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Impeachment's worshipers are the disciples of the Soviet Bolsheviks

Impeachment’s worshipers are the disciples of the Soviet Bolsheviks

   Yes, our impeachment’s worshipers are indeed the disciples of the Soviet Bolsheviks, and that is not exaggeration – they preach and act like the Bolsheviks,– and if they win, they will be building an American pagan “paradise” which is similar to the extinct Soviet “paradise.” 

Although the impeachment efforts failed, the American Bolsheviks will continue their destructive actions because … they are Bolsheviks!

   The defunct Soviet Russia is a dream nation for our pagan Americans who are the impeachment warriors and who are covering their pagan morality by pretending to fight for the “social justice, economic equality, diversity, climate, political correctness, freedom from religion, etc.” 

   The Soviet Russia had all that pagan morality traits that resulted in mass population poverty, murderous dictatorship and the killing machine called Gulag.

What is Socially Just, Economically Equal, Enough Diverse, Climate Friendly, Politically Correct, or Freedom from Religion were decreed by the Communist Party and KGB and were enforced by GULAG.

   The decree was simple:

  • Socially Just is everything that strengthens the power of the Rulers of the Communist Party;
  • Economically Equal is everybody if the individual salary/rewards are not significantly different to avoid the visible difference in material wellbeing (housing, food, clothing …); 
  • Nation is diverse when all its governing institutions employ all types of citizenry (races, nationalities, sexes, ages …) but only who support the Rulers of the Communist party – the qualifications are less important;
  • Nation is always Climate Friendly if the nature (water reservoirs, forests, air zones …) is changing by the government decisions (the government knows better);
  • Politically Correct are those who support all decisions of the Leaders of the Communist Party, and not being politically correct is punishable by the law;
  • Freedom from religion is needed to substitute the individual freedoms which are rooted in the Judeo-Christian morality by the government freedoms which are rooted in the pagan morality;
  • And finally, resist the Jewish influence everywhere (it is called the anti-Semitism) because the “native” citizens obey the government decree without questioning while the Jewish citizens tend to question everything.

   The Soviet Russia was the excellent place for testing all pagan morality traits, and this social experiment was deadly for the ordinary citizens. And our pagan impeachment warriors are using the Soviet-Russia spiritual playbook. I am sure the American impeachment warriors know the history of the Soviet Russia, and they know the Soviet-Russia playbook is the best guidance for overthrowing the democratic American Judeo-Christian government and capturing the power. The reconstructed American Democratic Party might become a spiritual sister of the Soviet Bolshevik’s Communist Party.

   This Blog “Intellectual Judaism” is supporting the fight of Judeo-Christian America against the pagan America. This blog has helped a great number of the readers to recognize the danger of the pagan America to the moral fabric of our nation and to begin thinking about how to fight back. However, there were no rabbis/priests among them. Why? Are they so consumed by building the spiritual wall from the others that they have stop recognizing the unifying guidance of One God? Are they so scared of being punished by the government for defending the national Judeo-Christian morality? Are they so insecure in their beliefs that they are afraid of the influence of the others?

   From the news-media:

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed into law a state version of the federal Johnson Amendment that “bars non-profit entities like religious organizations from endorsing candidates or donating to political campaigns.”

And if the Rabbis/Priests are not revolting against this law, they are helping the pagan America to defeat the Judeo-Christian America.

   Just a note for the fans of “social justice, economic equality, diversity, climate, political correctness, freedom from religion, etc.”

   The Torah/Bible respects all that and guides the individuals (the individual freedoms!) to do all that as the spiritual duty while the American Bolsheviks (the pagan America) will be forcing the citizens to do all that through the government decree (the government freedoms!).


The readers may find more on the topic at the following posts:

  • US Attorney General: US Constitution is rooted in Religion

That is a presentation of US AG Barr on the US Constitution and the Religion with a superb fact-based legal evidence that our US Constitution was created as the Judeo-Christian morality-based legal document. Without this understanding and acknowledgement, we are dead as a nation. That is why we must resist any attempts of the pagan America (that is my term) to remove the Religion from the public arena. 

