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We are fighting the anti-Semitism the wrong way

I am working on a book (“In intellectual search for spiritual Torah-based union between Jews and Christians”) and I am discussing various ideas I am exploring in the book with my friends and colleagues.
Many my friends and colleagues have expressed their uneasiness with one of the ideas of the book that we can fight successfully anti-Semitism only if we reestablish the spiritual closeness of Jews and Christians. Many of my friends and colleagues are uncomfortable with this idea because of historic Jewish dislike of Christianity as a source of anti-Semitism.
That is true – many Jews consider Christianity as the chief source of anti-Semitism, and I am writing this book precisely to address this dislike.
Every day we the Jews hear something about anti-Semitism in its “normal” everyday actions and its abnormal Holocaust explosion.
We are complaining and we are demanding from the government the laws that punish anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers.
However, these laws are making things worse – they are, in the minds of anti-Semites, the confirmation of the anti-Semites’ belief that the almighty Jews own the governments and the world and through the governments suppress – spiritually and economically – the others.
And we complaining, complaining and complaining … I have complained as well for long time, and, after I had become tired of complaining, I decided to look into the true historic roots of anti-Semitism – beyond believed to be “Christ killers”, “deceivers”, etc. I went back to the Torah, Bible, historic and contemporary Rabbinic and Priestly (Christian) teachings where I found the following.
• The Torah was given by the Almighty Power (whatever it might be) at Mount Sinai to everybody, let me say it again – to everybody, through the Jewish People, with the chief assignment for the Jewish people (the Chosen) to assist the non-Jewish people in transforming their lives from the pagan morals to the Torah-guided morals.
• The Torah guidance implies the transformation path is the spiritual and social competition among various human tribes each of them tailoring the Torah prescripts to their unique life conditions and randomly God-assigned genetic structure. There is no human uniformity in the Torah! Following the Torah guidance, the Jews created Talmud, numerous rabbinic rulings and various spiritual streams (Essenes, Sadducees, Pharisees, Zealots, Nazarenes and other in the biblical past and Orthodox, Reform and Conservative with different sub-streams now). Then, the Jews laid out spiritual foundation for other non-Jewish tribes (Rabbi Joshua who after his death became Jesus Christ), and those non-Jewish tribes created their own Torah interpretations in the New Testaments with their own priestly rulings and spiritual streams (many-many dozens of them).
• At the beginning, the spiritual and social competition was mostly peaceful since people were trying to receive the guidance directly from God with little concern for the actions of the others. At that time, there was no basis for anti-Semitism, and anti-Semitism did not exist in the form as we define it now. Then step-by-step the authoritative humans (rabbis, priests) got into the spiritual picture – since the life was getting more sophisticated and complex. Those authoritative humans were needed for Torah-guidance tailoring and interpretation. And with the authoritative humans as Torah-guidance tailors and interpreters, the foundation for anti-Semitism was developed.
• The authoritative rabbis and priests in their administrative power (this power has nothing to do with the true spiritual power) began solidifying and strengthening their own administrative power, and they did it by following the ancient technique of “divide and conquer”. Those rabbis and the priests for the last two millenniums constructed an image of mortal enemy of each other betraying the God’s unifying Torah/Bible guidance.
• For the last three centuries with the formation, slowly step-by-step, the Western Judeo-Christian civilization, Jewish-Christian hostility has been reduced, and reduced sharply, in both Jewish and Christian camps, and the opportunity for finding the spiritual Torah-based unity between Jews and Christians, and therefore for reducing the anti-Semitism, has been created.
That is why I believe the reestablishing of Torah/Bible-guided spiritual unity between the Jews and the Christians is the key in fighting the anti-Semitism.

Politically correct Jewish actions strengthen anti-Semitic forces


From the news media:


Jewish groups seek action from Trump to match his words on anti-Semitism. After weeks of combative, dismissive posture from White House, community leaders skeptical at president’s long-awaited condemnation.




