A hard-to-believe truth – Putin fights Islamic terrorism while Obama does not

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From the news media: Addressing a New York think tank, Netanyahu explained Russia’s desire to cooperate with Israel in the war against Islamic terror.

Addressing the Hudson Institute’s annual gala at New York’s Plaza Hotel, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussed Moscow’s determination to protect Russia from the threat of Radical Islam.

“I think Russia has variegated interests. The first interest is to make sure militant Islam does not penetrate and destabilize Russia.”

“There are many, many millions of Muslims in Russia, including in greater Moscow, I think it’s up to two million. And the concern that Russia has, which many countries have is that these populations would be radicalized… First thing is, block militant Islam at its source, especially the Daesh [Islamic State] phenomenon. For that they make strange alliances,” he added.

The Israeli leader visited Moscow in June, where he was given full honors upon arrival. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that his country will expand cooperation with the Jewish state in the fight against Islamic terror.

Netanyahu is right – Putin clearly sees the dictatorial Islam as something alien and hostile to the dictatorial Russia, and he is containing it (like in Chechnya or Tatar region of Russia) or fighting it (like in ISIS’ Middle East) to defend his country.

The Obama’s understanding of Islam is completely different.

From the news media: Addressing to various Islamic and non-Islamic audiences, Obama described his spiritual connections to Islam.

Obama said, “The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer”.

If that is the case, Obama cannot fight Islamic terrorism in principle. Indeed, the “sweetest” Muslim call for prayer comes from the mosques – when you love “sweetest sounds” of Islamic prayers, you have to love the mosques. However, the mosques are supporting spiritually Islamic terrorism as a religious duty. Thus, more mosques bring more “sweetest sounds” and more Islamic terrorism.

Obama said, “We will convey our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over the centuries to shape the world — including in my own country.”

That is true, Islamic faith has done much to shape the world over the centuries. However, this “shaping” was not positive and peaceful to the developing Western Judeo-Christian civilization. Here are just a few reminders. The Islamic faith warriors, after they peacefully increased their presence in Spain and Portugal in the period of eight-10th centuries, tried to convert forcefully these Christian countries into Islamic ones. The Islamic faith warriors, after they peacefully increased their presence in the Middle East in the period of 10-11th centuries, defeated the Eastern Christian empire with the center in Constantinople, converted there all churches to mosques and renamed Constantinople into Istanbul. In 16-19th centuries, the Islamic Ottoman Empire captured much of the Christian Eastern Europe. That is why now Spain, Portugal and many countries of Eastern Europe are against any Islamic immigration into their countries.

Obama said, “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.”

Tolerance to the Jews, Christians, Buddhists and other non-Muslims? –That is not true since the Jews, Christians and other non-Muslims are disappearing in all Islamic countries. Tolerance to the laws of Western democratic countries where Islamic immigration-based presence is getting stronger? – That is not true since Islam is creating there its own legal Sharia-based enclaves fighting the laws of the Western Judeo-Christian countries. Tolerance to other religions? – That is not true as well since all authoritative Islamic theologians strongly believe that the non-Muslim religions are anti-Allah formations and finally have to disappear.

Obama said, “Islam is not part of the problem in combating violent extremism – it is an important part of promoting peace.”

There numerous military conflicts doing on in the world these days, and most of them are Muslims fighting Muslims or Muslims overthrowing non-Muslims – in Syria, in Iraq, in Iran, in Egypt, in Libya, in Somali, in Yemen …. It looks like in the Islamic world there is nobody who promotes the peace – the peace in the Western Judeo-Christian definition of this word.

Thus, Obama is not fighting and cannot fight Islamic terrorism because, contrary to everything what is going on in Islamic world and its actions harmful to the Western Judeo-Christian civilization, he strongly believes in the superiority of Islam.


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