The Government exacerbates our social problems – it does not ameliorate them

The Baltimore disturbances are a predictable outcome of the government ever-increasing heavy intervention into social disagreements among competing citizen’s groups such as for example rich and poor, black and white, urban and rural, old and young, man and woman. Although the search for peaceful resolution of social disagreements is a necessary tool for finding a better social organization in the Bible-guided better world, the heavy government intervention is not a proper way to do it.  

There are two ways of resolving always-present social disagreements.

The traditional, Bible-based way is to let various spiritually conflicting groups discuss their disagreements and find how to live together in peace reducing their spiritual disagreements in the course of time. All Mighty Supreme Power may interfere any time to guide the people in resolving their conflicts – a human government may interfere only if a conflict becomes lethal. It takes time, but finally various conflicting groups may find a social compromise that let everybody live in peace. The key to finding a social compromise is direct honest discussions among competing groups.

The other, “social-justice”-based way is for a government to legislate a conflict resolution. Through the legislative work, the government forces the entire population to follow the preferences of one group. The government legislative efforts make one preferred group happy while many other groups become unhappy, and the level of society unhappiness is increasing. The conflicting groups are not communicating anymore with each other demanding from the government to resolve the conflict in their favor. And the conflict is getting worse and requires new laws to redress what the original laws created and then requires additional regulations to redress what the first regulations created, and so on without finding a solution to everybody’s satisfaction.

Government is essential in providing safety for our diverse communities that is necessary to let them resolve social disagreements among themselves without government interference. When government takes upon itself the task of resolving social disagreements, the disagreements exacerbate.

Let me detail all in the above using just three of many well-known examples of government intervention into social realm of our life.


Judeo-Christian, Bible-based approach: help the poor through Charity/Mitzvah at the level of mere survival to preserve the urge for improving the life conditions through better education and better work skills; the government may pay for education and work training but not force to do all that – to do all that is personal responsibility.

Social-justice-based, government approach: help the poor by providing them money for housing, food, health, education and everything else at the so-called “dignified” level for all in the family that eliminates any incentives for an entry-level work and for a strong supporting two-parent family.


Judeo-Christian, Bible-based approach: marriage between a man and a woman and a father-mother-children family; all other types of joint living are just convenience unions that may be appreciated or disliked or even hated; a religious (or social) institution has to officiate the marriage – government should not define the marriage.

Social-justice-based, government approach: any convenience union is a family … essentially with no restrictions on union composition; the government should legislate, enforce the government-defined rules, and take care of the families.


Judeo-Christian, Bible-based approach: you have to respect and treat a human being as you wish to be treated and respected yourself – that means you should not discriminate; if you do discriminate, you are a sinner and you will be judged by everybody who know you – not by the government.

Social-justice-based, government approach: the government is a moral guardian of all groups in the society; the government defines what discrimination is, and what is not; if somebody treats another somebody discriminatory in any sphere of life, the government will judge a sinner and punish him.

The result of “government care” in all three examples in the above are the same:

More and more people prefer to be “poor”, to be “discriminated against”, to be in various “privileged minority groups” – to avoid personal responsibility, to hold the government responsible for their personal unhappiness and to demand from the government the personal happiness.

The number of unhappy people who are blaming the government for their own unfortunate life choices is increasing.

A new class of politician-businessmen was born that is benefitting from the government policy of “divide” – this policy is more money-wise beneficial than the Judeo-Christian policy of “unite”.

The taxpayers are unhappy – their money does not bring the promised result of social coherence.

The government programs are expanding.

The entire country becomes poorer.

What to do?

Of course, to remove the government from heavy intervention in resolving social problems and encourage spiritual organizations, first of all various Judeo-Christian religious denominations, to begin the joint search for Bible-based compromises which may be acceptable even by those who do not consider Bible as a guide.

All US and Israel misfortunes are not Obama’s blunders – he has intended to do so

Many critics of Obama are explaining the decline of domestic and foreign fortunes of the USA during the Obama presidency by his inexperience in everything – in business, in politics, in management, in diplomacy, etc. His inexperience, the critics say, leads to his strategic mistakes in domestic and foreign affairs.