The history is clear on all condemnations: they are not changing the people’s minds, and that is even truer concerning the anti-Semitism.


The anti-Semitism is up, as compared to a sort of “normal” level, when what Jewish organizations support harms the traditional Judeo-Christian values – the anti-Semitism is down when the Jewish organizations support the traditional Judeo-Christian values.


Currently, the traditional Judeo-Christian values are threatened by the government actions aimed at replacing the Bible-based moral values by politically correct values and at diluting the power of Judeo-Christian communities by increasing the immigration from the non-Judeo-Christian countries.


Unfortunately, many Jewish organizations have supported these government actions. That is what increases the level of anti-Semitic “noise” and no US President’s condemnation can change it.


From the news media:


A majority of Europeans want a ban on immigration from Muslim-majority countries. An average of 55 per cent of people across the 10 European countries surveyed wanted to stop all future immigration from mainly Muslim countries…


A majority of US voters support President Donald Trump’s executive order temporarily halting migration from terror-exporting countries.




The Simon Wiesenthal Holocaust Center’s Rabbi Marvin Heir says he understands the new directions the nation is taking under leadership of Donald Trump and that in the interest of all Americans to pray and hope that Donald Trump is a great president. Such statement of a great Rabbi is a signal that the true Jews are together with the traditional Judeo-Christian majority who elected Donald Trump as US President to restore the Judeo-Christian moral foundation of the country. Obviously, such a morally authoritative statement reduces the level of anti-Semitism.


However, many other rabbis and Jewish leaders publicly expressed their displeasure with the choice of the American majority, which elected Donald Trump to be their President.


Just a few examples: 18 rabbis arrested during NY protest over Trump travel ban…. A Jewish group organized a “Jewish Rally for Refugees” in New York….. Reform Jewish leaders largely oppose President Donald Trump’s policies…. Never-Trump Jews…. Not-My-President Jews …


The Jewish movements mentioned above boost anti-Semitic beliefs that the Jews are against the traditional Judeo-Christian values.


One more factor strengthens negative feelings of the American majority toward the current wave of immigration from the countries of the Third World. Many of these immigrants do not have working skills suitable for US and European labor markets, and therefore are an extra burden for the taxpayers. Indeed, American taxpayers will spend more than $4 billion in the 2017 budget to support over half-million (mostly not Judeo-Christian) refugees who have been resettled by the federal government in the United States since October 2009.


From the news media:


ADL: We want action, not just words from Trump against anti-Semitism. Jewish watchdog urges president to take steps to stem wave of incidents after ADL office in NY hit by a bomb threat following four waves of such threats to Jewish centers across America.




What actions? Any government actions against anti-Semites would rather confirm the anti-Semites’ feelings about the all-mighty Jews who “own” the government and “rule” the others through the government. Instead, what ADL and other Jewish organizations should be doing is to organize authoritative Christian spiritual discussions around the country about the spiritual wrongness of anti-Semitic beliefs.


Two evil forces made Holocaust possible and one is still at work


Two evil forces made Holocaust possible but we denounced only one – the other one is still at work. It was evident again during the latest debates at the International Holocaust Remembrance Day.


From the news media:


In his new book, The Genius of Judaism, the French thinker explores the inner demon of modern anti-Zionism and contrasts it with the remarkable reality of the Jewish state.


The fact remains that anti-Semitism exists. Some had thought it dead, obsolete, cast aside. Wrong. It is back. Making new connections. It has even begun to strike and to kill—to growing indifference—in French cities. And, moreover, because observers of the phenomenon often seem blind to its new reality and, believing that they are confronting it, grapple only with its shadows, I see no option but to begin by describing the new guise of the oldest form of hate.




Two evil forces made the Holocaust possible:


(1) The anti-Semitic ideology of the Nazis which was born and became murderous in the Nazis’ Germany and


(2) The anti-Semitic ideology of many among local populations in Germany and in all countries occupied by the Nazi Germany.


