The Rabbis should follow the Pope Francis fundamental undertaking

At his presentation at the US Congress, Pope Francis did not speak about Jesus Christ and the basics of Catholicism and Christianity in general. He spoke about One God for everybody – Jews and Christians, Catholics and Protestants, Muslims and Hindus and Buddhists, Religious and Non-Religious. He spoke about what unites all of us as unique human individuals created in the image and likeness of God.

And what unites us is the universal moral principles of the Torah, which are valid and true for all humans as One God’s guidance for building a better world for everybody. Those Torah principles are treasured by all spiritual streams of Judaism and Christianity. However, in addition to those Torah principles, each spiritual stream created something else that distinguishes it from the others and defines its own way in searching for God’s truth.

At the beginning of his presentation, the Pope Francis reminded the two fundamentals of the Torah. They are the story of Moses who brought the God’s guidance from God to all humans in the Torah, and the most important concept of the Torah that all human individuals have to treat other human individuals in the way they would like to be treated – because God created all humans in His image and likeness as equals.

In the rest of his presentation, the Pope described the challenge of addressing the contemporary world problems through the prism of treating everybody in the image and likeness of God. The underlying thought in the Pope’s presentation was clear – all contemporary world challenges have to be resolved, based on the Judeo-Christian moral principles. The Pope’s presentation reminded us the Church-State separation should be understood correctly: it is the separation of official religious institutions from official government institutions – it is not the separation of Judeo-Christian morality from legislative work of government institutions.

The Pope listed the most urgent contemporary challenges, which should be addressed through the prism of Judeo-Christian morality such as

-Mass immigration in search for hope and happiness,

-Righting wrongs,

-Combating violence,

-Seeing in the world not just Good and Evil but all shades of God-guided behavior,

-Not replacing tyrants by other tyrants,

-Fighting poverty and hunger,

-Preserving and strengthening traditional families,

-Preserving Nature created by God, etc.

There are two basic ways to address all those challenges:

–the Judeo-Christian Bible-based way through individual and collective charity/mitzvah and

–the way through government-forced redistribution of wealth.

The Judeo-Christian way creates opportunities and hope for everybody – rich and poor, whites and blacks, religious and non-religious, and a sort of community unity. The government-forced redistribution of wealth creates disunity and feeling of envy and entitlement. And that is a contemporary political battle field in the USA, Israel and many other countries.

The very important underlying message of the Pope: religious people and their leaders have to get involved in the politics to preserve and strengthen there the Judeo-Christian moral principles. And our rabbis should not be scared to follow this message.

Is Obama Muslim or Christian? – A fact-based answer

Again, the news media are upset that Donald Trump did not correct a questioner who claimed President Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim.

The recent CNN poll found that only 39 percent of Americans know the president’s religious denomination. According to the survey, 29 percent think he is Muslim, 4 percent think he is Catholic, 2 percent think he is Mormon and 1 percent think he is Jewish.

Is Obama a Muslim? Is Obama a Christian? Why is it important to find out who is he indeed?

Let us begin with the tradition-based definitions.

Who is a Jew?

A Jew is any person whose mother was a Jew or any person who has gone through the formal process of conversion to Judaism.

Who is a Muslim?

A Muslim is any person whose father was a Muslim or any person who has gone through the formal process of conversion to Islam.

Who is a Christian?

There is no family related definition for who is a Christian. The most common definition of who is a Christian is that is a person who follows and defends the teachings of Jesus Christ presented in the Ten Commandments and the entire Bible.

Now let us apply those definitions to Obama.

Obviously, he is not Jewish since his mother was not Jewish and he has not gone through the formal process of conversion to Judaism.

Obviously, he is formally a Muslim since his father was a Muslim. In order to stop being a Muslim, Obama had to convert officially to a different religion. However, there is no information on his conversion to Christianity. By the way, I do not blame him for a non-conversion since the price for such conversion is the death as proclaimed in the Islamic Law. The Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, the only Christian church Obama attended, and its pastor Jeremiah Wright were the black nativist, anti-true-Judeo-Christian and anti-American in nature – the Christian in name only.

There is no major speech of Obama with the appreciation of Judeo-Christian religion and tradition in general and as it has been developed in America. Moreover, there are many Obama’s speeches with the appreciation of Islam and Muslim tradition, and on the harm, the actions of Judeo-Christian America have done to the Muslim countries.

