*2* Who might be interested in following this blog

Those Jews and non-Jews  might be interested in following this blog who are trying to understand the following:

–Jewish Torah-based identification in contemporary Judeo-Christian world

–Mutual spiritual bonds that unite the Jews with the Christians as the spiritual foundation of the Western Judeo-Christian civilization

–The true meaning of the Chosen

–How to be a proud Jew as the Chosen and make the Christians respect you

–The Quran-based Islam as an adversary to Judeo-Christian World

–The true meaning of Church-State separation which is not a separation of the Government legislative work from the Bible guidance

–Serving God by building a better God-guided world together with everybody

–And much-much more.

And here are some selected posts which are detailing the ideas in the above:

The Chosenness of the Jewish People: A Constant Struggle of the True with the Heathen


What the Jews themselves can do to prevent new holocausts


Economic decline of USA is rooted in country’s spiritual decline


Dire consequences of the Western civilization losing its Judeo-Christian roots


The Big Government as a Torah-defined Evil


God, Religion, Jews and Christians – what is common in all that from Jewish Intellectual Perspective?


Science in harmony with God – intellectual Torah/Bible-based discussion. Part 1.


Science God Religion


Rabbi Sacks is emphasizing the intellectual essence of Judaism


I am looking for a rabbi in search for God’s reason in the Torah – not guarding the tradition of his ordination institution


The Current State of the USA in the light of Torah guidance | Vladimir Minkov | The Blogs | The Times of Israel


Two conflicting identities of the State of Israel – the State identity and the Israel identity | Vladimir Minkov | The Blogs | The Times of Israel


Evolutionists define humans in non-human way to dethrone Religion | Vladimir Minkov | The Blogs | The Times of Israel


Why the Jews are disconnected from the rabbinical community and how to reconnect them | Vladimir Minkov | The Blogs | The Times of Israel


Unconventional thoughts – on the roots of and fighting anti-Semitism | Vladimir Minkov | The Blogs | The Times of Israel


Spiritual closeness of Jews and Christians – in the Testaments and in the Torah’s guidance


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