  • Back to the Ten Commandments … if we are to save our nation

  • As never before, the vital choice – Judeo-Christian or Pagan America

For the contemporary American Bolsheviks, like for the Soviet Bolsheviks about a century ago, the chief idea is not the wellbeing of the people but the wellbeing of the ideology.

Anti-Trump Jews (and non-Jews) are anti-America individuals

Anti-Trump Jews (and non-Jews) are anti-America individuals

Yes, that is true – the anti-Trump Jews (and non-Jews) are the anti-America individuals although no doubt they take this charge as a slander. However, they are wrong, and the list of their complaints against Trump is the best evidence of their misguided beliefs. Fortunately for us the Jews, the true Torah-guided Jews are pro-Trump – not because of Trump’s outstanding personality or his unconventional style of governing but rather because of his governing along the lines of American Judeo-Christian identity.   


The common sense should lead us to take the immigrants who can strengthen the national identity and economic wellbeing while helping the others in need in their own nations. This is how US President Donald Trump is reshaping the US immigration policy. However, the anti-Trump Jews support the immigration policies that bring the immigrants who dislike or even hate our national Judeo-Christian identity and do not have the working skills needed for strengthening the national economy – all that harms America.

Government power

The USA was founded on the Judeo-Christian Ten-Commandments-guided belief in the individual freedoms and responsibilities for the wellbeing of the entire nation that defines a limited role of the government aimed mainly to support the individual freedoms. This is how US President Donald Trump is reshaping the US governing policy. However, the anti-Trump Jews support suppressing the individual freedoms and responsibilities while at the same time increasing the freedoms of the government to impose on “Us the People” its own authoritarian rules – all that harms America.  

White supremacy (racism, sexism, etc.)

The anti-Trump Jews are falsely portraying the Trump’s support of American Judeo-Christian identity as the white supremacy (sexism, racism, etc.) well knowing that the people of Judeo-Christian identity believe in the supremacy of their identity for the people of all races, sexes, etc. – by these false accusations the anti-Trump Jews harm America.

America, Israel and anti-Semitism

Christianity is rooted in Judaism and together they created the Judeo-Christian identity of our nation, and together they defend the state of Israel as the guardian of this identity at its birthplace.

President Donald Trump helped strengthening the guardian’s role of Israel by acknowledging Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel and the right of Jews to live everywhere in the historic lands of Judea and Samaria, as well by making the anti-Semitism and BDS a crime, and also by creating incentives for Middle-East Jewish-Arab peaceful collaboration. However, the anti-Trump Jews are against all that thus harming the America.  


Iran’s two fundamental goals in foreign affairs, “Death to America” and “Death to Israel,” make it clear to all true Christians and Jews that Iran’s terrorist leaders and Iran itself should be prevented by any means available from having any weaponry and opportunity which might harm USA and Israel. This is how US President Donald Trump is reshaping the US relationships with Iran. However, the anti-Trump Jews are supporting the policy of appeasing Iran thus harming America.


All kinds of socialism (Marxist socialism, National socialism, Democratic socialism, Chinese socialism, Venezuelan socialism …) are depriving from power “Us the People” and empowering “Them the Government” thus creating a government-god. That is why US President Donald Trump is fighting against all kinds of socialism in our nation. Unfortunately, the anti-Trump Jews support these anti-Judeo-Christian socialist tendencies thus harming America.

I am sure the true Christians fight the dangers of their own anti-Trump Christians in a similar way.


Of course, the anti-Semites and those who dislike Judaism and Jews theologically may use this publication to malign the entire Jewish nation. However, the entire Jewish nation is pro-Trump, and the following two publications – out of many more like these two – are the evidence that the true Torah/Bible-guided Jews are pro-Trump:

 “The Miracle of Trump” by the which represents the views of the observant Jews,


“Promises, Promises – [fulfilled]” by the magazine Commentary which is a home for the intellectual Jews.

