The anti-American Bolshevist Swamp is mugging your wealth

The anti-American Bolshevist swamp is mugging your wealth 

This term – the swamp – was introduced by US President Donald J Trump. But what is at the core of the swamp’s identity that makes it anti-American and Bolshevist?

The swamp is a conglomerate of numerous US government and non-government institutions which do not create or guard the wealth, although they pretend they do, but rather are stealing the wealth from whose who create it, and they do the stealing through the government system of regulations, taxations and redistribution.

However, their individual wealth is well above of the individual wealth of those who create the wealth. The individual wealth of an average swamp fellow, and they are everywhere – in government, political, social, news-media, and even some business institutions, is well above the individual wealth of an average employee in all areas of economic activities.  

The swamp fellows are smart and they understand that the real meaning of Trump’s efforts to “drain the swamp” is to force them stop mugging the rest of us and become the regular employees of the wealth-creating economy, and they fight back and fight as the Bolsheviks. Why as the Bolsheviks? – Because the Bolsheviks are famous for trying to win by any means without paying attention to how the rest of us suffers. Unfortunately for us the true Jews, the leading American Bolsheviks are Jewish – Bernie Sanders, Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler.

All speeches of Bernie Sanders contain the foremost Bolshevist message: You people are stupid and unable to figure out that all your money are being taken from you by the merciless and careless capitalists; after you elect me and give me the power, I will take all your, the stupid, money and will take care of you – of your housing, food, education, health, retirement …   

However, there are good Jewish news in America as well – the Jews are moving steadily from the Left to the Right thanks to the actions of Sanders, Schiff, Nadler and their comrades.

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There is no racism or white supremacy – there are conflicting moral values

***There is no racism or white supremacy – there are conflicting moral values***

That is true – there is no racism or white supremacy in our nation (as well as in Israel). The false narrative of racism and white supremacy had been introduced by those who hate the Judeo-Christian morality of the American nation brought to America from Europe by the people who happened to have the faces of white color. The haters of Judeo-Christian America are trying to denigrate the national Judeo-Christian morality and then replace it by their own non-Judeo-Christian morality of the post-WWII immigrants the majority of whom happened to have the non-white color of face.

What the Judeo-Christian-morality antagonists do not like mostly in the Judeo-Christian morality is the Tenth Commandment: “You shall not covet your neighbor’s … everything what your neighbor owns” that leads to the morality of individual freedoms and responsibilities and the society of equal individual opportunities but unequal individual material wealth. They are fighting for the society of economic equality where the government will enforce the economic equality through the wealth redistribution.

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Vatican begins Christian education on Judeo-Christian fundamentals of Western Civilization

Finally! Vatican begins the Christian education on the Judeo-Christian fundamentals of Western Civilization

The nation's right choice: pro-Jewish and pro-Israel

The nation’s right choice: pro-Jewish and pro-Israel    

That is true! For too long we in the USA considered the wellbeing of the State of Israel and the entire Jewish nation as something that is not directly related to the wellbeing of the USA. Now we have recognized that the spiritual survival of the Judeo-Christian America depends on the survival of Torah-guided Israel. Those of the readers who do not believe this or want to learn more what may be done to strengthen the Judeo-Christian morality in both countries and their spiritual and economic union may find the relevant information in the publications below or in the entire blog “intellectual Judaism” at

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The nation's choice: pro-Trump or pro-Bolshevism

The nation’s choice: pro-Trump or pro-Bolshevism

That is true! For too long we in the USA did not pay attention to the rise of Soviet-style Bolshevism in our country since we believed it cannot happen. However, it happened, and we must fight against it. Most of the American Bolsheviks are inside the Democrat Party and other left-wing circles, as the Trump impeachment coup demonstrated. Those of the readers who do not believe this happened and do not know what to do can find the related information in the publications below. Your comments are welcome.    

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