Just recently, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has clarified the Islamic Iranian chant “Death to America!” – this chant, Rouhani said, does not mean the personal death to every American – that means the collective death to American Judeo-Christian tradition which was an inspiration to the American actions, which have harmed the Muslim world.

Do you see the same anti-Judeo-Christian, pro-Muslim logic in the Obama-Rouhani duet? It is very important to understand this Obama’s logic – this logic is behind most of his domestic and foreign decisions, which affect considerably our lives in America and Israel.

A New Frightening World Order promoted by Obama

President Barak Obama has skillfully choreographed the reception of the Pope Francis at the White House to create an impression that his presidential powers, which are strictly limited by the Constitution, are at the level of the Pontiff’s powers, which as many Christians believe are God-given powers. Obama needs this impression to solidify spiritually the new world order he is trying to create.

The Obama’s new world order is frightening because it is destroying the Judeo-Christian spirituality of the Western Civilization.

The Judeo-Christian spirituality is rooted in the Ten Commandments and the Torah (Old Testament) and detailed in the Talmud and New Testament. Judeo-Christian spirituality has guided the development of political, social and economic institutions throughout the history of Western Civilization. The Judeo-Christian spirituality is the guiding light for the Western Civilization – for Jews and Christians, for religious, non-religious, for atheists and agnostics, for churchgoers and church haters, for people in power and out of power.

The true Judeo-Christian spirituality is based on the idea of a human being created as an individual in the image and likeness of God to follow a human’s interpretation of God’s guidance – that is how to continue God’s creative work in all spheres of human life and be personally responsible for own actions.

The new frightening world-order is based on demoting the One God in Heavens (for some – real one, for some – imaginary one) from the position of the Supreme Power over the humans and elevating to this position a human who plays a role of god. This human god is forcing all humans under his power to obey his commandments instead of following the God’s Commandments. Under the human-god commandments, a human is deprived of his individuality, becomes a member of a collective (crowd, community, nation, etc.) and is forced to follow orders from a human god. An individual is losing his freedom and is becoming a slave. In the contemporary world, the slavery is mostly spiritual and is enforced by the anti-Judeo-Christian secular laws and politically correct collective dogmas.

The strategy for a god-like human to develop his own world order is well known – it consists of four major steps.

(1)  First, denigrate the Judeo-Christian spirituality and its moral codification in the Ten Commandments as something too extreme, outdated and not suitable for governing a contemporary nation. The denigration begins with vilification of the originators of this spirituality, the Jewish people and their spiritual heart the State of Israel.

(2)  Next, divide the society into numerous feuding factions that would be unable or unwilling to find a compromise for peaceful coexistence. A divider presents himself as a savior to the dissatisfied who would lead them to victory over all other groups in that society.

(3)  Immediately after, confiscate the assets of society’s wealthy groups and redistribute this wealth among the underprivileged groups to obtain their unconditional support.

(4)  And finally, establish a dictatorial government to preserve and reinforce the power of a human god over citizens-slaves.

That is the end – a new world order is established.

This strategy has been successfully implemented several times in recent history. Among these successful implementations are the New Communist World Order under Stalin in the USSR and the New Nazi World order under Hitler in Germany. These days, Iran’s Ayatollahs and ISIS’s Mullahs are implementing this strategy.

The current immigration crisis in Europe – in addition to the present large Islamic communities in many countries of European Union – creates a fertile ground there for building a new frightening world order.

In the USA, a new world order is in the making as well, and his promoter is Obama who is relying on the help of the anti-Western and anti-Israel international bodies such as the United Nations. If we understand Obama’s New World Order, we can understand what is behind the strategic decisions of Obama on Israel, on Christianity, on Islam and the Islamic world, on Russia and Europe, on Iraq and Afghanistan, etc. The Obama’s new world order is being created in the same four steps described above.

Denigrating the Judeo-Christian spirituality and its founders, and the Jewish people with their spiritual center in Israel/Jerusalem

Obama has not initiated this process – it began long before Obama’s presidency. However, he skillfully accelerated this process by reinforcing the image of the State of Israel as a source of all the world’s problems, and the Judeo-Christian image of USA as something outdated, reactionary and an obstacle to “social fairness” to all “the underprivileged” of the World.