For the last seven decades after the end of WWII, beginning with the Nuremberg anti-Nazi Trials, the anti-Semitic Nazi ideology, and the measures of preventing this ideology from the rebirthing, had been demonstrated and validated almost everywhere and by all available political and social tools. It had been done by anti-Nazi laws developed in Europe, by Holocaust-related museums, by the spiritual leaders of Christianity, and of course by the Jews themselves.


The anti-Semitic ideology of many among the local population in countries occupied by the Nazi Germany was the force made the Holocaust possible. This had been conveniently forgotten by the politically-correct politicians and therefore not condemned. It should be condemned since the no-condemnation could bring future holocausts.


·         The local population provided the Nazis with names and locations of Jewish citizens – without this local assistance to the Nazis, the great many Jews could be saved.


·         The local population provided the Nazis with the local militia forces, which assisted the Nazis in bringing all Jews into ghettos for extermination (some were exterminated bypassing the ghetto phase as was in Kiiv’s Babiy Yar and many other places). Without this local assistance to the Nazis, the great many Jews could be saved.


·         In the former Soviet territories occupied by the Nazi Germany, the locals were the real executioners under the guidelines of the Nazi military. Without this local assistance to the Nazis, the great many Jews could be saved.


The reason the local population had been doing all these terrible things was that many of them were the truly spiritual anti-Semites – many among Russians, Ukrainians, Byelorussians, Latvians, Estonians, Lithuanians, Moldovans, Polish. They truly believed that the Jews were the people who were “robbing” the local population spiritually and economically, and murdering the Jews may be a good service to their countries and their communities. Now they have many contemporary descendants.


Therefore, the anti-Semitism among the local population as a major force in assisting the Nazis in conducting the Holocaust should be identified, emphasized, deplored and condemned. If this is not done, this force could be a foundation for future holocausts.


From the news media:


Jewish Students Condemn ‘Horrific’ Rise of Anti-Semitic Incidents at Cambridge University.


Student Slams Stanford U for Offering Therapy Over Trump Election While ‘Ignoring’ Anti-Semitism.




The time has come not just to condemn but to begin the work on dispelling the spiritual foundation of the anti-Semitic beliefs through an honest historic fact-based conversation with those who hold anti-Semitic beliefs. It may be arranged if we treat the people whom we consider anti-Semites as open-minded people willing and even eager to challenge their own points of view. It looks like the university spiritual atmosphere is perfectly suited for this discussion.


Restoring Judeo-Christian morality and fighting anti-Semitism go hand in hand

Many influential Jews are trying to reduce the anti-Semitic universe by restricting the anti-Semites through government so-called hate laws and regulations. Is this an effective way to fight the anti-Semitism, or it is just a hopeless attempt to do something without real hope for success? How to fight the anti-Semitism in the Western civilization, which is founded on the Judeo-Christian morals but is not respecting these morals anymore?

From a speech by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks at “The Future of the Jewish Communities in Europe” Conference at The European Parliament:

The hate that begins with Jews never ends with Jews. That is what I want us to understand today. It was not Jews alone who suffered under Hitler. It was not Jews alone who suffered under Stalin. It is not Jews alone who suffer under ISIS or Al Qaeda or Islamic Jihad. We make a great mistake if we think anti-Semitism is a threat only to Jews. It is a threat, first and foremost, to Europe and to the freedoms it took centuries to achieve.

Anti-Semitism is not about Jews. It is about anti-Semites. It is about people who cannot accept responsibility for their own failures and have instead to blame someone else. Historically, if you were a Christian at the time of the Crusades, or a German after the First World War, and saw that the world had not turned out the way you believed it would, you blamed the Jews. That is what is happening today. And I cannot begin to say how dangerous it is. Not just to Jews but to everyone who values freedom, compassion and humanity.

You are the leaders of Europe. Its future is in your hands. If you do nothing, Jews will leave, European liberty will die, and there will be a moral stain on Europe’s name that all eternity will not erase.