Here are some of Obama’s foreign-affairs “mistakes”:  

Helping, sometimes unsuccessfully, to bring Muslim Brotherhood to power in Middle East countries such as for example Egypt and Libya. 

Alienating Washington’s traditional American allies in the region such as Israel or Saudi Arabia.   

Not restricting Iran from obtaining nuclear weaponry in spite of Iran’s strategy of “Death to Israel and America”, and alienating anti-Persian Arab countries by not preventing Iran from becoming the hegemon of the region.

Encouraging dictatorial tendencies of Erdogan of Turkey who is reshaping Turkey from a democracy to a Muslim autocracy.

Leaving Iraq and Afghanistan prematurely, dooming the vast American investment in those two countries.

Not resisting Russian attempts to expand its autocratic sphere of dominance.

His domestic-affairs “mistakes” are impressive as well:

Increasing social polarization of American society (blacks vs. whites, females vs. males, immigrants vs. citizens, police vs. blacks, rich vs. poor, Republicans vs. Democrats, House of Representatives vs. Senate, etc.).

Sharply increasing national debt.

Using IRS and other government agencies to suppress political adversaries.

Disrespecting the US Congress as a constitutionally equal branch of government.

If one thinks the Obama’s strategic goal from the very beginning of his presidency was to preserve and strengthen the uniqueness and greatness of America in domestic and foreign affairs, then all in the above are just innocent mistakes – he honestly intended to do Good in everything in the above but due to his immaturity the result turned to be Bad.    

Unfortunately, that is not the case. From the very beginning, Obama’s strategic goal, as he stated it many times in his books and speeches, of course in a double-speak language, was not to preserve and strengthen the uniqueness and greatness of America.

His strategic goal was an opposite one – to diminish the uniqueness of America since, in the Obama’s vision of the world, America is an impediment to a “better, as some may say Islamo-socialist world”.

How do we know about his strategic goal?

Immediately after the election victory, Obama proudly stated on many occasions that his goal is “to fundamentally change America”.   What are “the fundamentals” of America needed to be changed? They are well known and based on the Constitution and the after-WWII dominant role of USA in world affairs. Those fundamentals are:

  • The American-style democracy is a true democracy where the people, not the authoritative rulers of all kinds, govern the country.
  • The governance of the country is based on Judeo-Christian principles.
  • The country takes upon itself a noble mission of defending and strengthening the Judeo-Christian Western World.

What are evidences that Obama has been trying to “fundamentally change” the American-style democracy?
Just listen to his anti-democratic, autocratic language: My administration, My council, My advisers, Upon my order, I can do (whatever I want) by executive orders, and much more of the same nature.

Just remember his encouraging speeches, actions and even gestures about dictatorial countries like Turkey, Saudis, and Russia, and dictatorial ideologies of Koran and Sharia.

Just remember he is the first American president who has not been acknowledging the uniqueness and greatness of America in his speeches.

What are evidences that Obama has been trying to “fundamentally change” the Judeo-Christian principles of governing?

Just remember his spiritual mentors, advisers and friends who helped him create his spiritual vision of the world – all of them were ideological haters of Judeo-Christian America, such as Saul Alinsky, William Ayers, Frank Davis, Jeremiah Wright, and many more of the same anti-American mindset.

Just remember his admiration for Islamic tradition, religion and culture and never for anything Judeo-Christian.

Just remember his dislike of the State of Israel, miraculous rebirth of which was strengthening the Judeo-Christian foundation of our civilization.

What are evidences that Obama has been trying to “fundamentally change” the American mission of defending and strengthening the Judeo-Christian Western World?

Just remember his removal of American anti-missile defense systems from the countries of Eastern Europe, such as Check Republic or Poland, aimed at protecting the new Western Judeo-Christian democracies from Russian dictatorial threats.