Splitting world-wide society into numerous feuding factions

Obama artfully created many more feuding factions than all other creators of “new world orders”: poor vs. rich, religious vs. non-religious, blacks vs. whites, females vs. males, wealth makers vs. wealth takers, developed countries vs. undeveloped ones, Western civilization vs. Islamic, etc.

Redistributing the wealth to the underprivileged to gain their support

Redistribution of wealth has become one of the chief components of Obama’s strategy. Increasing a government share of the wealth produced in the United States (Gross Domestic Product) through direct taxation and a myriad of government regulations and tariffs is the tool for wealth redistribution. The share of GDP consumed by federal, state and local governments increased from about 5-10% two hundred years ago to well above 50% today. Again, this redistribution process began long before Obama but he artfully uses it for building his “world order”. Using the “redistributed”, confiscated money, Obama can provide all underprivileged factions of our country and many countries abroad with some “Obama money”.

Establishing a dictatorial government and moving to a new world order

So, what a new world order Obama is trying to establish? There is no written description of this order. There are no oral presentations by Obama describing his dreams in precise terms. Obama is an unusually smart word ideologue. The current sad state of domestic and international affairs is not a result of his poor leadership skills. To the contrary, the sad state of affairs is what he has been deliberately trying to achieve from the very beginning.

Unfortunately, our governing system has let him do all that. Why? Because our governing system – that is based on two political parties and three independent branches of government – is not serving “us the people” anymore as the Founding Fathers constructed it. Now our governing system is fueled by political ambitions and the lust for power and government “goodies” that created a fertile ground for an anti-Judeo-Christian human-god-ruled presidential power.

Everything what is going on now in the USA with the “Iran Nuclear Agreement” and in Europe with the “Immigration Crisis” is a proof that a new frightening world order is for real.  Could we stop it? May be, if we elect new leaders not poisoned by the old political habits. Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio? I do not know.

Donald Trump and his trump election card

Donald Trump is ahead of everybody among US Republican-party presidential contenders. That is a man without any political experience, a man who never has been elected to anything. Almost everybody else among the contenders have a solid record of political experience as governors or senators – Trump lacks such experience. However, the people support overwhelmingly this man with no experience. Political pundits are suggesting that is a temporary political blindness of the conservative voters, and soon the voters discover the “true nature” of Trump’s desires and turn away from him.

My feeling is, the political pundits are wrong and the conservative voters know what they are doing, and here is why.

Let me begin with a quote from the news media:

“The word “disconnect” is the appropriate way to describe the chasm between America’s government and its citizens. We all have our favorite examples, but none can match the events of last week. On the eve of the 14th anniversary of the worst attack ever against our nation, President Obama celebrated a nuclear pact with Iran, an Islamic theocracy whose leader calls the United States “Satan” and joins crowds in chanting “Death to America.” A mere 21 percent of the American public supports the deal and a bipartisan majority of the Senate opposes it. Yet the filibuster rule blocked the Senate from defeating it, allowing Obama to hail the “historic step forward.””

To understand why it is so, we have to realize how our election system deteriorated from a truly democratic one to a corrupted one.

In all recent US elections, the votes by various minority groups – Hispanics, Blacks, Immigrants, LGBT, anti-religious groups, and so on – have decided the elections. The Judeo-Christian majority of the country have been voting in low numbers and therefore has stopped to be a decisive factor. Why? Because this majority has been greatly disappointed in the election results: the country continue its economic and social decline with any professional politicians in power. At the same time, the minority groups continue to vote in large numbers since they are attracted to various government “goodies” the professional politicians promise to deliver – for them, the “mystical decline” is of much lesser value.

The Judeo-Christian majority begin mistrusting the professional politicians who have created the existing political structure and are trying to preserve it for their own benefits. The Judeo-Christian majority displays their mistrust by reducing their participation in the elections.

Then, Donald Trump enters the elections as a Republican but with no loyalty to the Party. He is not competing with other contenders for a better political slogan or for a better election platform. He is not trying to be nice and politically correct. He is not trying to attract donors for the election campaign – the donors whom he would need to repay by taxpayers’ money if he were elected.

The 2016 presidential candidates’ competition and finally the presidential election would be a fight not between the two political parties or professional politicians inside each party, as it was in the past, but rather between the entrenched professional political establishment and the Judeo-Christian majority. Donald Trump has understood it from the beginning and he uses it as his trump election card – his electorate is the Judeo-Christian majority, which is trying to restore the original spiritual foundation of the country.