That is what the anti-Semites think about the Jews – money, money, money … However, they do not see, or do not want to see, that the “money-management” systems created by the Jews to handle the money created the national wealth that provides the highest level of living for everybody in the Western Judeo-Christian Civilization.

Jewish teachings of the Torah to non-Jews had created Christianity

Jews and Christians – they have created our Western Judeo-Christian Civilization and its unique version for the Judeo-Christian America

A book "Spiritual Unity of Jews and Christians" by Vladimir E. Minkov, Ph.D

The only effective way to fight the anti-Semitism is to begin teaching in schools, colleges and in other public (and of course, religious) institutions the course on Judeo-Christian morality and its crucial role in creating the Western Civilization. Unfortunately, although major Jewish and Christian religious leaders understood it, they are afraid of it since it may force them to reexamine some of their cherished religious tenets.
Judeo-Christian morality created Western Civilization and the USA

Anti-Semitism: to fight it we must teach Judeo-Christian morality

Anti-Semitism: to fight it we must teach Judeo-Christian morality

US House overwhelmingly passes Holocaust education act aimed to fight anti-Semitism. The bipartisan bill allocates $10 million dollars for the expansion of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum’s education programming. However, that is not enough.

The only effective way to fight the anti-Semitism is to begin teaching in schools, colleges and in other public (and of course, religious) institutions the course on Judeo-Christian morality and its crucial role in creating the Western Civilization. Unfortunately, although major Jewish and Christian religious leaders understood it, they are afraid of it since it may force them to reexamine some of their cherished religious tenets.

Here are the major thoughts the teaching of the Judeo-Christian morality should be based upon – best of all, in the framework of teaching the US Constitution or the history of Western Civilization.   

The morality is what distinguish the humans from everything else

The morality distinguishes the humans from everything else what surrounds the humans in this world. The morality guides the humans to define what is GOOD and should be supported, and what is BAD and should be suppressed. The humans are grouped into nations distinguished by their unique morality versions, and the moralities’ clash creates either peaceful creative competition or disastrous wars.

The source of human morality named God

Until the (our) God’s overhaul of human morality, the morality was pagan (with numerous false gods) at the core of which was the belief that a lot of GOOD might be in the neighboring tribe, and the best way to get it is to militarily defeat this tribe and capture all available GOOD stuff.

Then, God intervened, and the process began of changing the pagan morality to what is called nowadays in America the Judeo-Christian morality.

What is God

For this discussion, God should be defined not as many orthodox religions define it but simply as the Supreme Power above us the humans that – in some already scientifically proven or still mysterious ways – forces us to follow its guidance.

What is God’s moral guidance

In short, the Golden Rule – do not do to the others what you do not want to be done to you.

In the first written form – the Ten Commandments.

In the detailed spiritual form – the Torah/Bible.

In “the image and likeness of God” – be unique creative individual.

In the form of social collective organization – individual freedoms and responsibilities over government authoritarianism.

In the simple human attitudes – the feelings of spiritual and economic happiness for everybody.  

The Jews as the chosen by God to propagate the God’s moral guidance to the others

At the time of God’s delivery of the morality guidance there were many pagan tribes, and one tribe, which is nowadays the Jewish nation, was chosen to propagate God’s moral guidance to other tribes. Why? – Most probable, because this tribe was the best to understand the God’s morality guidance and the best to propagate it.

God first spoke with Abraham of the Jewish tribe (19 century BC), and then delivered the written Ten Commandment to Moses at the Mount Sinai (13 century BC).

From the Torah: As the Children of Israel waited to cross into the Promised Land, Moses leaves them with the following simple instruction, “… Now choose life, so that you and your children may live” (Deut 30:19). – Not death as was with the pagan morality, and this was the beginning of spiritual travel to the Golden Rule!