Just remember he has frequently been reminding us about the real or alleged historic Christian atrocities and about the Israeli perceived sins related to “illegal settlements” while never mentioning the name of real perpetrators of the contemporary anti-Christian, ant-Jewish and anti-Israel atrocities that is Islamic terrorists and warriors of Allah who commit their crimes under the slogan “Allah Akbar”.

All in the above are the undisputable facts that support the feeling of many that the result of most of Obama’s actions that the people’s majority do not like are not the consequence of his inexperience – that is the outcome that he envisioned from the very beginning and achieved it.

Does God want these people to gather in the Promised Land?

That is a reprint from Jerusalem Post



04/24/2015 18:10

Israel shocked by ultra-Orthodox mob assault of IDF officer in Jerusalem

Ultra-Orthodox Jews gang up on IDF officer in Mea Shearim

The officer, who serves in an infantry brigade, was wearing an army uniform and a knitted skullcap that is the hallmark of the religious Zionist community.

An ultra-Orthodox Jew gestures during a protest in the Mea Shearim neighborhood of Jerusalem. (photo credit: REUTERS)

Israel’s political and military establishment expressed shock and dismay on Friday hours after an IDF officer was accosted and lightly beaten by a mob of ultra-Orthodox Jews in the Mea Shearim neighborhood of Jerusalem.

The officer, who serves in an infantry brigade, was wearing an army uniform and a knitted skullcap that is the hallmark of the religious Zionist community.

He had entered the neighborhood to pay a visit to two soldiers said to be in dire financial straits.

“In recent years, the IDF has enlisted into its ranks thousands of ultra-Orthodox, assigning them significant tasks and roles throughout the army and its various units,” the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said in a statement.

“The IDF views this incident with gravity,” the statement read. “The army denounces and condemns any attempt to harm its officers and soldiers who work day and night to protect the country and its citizens.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke on Friday with Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovich about the incident. The premier released a statement to the press saying that he was closely monitoring the police efforts to locate the assailants.

“This is an outrageous incident,” Netanyahu said. “These lawbreakers who raised a hand against an IDF officer must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”

“IDF service is a source of pride,” the prime minister said. The IDF is a people’s army that protects us all. The soldiers serving in it represent a number of communities that make up Israeli society. That is how it has always been, and that is how it will be.”

“A line has been crossed,” tweeted Aryeh Deri, the chairman of the Sephardic ultra-Orthodox Shas movement. “The assault of an IDF officer at the hands of Jewish extremists is an act of terrorism.”

“A grave act was committed, and I demand that the police do all in its power to bring those criminals to trial as soon as possible,” Deri tweeted.

Yuli Edelstein, the speaker of Knesset, also released a statement condemning the attack.

“This attack was perpetrated by a tiny group of extremist ultra-Orthodox Jews,” he said. “This is a violation of a major red line.”

“I am pained by the fact that on the week in which we remember our sons who are the reason that Israeli citizens can live in security, such violence and polarizing hatred erupts,” he said. “I call on the ultra-Orthodox community to adamantly condemn this incident and to immediately denounce the extremists in its midst who show contempt for all of Israeli society, particularly the ultra-Orthodox.”

An official with United Torah Judaism, the political faction that represents an amalgamation of Ashkenazi haredim, said that those responsible for the attack constitute “an extremist, fringe group that is even more violent towards the ultra-Orthodox than it is to the greater public.”

“These are the same hooligans who attacked UTJ MK Moshe Gafni and MK Uri Maklev when they came into Mea Shearim to pray at a local synagogue,” the source said. “The Israel Police have been way too lenient with them, and it is in contact with their leadership.”

“What we saw today was the result of the police’s silence and capitulation to this group,” the official said.

Intellectual Judaism saved Jews – Intellectual Rabbis saved Judaism

Although many young Jews after their bar/bat-mitzvah as well as many Jewish adults are abandoning their synagogues, they remain Torah-based Jewish.  To understand why they remain solidly Jewish, we have to understand the two foundations of being Jewish – Intellectual Judaism and Intellectual Rabbis.

