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The rabbi is wrong on the roots of anti-Semitism

To understand both the true nature of anti-Semitism and how to fight it, we have to get back to the Torah-based essence of Jewish mission of the Chosen. In the era of the politically correct equality of everything and everybody, we are trying to leave this subject to the history or to the internal Jewish religious rituals. In doing so, we deprive ourselves from the opportunity to find the true nature of anti-Semitism and how to fight it.

One of the contemporary very influential rabbis:

What then is anti-Semitism? It is not a coherent set of beliefs but a set of contradictions. Before the Holocaust, Jews were hated because they were poor and because they were rich; because they were communists and because they were capitalists; because they kept to themselves and because they infiltrated everywhere; because they clung tenaciously to ancient religious beliefs and because they were rootless cosmopolitans who believed nothing. Anti-Semitism is a virus that survives by mutating. In the Middle Ages, Jews were hated because of their religion. In the 19th and 20th centuries they were hated because of their race. Today they are hated because of their nation state, Israel. Anti-Zionism is the new anti-Semitism.

The rabbi is wrong. Anti-Semitism is not a set of contradictions. It is the expression of adversary feelings toward the Jewish people for their invisible God-guided work of convincing the Gentiles to change their understanding of the essence of human existence – from whatever the Gentiles believed in to the Torah/Bible based understanding.

That is at the core of the Jewish mission of the Chosen for all Jews – from atheists to ultra-orthodox. The Jews as the Chosen are not on a mission to rule the world – they are on a mission to change the world without expecting the appreciation of the world. For the entire Jewish people, it is a possibly genetically driven mission impossible to stop.

The rabbi says that anti-Semitism is not a coherent set of beliefs but a set of contradictions, and that is wrong. In order to prove that is wrong, we have to get back to the essence of the Jewish mission of the Chosen. That is the mission of creating a God-guided better world for everybody.

The Torah did not specify the political and social framework for this better world but specified one crucial principle: all the humans are created in the image and likeness of God who is Free Creator not bounded by “too many rules”. Therefore, various groups of Jewish people have been competing from the very beginning and are competing now for a most suitable framework for a better world – the framework where the maximum possible conditions for a human individual to be free, creative and not bounded by “too many rules” – in the image and likeness of God – would be achieved.

Could a society of poor people not restrained by any material possessions be free and creative in the image of God that rabbi Joshua (future Jesus Christ) tested?

Could a society of rich people who have already everything be free and creative in the image of God that many mitzvah-driven Jews tested?

Could a Communist society with the equal distribution of collective wealth provide the creative freedom for everybody in the image of God that Karl Marx tested?

Could a Capitalist society with the equal distribution of individual opportunities provide the freedom for everybody in the image of God that Torah/Bible-guided American founders tested?

Should the Jews try all in the above alone in isolation before presenting their discoveries to the non-Jews as the orthodox Jews are doing, or the Jews have to incorporate themselves into the non-Jewish societies to work together with them as the reform Jews are doing?

The Jews have been trying to test all that by introducing their ideas to various Gentile communities from the very beginning. Some communities liked the ideas and tested them together with the Jews. However, the other communities resisted. They have resisted since the Jewish ideas have been changing their well-established traditions, which were based on much lesser individual freedoms. They believed it is not bad to have a human superior above them (dictator, business owner, religious leader, political guru, president, government, etc.) who is taking care of them and is making them not responsible for all bad things that may happen.

The result of this resistance? Yes, it is what we called anti-Semitism. Therefore, anti-Semitism is not something contradictory and difficult to understand – anti-Semitism is a normal reaction of a normal people to something what is trying to change their way of life. If it is so, a logical way to stop anti-Semitism is to stop changing the world. However, the Jews cannot do it – it is their God-designed, and probably genetically supported, destiny.

Nevertheless, there is a way to mitigate the force of anti-Semitism. This way is for the rabbis to work with the Gentiles to let them understand and accept the Jewish mission and work together on creating a God-guided better world for everybody.

America be aware: mass immigration from Islamic countries brings not only mass anti-Semitism

Yes, mass immigration from Islamic countries brings mass anti-Semitism. However, it brings not just mass anti-Semitism but it brings anti-Semitism together with anti-Christianism and anti-Americanism. This statement is not an anti-immigration one. The immigrants have made America, as we know it now. However, America has been made not by immigrants of all religious (or non-religious) beliefs. Only the immigrants with acceptance of Judeo-Christian beliefs have made this country – they were religious Christian and Jews, atheistic Christians and Jews with strong Judeo-Christian morality, and non-Christians who accepted Judeo-Christian societal fabric (such as Chinese or Japanese).