Stop it now while there is still time.

So the European government is urged to stop the European anti-Semitism. That is the government, which is hostile to the traditional Christian moral values. That is the government, which supports – instead of those values – “social justice” and “human rights” values. That is the government, which supports Islamic immigration to Europe – the immigration of people with a morality foreign to the Judeo-Christian morality and anti-Semitic in nature.

Thus, an anti-Judeo-Christian government is asked to defend the Jews whose spiritual ideas are at the foundation of a Judeo-Christian civilization.

Let us assume, just for the sake of argument, that we the Jews are so powerful indeed that we can force any government to do something in defense of the Jews.

How the European government can do it? The government has only one tool for fighting something – to label this something a crime and make this crime punishable by the law. However, the anti-Semitism is a crime only in a politically correct universe where the law is used to punish or restrict political adversaries. In the mind of a typical anti-Semite, the anti-Semitism is a belief in Jewish immorality that destroys the “normal morality” of the majority and robs this majority economically. If the law punishes a typical anti-Semite, this punishment will strengthen his/her belief in the Jewish evilness – those “evil Jews” are so powerful that they are able to do “evil things” even through the government.

There is no way to change a collective belief by punishing the people with this belief. There is only one way to change a belief and this way is to convince the believers that the facts on which their belief is based are wrong. It is obvious, the Jews themselves cannot do it – morally decent Christians – religiously observant or not – can do it.

So, what to do? It looks like a better way for the Jews led by their spiritual leaders may be to work on creating an EU Judeo-Christian spiritual (a sort of priestly) council, which would discuss in open forums the following:

  • What is the difference between the Judeo-Christian moral values and the human-rights/social-justice values.
  • Why the Western civilization is spiritually and economically better off following the Judeo-Christian morals.
  • How the Jews and the Christians can strengthen the Judeo-Christian foundation of Western civilization in their own Jewish and Christian unique ways.
  • How to make the fundamentals of Judeo-Christian morality the foundation of any legislative work of a democratically elected government.
  • Why anti-Semitism is a spiritual and economic enemy of the Western Judeo-Christian civilization and the people with anti-Semitic beliefs.

It might be an effective way to fight the anti-Semitism – by helping the Christians to restore the Judeo-Christian morality of our government.

Fight the new anti-Semitism by electing Trump and allying with Vatican

It sounds completely weird that electing Trump and allying with Vatican would help fight anti-Semitism better than everything else does. However, Trump’s decision to move the US embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem and Pope Francis’ confirmation that God gave the Promised Land to the Jews are the key to fight the contemporary anti-Semites.

The anti-Semites are eternal people – they were born about the same time when the Jews began delivering to the non-Jews the Torah-based One-God’s message on how to advance and organize human life. Those pagans who wanted to preserve their pre-Torah-era traditions resisted and were becoming anti-Semites, and their spiritual descendants are very much alive and active nowadays.

The true Torah/Bible-guided Christians and Jews continue advancing the Judeo-Christian Western civilization while the anti-Semites (who may call themselves Christian, or even Jewish) continue to denigrate the Jews using all public means available.

These days the anti-Semites are trying to advance their hate spiritually – by denying the Jewish nature of both Jerusalem and the Promised Land. The anti-Semites have realized that their attempts to denigrate the State of Israel politically at many international organizations failed – the State of Israel is getting politically stronger. Therefore, the anti-Semites have decided to fight the Jews and the State of Israel spiritually by denying the Jewish nature of both Jerusalem and the Promised Land.

