there for building a new frightening world order.

In the USA, a new world order is in the making as well, and his promoter is Obama who is relying on the help of the anti-Western and anti-Israel international bodies such as the United Nations. If we understand Obama’s New World Order, we can understand what is behind the strategic decisions of Obama on Israel, on Christianity, on Islam and the Islamic world, on Russia and Europe, on Iraq and Afghanistan, etc. The Obama’s new world order is being created in the same four steps described above.

Denigrating the Judeo-Christian spirituality and its founders, and the Jewish people with their spiritual center in Israel/Jerusalem

Obama has not initiated this process – it began long before Obama’s presidency. However, he skillfully accelerated this process by reinforcing the image of the State of Israel as a source of all the world’s problems, and the Judeo-Christian image of USA as something outdated, reactionary and an obstacle to “social fairness” to all “the underprivileged” of the World.

Splitting world-wide society into numerous feuding factions

Obama artfully created many more feuding factions than all other creators of “new world orders”: poor vs. rich, religious vs. non-religious, blacks vs. whites, females vs. males, wealth makers vs. wealth takers, developed countries vs. undeveloped ones, Western civilization vs. Islamic, etc.

Redistributing the wealth to the underprivileged to gain their support

Redistribution of wealth has become one of the chief components of Obama’s strategy. Increasing a government share of the wealth produced in the United States (Gross Domestic Product) through direct taxation and a myriad of government regulations and tariffs is the tool for wealth redistribution. The share of GDP consumed by federal, state and local governments increased from about 5-10% two hundred years ago to well above 50% today. Again, this redistribution process began long before Obama but he artfully uses it for building his “world order”. Using the “redistributed”, confiscated money, Obama can provide all underprivileged factions of our country and many countries abroad with some “Obama money”.

Establishing a dictatorial government and moving to a new world order

So, what a new world order Obama is trying to establish? There is no written description of this order. There are no oral presentations by Obama describing his dreams in precise terms. Obama is an unusually smart word ideologue. The current sad state of domestic and international affairs is not a result of his poor leadership skills. To the contrary, the sad state of affairs is what he has been deliberately trying to achieve from the very beginning.

Unfortunately, our governing system has let him do all that. Why? Because our governing system – that is based on two political parties and three independent branches of government – is not serving “us the people” anymore as the Founding Fathers constructed it. Now our governing system is fueled by political ambitions and the lust for power and government “goodies” that created a fertile ground for an anti-Judeo-Christian human-god-ruled presidential power.

Everything what is going on now in the USA with the “Iran Nuclear Agreement” and in Europe with the “Immigration Crisis” is a proof that a new frightening world order is for real.  Could we stop it? May be, if we elect new leaders not poisoned by the old political habits. Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio? I do not know.

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