The Muslim immigrants are not among those who have made this country, and there is a good reason for this. The Muslim spiritual beliefs are adversary to the Judeo-Christian spiritual beliefs in one crucial aspect – the Muslims cherish the compulsory uniformed behavior of everybody above the individual freedoms that are at the core of Judeo-Christian beliefs in their American adaptation.

The adversarial relations between the people of Islamic and Judeo-Christian worlds are not due to some theological differences, although they are important – the adversarial relations between them and us are due to opposite visions of the better world for everybody both worlds are trying to promote and create.

The Islamic world is trying to promote and create a “better world”, which is based on a voiceless population ruled by a dictator with his own interpretation of Quranic rules for his population who is fighting the other Islamic rulers who are building a “better world” with their own interpretations of Quranic rules.

We in the Western Judeo-Christian world are trying to promote and create a better world, which is based on Judeo-Christian democratic principles, where individual freedoms and ability of everybody to promote peacefully his/her vision of a better world is cherished.

That is why the mass immigration to America from Islamic countries would inevitably create an adversary destructive social force. Individual Islamic immigration may be accepted if an Islamic immigrant pledges an allegiance to our Judeo-Christian social fabric.

Recently the leader of Germany Angela Merkel has sent a sort of warning to America.

Merkel warns of growing anti-Semitism in wake influx from the Arab World. © AP Photo/ Markus SchreiberShe urged citizens to remain vigilant and to beware of anti-Semitism especially when directed by young people coming from countries where hatred of Israel and anti-Semitism is widespread. Currently, millions of people are claiming to seek refuge throughout Europe as they flee war-battered nations including Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. 1.5 million refugees including several from throughout the Arab world entered Germany in 2015 alone. Merkel says anti-Semitism is more widespread than we imagined. That is why we must act intensively against it. Moreover, Angela Merkel is thinking about sending the Islamic refugees back to own countries after the civil wars there end.

In the USA, Donald Trump who is fighting for Republican Party Presidential nomination has suggested a strategy against the mass Islamic immigration.

Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on: according to Pew Research, there is great hatred towards Americans by large segments of the Muslim population. A poll from the Center for Security Policy shows 25% of those polled agreed that violence against Americans here in the United States is justified as a part of the global jihad. In this poll, 51% of those polled, agreed that Muslims in America should have the choice of being governed according to Sharia (Sharia authorizes such atrocities as murder against non-believers who won’t convert, beheadings and more unthinkable acts that pose great harm to Americans, especially women). Unfortunately for America, President Barak Obama likes the mass Islamic immigration.

Indeed, between 2010 and 2013, the Obama administration imported almost 300,000 new immigrants from Muslim nations — more immigrants than the U.S. let in from Central America and Mexico combined over that period. Many of the recent Muslim immigrants are from terrorist hot spots like Iraq, where the Islamic State operates. From 2010-2013, Obama ushered in 41,094 Iraqi nationals from there. House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mike McCaul called the new policy “a federally sanctioned welcome party to potential terrorists.”

These days Obama is visiting a mosque in America, which is spiritually allied with Muslim Brotherhood, to promote pro-Muslim feelings in our country. Wikipedia describes the goals of Muslim Brotherhood in the following way.

The Brotherhood’s stated goal is to instill the Qur’an and Sunnah as the “sole reference point for … ordering the life of the Muslim family, individual, community … and state.” Its mottos include “Believers are but Brothers”, “Islam is the Solution”, and “Allah is our objective; the Qur’an is the Constitution; the Prophet is our leader; jihad is our way; death for the sake of Allah is our wish. It is financed by members, who are required to allocate a portion of their income to the movement, and was for many years financed by Saudi Arabia, with whom it shared some enemies and some points of doctrine.

Let us hope we elect the next American President who understands the dangers of mass Islamic immigration to America, and stops it.

Once again, Anti-Semitism is an evidence of success of Jewish “Chosen” mission

Anti-Semitism is rising in Europe and in the Middle East:

UK: Laughing gas canisters thrown and ‘Heil Hitler’ yelled at London Jews.

France: Marseilles Jews Targeted in Machete Attack.

Germany: in an Islamic attack, two men claiming refugee status assaulted and robbed a Jewish man at a northern port.

Ukraine: a Molotov cocktail thrown at a synagogue.

Iran: Iran’s supreme leader calling for the elimination of Israel.