From the US news media:

Jerusalem’s Temple Mount is so named for the two Jewish temples that stood on the site for almost nine centuries – the first built by King Solomon nearly 3,000 years ago, the second destroyed by the Roman legions under Titus in 70 CE. One needn’t be a Bible scholar or a historian to know that the cultural, religious, and emotional bonds that link the Jews to Jerusalem are unparalleled. For millennia, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount have been central to Jewish self-awareness – and thus to Christianity as well, since the Temple figures prominently in the Gospels’ account of the life of Jesus. UNESCO’s tendentious semantics play into an ongoing propaganda campaign by the Palestinian Authority to “de-Judaize” the identity of Jerusalem, the foremost Jewish city on earth. Jerusalem’s holy sites have never been safer, or open to more people, than in the 49 years since it was reunified under Israeli administration.

Thus, the anti-Semitic message of the UNESCO resolution is clear – there were no Jewish Jerusalem and there were no First and Second Jewish Holy Temples. In other words, there is no spiritual connection of the Jews to Jerusalem – by fabricating this spiritual connection, the resolution implies, the Jews are trying to justify their occupation of Arab lands.

From the Arab news media:

In 2015, Tobias Ellwood, Britain’s foreign and commonwealth affairs minister for the Middle East and Africa, said that the United Kingdom was going to mark 100 years since the Balfour Declaration. But what does it mean to mark such an event if the U.K. is unwilling to repair the damage it caused to the national and human rights of the Palestinian people?

The Balfour Declaration was a letter sent by a British lord, on behalf of the U.K., to a British banker and politician representing the Zionist movement in 1917. It promised the establishment in Palestine, a land that did not belong to them, of a national home for the Jewish people. When Palestine came under British administration a few years later, London made sure to include this letter as part of the British Mandate.

Thus, the anti-Semitic view on the Promised Land, which is the same as the Arab’s view, is clear – the Promised Land is a contemporary myth created by the Balfour Declaration.

If it is so, we have to fight the contemporary anti-Semites by restoring in the USA and the EU the spiritual truth about the Jewish essence of Jerusalem and the Promised Land. And in this fight, US President Donald Trump and Pope Frances are of essential help.

From the Jewish news media:

Ivanka Trump assured Jewish voters in Florida that Donald Trump would “100 percent” move the US embassy to Jerusalem if he is elected president.

The GOP nominee’s daughter, who converted to Judaism in 2010 and is married to a Jewish man, called her father an “unbelievable champion” for the State of Israel and for the Jewish people, during a talk at The Shul of Bal Harbour in Surfside, the Jewish Insider reported. “You won’t be disappointed,” she told the audience during the talk, which was filmed in part.

In addition to saying Donald Trump will move the embassy to Jerusalem, which she called “the eternal capital,” she also said he supported her conversion to Judaism before her marriage to Jared Kushner.


A decision has been made among the rabbis of all sorts of streams in the Haredi public in Israel that Trump is the one who will defend Jerusalem, the Land of Israel and the Jewish people.

A mekubal, or sage steeped in the Jewish mystical tradition of Kabbalah, had informed … that according to the tradition’s seminal text, the Zohar, Trump will be the next president of the United States.

Thus, Donald Trump as a US President will recognize Jerusalem as an eternal spiritual place of the Jews and, following this recognition, will move the US embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem. The anti-Semitic myth of spiritual Islamic ownership of Jerusalem is debunked.

From the Jewish news media:

God promised the Holy Land to the people of Israel, Pope Francis said during a speech at the Vatican. The people of Israel, who from Egypt, where they were enslaved, walked through the desert for forty years until they reached the land promised by God, he said in his address about migration.

This statement by Pope Frances is a reminder to all people of Western Judeo-Christian civilization that the spiritual fundamentals of this civilization are based on the Torah/Bible guidance, which includes the recognition of the Promised Land, where the so-called Palestinian territories are located, given by God to the Jewish nation. The anti-Semitic myth of spiritual Islamic ownership of the so-called Palestine is debunked.

The acknowledgement that the Promised Land spiritually belongs to the Jews does not mean that the non-Jews cannot live here. The Christians and Muslims whose holy places are in the Promised Land as well may live happily here, assuming they follow the Torah/Bible-guided civil laws of Israel government.

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