The God’s selection of the Jews to be the Chosen does not preclude the possibility that in the other parts of the world, let’s say in China or India, another tribe might be selected to be the Chosen for that part of the world.

The non-Jews as the recipients of the God’s morality guidance

After a long period of learning how to live along the lines of God’s morality guidance, the Jews began propagating the God’s morality guidance to the others, and the teachings of Rabbi Joshua for the non-Jews created a version of the God’s morality tailored to the life circumstances and traditions of the non-Jews.

Until this point in time, there was the God’s morality for the Jews – there were no organized institutions of religion – organized to enforce the God’s morality for the Jews! There was no organized religion of Judaism.

However, about two thousand years ago the life under the God’s morality changed. Two things had changed at that time – the Jews were expelled from their native land (the Promised Land) and dispersed all around the world, and the God’s morality for the non-Jews began its own non-Jewish life.    

At this time in the history, the organized religions became shaping up – the organized religions of Judaism and Christianity.

In the Exile, the small Jewish communities created the institute of Synagogues and Rabbis to preserve and enforce the God’s morality as well as to tailor the God’s morality guidance to completely new life conditions – that was the beginning of the religion of Judaism.  

At the same time the non-Jews used the teaching of Rabbi Joshua to create the institute of Priests and Churches to enforce the God’s morality for their own non-Jewish historic traditions – Rabbi Joshua became Jesus Christ and the non-Jewish organized religion became Christianity.

In other parts of the world, different organized religions were created.   

The Judeo-Christian morality as the spiritual foundation of Western Civilization and Judeo-Christian America

The organized religions of Judaism and Christianity played a crucial role in strengthening the God’s morality guidance and tailoring it to various unique human life conditions.

Such tailoring brought the spiritual divisions and numerous streams of Judaism and Christianity were created frequently fighting each other.

However, despite many centuries of hostility between the Jews and the Christians the combined Judeo-Christian unifying national morality was beginning to crystallize, and this morality created the Western Civilization with its unique variety in the Judeo-Christian America.

Unfortunate modern tendency to disregard the role of organized religions of Judaism and Christianity in creating our national morality  

The fear of naming our national morality the Judeo-Christian one is unjustified! For many years from the very beginning the Judaism and Christianity were strengthening our morality, and we must respect it even if we can explain nowadays many things better scientifically and philosophically. We must respect our religions in the same way as we respect the wisdom of our forefathers although we know much more.

The USA as any other nation must have its own morality that is its unique identity. Without a unique national identity/morality a nation perishes.

This identity for the USA is the unique American Judeo-Christian morality which is at the foundation of both the American Nation and the religious institutions of Judaism and Christianity.

Other religions and ideologies may function in the nation, but they should function at the community level without harming the national Judeo-Christian morality and the governing system based on this morality.  

The Jewish contribution in creating the Western Civilization and Judeo-Christian America

The Jewish contribution in creating the Western civilization and Judeo-Christian America are great indeed in both the national identities/moralities of the nations of Western Judeo-Christian civilization, and in the material wellbeing of these nations that result in the happiness of the great majority. The people of the Judeo-Christian Western civilization live much better than the people in other civilizations and the Judeo-Christian Western world is therefore the immigration magnet for the people from other civilizations.   

The anti-Semitism as the ignorance about Jewish contribution in creating the Judeo-Christian America and Western Civilization

The anti-Semitism is rooted in the acknowledgement that the Jews are different and what is different might be frightening for many. The anti-Semites believe that much of their unhappiness is caused by the actions of these different and “all-powerful” Jews. However, the anti-Semites are not aware that what they are happy with in their life is due to a great degree to the efforts of these different and “all-powerful” people. Thus, the education about Jewish contribution to the happiness of the people in the Western Judeo-Christian civilization should be the major tool in fighting the anti-Semitism.  

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