Are the Jews and Christians the spiritual friends or adversaries, and who are Jews for Jesus?

When I say something positive about Christianity in my posts, many readers assume I have to be a Christian. When speaking positively about Christianity I mention I am a Jew, many Jews suspect I should be a member of a sect ‘Jews for Christ’. When I respond by saying, I am a proud Jew who likes the true Christians and believes the ‘Jews for Jesus’ have lost their Jewish identity by converting to Christianity, I feel a complete mistrust.

I have decided to clarify all that.

Here is my Torah-based understanding of Jewish-Christian relations. This understanding is based on an intellectual study of the very essence of what we called One God, based on His actions described in the Torah. My understanding is not based on an opinion of any one of the truly revered religious authorities – too many contradictory interpretations.

God revealed Himself to the entire humanity through the Jewish people beginning with Abraham and delivered His guidance in the Torah (the Old Testament) at Mount Sinai through Moses.

Then the Jews formed two spiritual movements, which were shaping the future Jewish-Christian relations.

One of the movements worked to tailor the Torah-based God’s guidance into a sort of mandatory rules for the Jewish communities themselves, and this movement produced the Talmud and many follow-up rabbinical rulings. Some known to us groups in this movement were Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes and Zealots. This movement created the religion of Judaism with many different internal opinions on the essence of Judaism – from ultra-Orthodox to ultra-Secular.

The other movement, led by Rabbi Joshua who after his death had become Jesus Christ, worked to transfer the Torah-based God’s guidance to the non-Jews, and this movement produced the New Testament and religion of Christianity with many follow-up diversified spiritual streams.

Then, Judaism and Christianity – each of them – split into two fundamental spiritual groups.

Some Jewish and Christian religious leaders followed the Torah’s revelation that God the Creator created all humans in His image and likeness as equal individuals to continue His creative work along the lines of His guidance – with the same fundamental spiritual rules for Jews and Christians. Those Jewish and Christian leaders were reinforcing and strengthening Judeo-Christian spiritual unity and encouraging the ability of diversified religious streams to work with each other, and compete with each other, for a better creative design for the God’s world (God’s Free Will). This group is searching for the true meaning of the image and likeness of God – the true image that reinforces the common Jewish-Christian spiritual ground, based on which the Jews and Christians are creating the God’s better world without interfering into each other faiths (for example, Evangelical Christians led by Pastor John Hagee).

However, many Jewish and Christian religious leaders were fighting for their own authoritative power over the humans, trying to convince everybody that God revealed only to them the ultimate God’s guidance, and everybody who does not follow them is a sinner and God will punish him. The spiritual leaders of this group were reinforcing their own power over their community.

As the readers may see from my writings, I am with the first group, which is searching for the true meaning of the image and likeness of God, and I am a proud Jew who is searching for the inspiration mostly directly from God – in my spiritual world the rabbis are teachers, not a substitution for God.

As to the question of who are the Jews for Jesus, they are not spiritually Jewish at all – they were born to the Jewish families and they decided to change their mission – from being the Chosen to being the Christians – they have stopped being Jewish.

I do not accuse them of betrayal; that is their choice. It is difficult to be the Chosen and feel being responsible for the God’s world; it is much easier to be led and obey (I say this without any negativity). The Jews for Jesus are a tiny minority among the Jews who decided not to follow the rituals of their faith although they were born to Jewish families. The Jewish-Christian intermarriage and secularism takes from the organized Jewish communities much more “human souls”.

We the Jews are 10-20 million strong throughout most of our history. If we have followed our birthrate progression for the last two millenniums, our numbers now might be close to a billion. However, we are not here. Why? A guess: God is satisfied with this number of the Chosen – it is enough to move the world in the right God’s direction. Of course, we the Jews prefer another explanation – we are just in small millions since in the history we were massacred and pogromed. However, many non-Jewish peoples were massacred and pogromed as well – Christians was killing Christians and Muslims, Muslims were killing Muslims and Christians, Indians were killing Indians, Syrians are killing Syrians, and so on.

The Jews and the Christians should be spiritual friends competing with each other for a better God’s design for the better world for everybody. We the Jews have to be proud of our God’s mission of the Chosen – we are doing our best in searching for this God’s design. As concerned to the Jews for Jesus, they are not Jewish.


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