Palestinian Authority represented by its president Mahmoud Abbas: If there is an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, we will not agree to the presence of one Israeli in it.

USA: Jewish home in a New York suburb plastered with six swastikas.

Thus, anti-Semitism is alive and well as has been for over two millenniums.

Many Jews think that anti-Semitism is the intolerance and hate of the Jews as a race or even as humans.

That might be true. However, something more fundamental distinguishes anti-Semitism from any other racial hate. Any other racial hate exists when humans of a hated race are among those who hate them. Anti-Semitism exists even when there is no Jews among those who hate them.

In many Muslim countries, there are no Jews but the hate of the Jews is seen everywhere. In the 15th century Spain after all Jews were expelled, the hate of the Jews remained. In the 19th century Russia, the Jews were prohibited to live in most of the cities – nevertheless, the hate of the Jews was evident in those Jew-free cities.

Anti-Semitism is not just the intolerance and hate of the Jewish people – anti-Semitism is the fearful resistance to the Jewish Torah-guided ideals for the human existence. Those ideals are stubborn and they flourish in many places where there are no Jews – those ideals are the foundation of most religious, political or cultural developments in Western Civilization.

The fate of the Jews and their ideals is unique because, as the true Jews believe, the Jews are fulfilling their God-given mission of the Chosen, which is to help the others build a better world for everybody – a better world on the foundation of Torah-guided spiritual/moral principles. The others do not object to the idea of building a better world – but not for everybody, only for themselves; and not on Torah-guided ideals, on their own ideals.

Many in the historic past hated the Greeks when the Hellenistic empires of the Middle East introduced their ideals to the captive countries. However, when the captive countries freed themselves from the Greeks, the Hellenistic ideals were defeated as well. The anti-Hellenism had not been developed since there was no need to resist the non-existent Hellenism.

Many in the recent times hated the Nazis and Communists when the Nazi Germany and the Communist Russia introduced their ideals to the entire world and implemented them in the captive countries. However, when the captive countries were freed by the USA and UK (in the WWII and in the following Cold War), the Nazi/Communist ideals were defeated as well. The anti-Germanism or anti-Russianism had not been developed since there was no need to resist the morally dead Nazism and Communism.

With the anti-Semitism, it is a completely different story.

The Jews are hated since they are, as the Chosen, successfully introducing the Judeo-Christian ideals into religious, political and social spheres of human life. Those ideals are replacing the old heathen ideals and the contemporary heathen people resist.

The Muslims as a group hate the Jewish ideals since the Jewish ideals are replacing the universal Sharia-based dictatorial morality by the individual freedoms.

The Atheists as a group hate the Jewish ideals since the Jewish ideals are rooted in the guidance from the Supreme Power above, which is mandatory for the humans, while the Atheists want to introduce their own ideals.

Some Western Christians hate the Jewish ideals since the Jewish ideals emphasize the building a better life for everybody here in this world while the old-fashioned Christians are longing for a better life in the Heavens.

Some Eastern Christians hate the Jewish ideals since the Jewish ideals promote the true Western-type democracy over the spiritual slavery by dictatorial government.

The unstoppable anti-Semitism reflects the unstoppable success of the Jewish mission as the Chosen and the true Jews and the true Rabbis should appreciate this as a sort of sign of spiritual success.


Finally, a precise diagnosis of anti-Israel, anti-Western and pro-Muslim mindset of Obama

I have been writing on this topic for long time. However, this precise diagnosis is not in my formulation. That is in formulation of Michael Goodman in his article “Israel: be aware of Obama” at

First he comes for the banks and health care, uses the IRS to go after critics, politicizes the Justice Department, spies on journalists, tries to curb religious freedom, slashes the military, throws open the borders, doubles the debt and nationalizes the Internet.

He lies to the public, ignores the Constitution, inflames race relations and urges Latinos to punish Republican “enemies.” He abandons our ­allies, appeases tyrants, coddles ­adversaries and uses the Crusades as an excuse for inaction as Islamist terrorists slaughter their way across the Mideast.

Now he’s coming for Israel.

Barack Obama’s promise to transform America was too modest. He is transforming the whole world before our eyes. Do you see it yet?

Against the backdrop of the tsunami of trouble he has unleashed, Obama’s pledge to “reassess” America’s relationship with Israel cannot be taken lightly. Already paving the way for an Iranian nuke, he is hinting he’ll also let the other anti-Semites at Turtle Bay have their way. That could mean American support for punitive Security Council resolutions or for Palestinian statehood initiatives. It could mean both, or something worse. Read the rest of this entry

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