From the very beginning, from the times of Mount Sinai and Moses, these two foundations were in play.

At the heart of Intellectual Judaism is the guidance of the Torah on building the human realm in accordance with the laws created by the Supreme Power above us the humans – by the Supreme Power with many images and names.

At the heart of Intellectual rabbis is the obligation to safeguard the religion of Judaism created by us the Jews to strengthen our unique mission of the Chosen assigned to us, as we believe by the same Supreme Power.

Intellectual Judaism

God created all humans in His image and likeness. He created in His image and likeness those who believe in His existence and those who do not. He created in His image both Rabbis and an Ordinary Jews. He provided the Torah as the spiritual guidance for everybody, and He made the Torah’s instructions understandable by everybody and tailorable to individual life circumstances.

The Torah/Bible provides a clear description of His image.

God is an All Mighty “individual” who created His world and us the humans in this world. He created us the humans as individuals “in His image and liking” – not as a collective human herd. God created the laws that are governing our human life and our human creative work. He created the laws for everybody – for those who believe in the image of All Mighty as the loving father that takes care of us and for those who believe in the image of All Mighty as Big Bang that created our universe.

To follow the image and likeness of God, a human-individual creates his or her individual realm and personal approach for managing it. It is done almost intuitively, on the “genetic” knowledge of the God’s laws that are governing our human lives.

The individual realm includes a family, a work place, a social circle, a political affiliation, a religious institution, and so on. A Jewish individual is managing his/her realm using a God-given intellect that is genetically transferred from generation to generation from the times of Mount Sinai. A Jewish teacher, or a rabbi in his capacity as a teacher, may help a Jewish individual to apply the God’s laws to an individual’s realm. That is Intellectual Judaism in action – it connects a Jewish individual to the God’s guidance on how to live “in the image and likeness of God”.

Intellectual Judaism assumes a Jewish individual is capable to make his/her own decisions on how to follow the Torah-based guidance with an advice if needed from a rabbi or other Jewish spiritual sources. In Intellectual Judaism, the rabbis are just the teachers – they are not dictatorial spiritual leaders.

The Jews who are leaving their rabbis and synagogues they are not leaving their Jewish faith. They are leaving their rabbis and synagogues because they do not see any spiritual connection of a Rabbinical-Judaism variety around them with the spiritual problems of their own individual realms. Most of them are not converting to a non-Jewish faith – they just stop listening to their authoritative rabbis. If Intellectual rabbis of Rabbinical Judaism want to reduce the number of the “leaving Jews”, they have to teach them how to apply the Torah guidance to different individual realms – not to indoctrinate the individuals in a Rabbinical-Judaism variety.

Intellectual rabbis

Intellectual rabbis of the traditional rabbinical Judaism have been the keepers of Judaism as a religion. They believe that a Jew is not born with a sort of genetic – transferred from generation to generation from the times of Mount Sinai – Torah guidance that should be just clarified in the course of formal Jewish education. They believe that the Torah guidance is too complicated for an ordinary Jewish individual and therefore the rabbis have to provide Jewish individuals with authoritative opinion on how to follow the Torah-based guidance. In the traditional rabbinical Judaism, intellectual rabbis are less teachers and more authoritarian spiritual leaders.

In the Jewish past, Intellectual rabbis were the most important foundation for being Jewish. That is so since the Jews were deprived from the knowledge of the great God’s world surrounding them – they were restrained by imposed on them numerous regulations. In addition, the Jews had no free time to learn on their own about the great God’s world surrounding them – most of them were spending all lifetime, after studying the Torah in the school, to provide bare necessities for the family.

Now in the Jewish present, the Jews have no restrains and a lot of free time to learn everything of their interest. The Jewish nation has moved, and continues moving, from a people who need authoritative leaders to a people comprised of individuals who are trying to discover on their own how to interpret the Torah guidance to make it workable and tailored to every individual realm.

The 2015 Pew survey revealed that out of 6.8 million US Jews only about one-quarter of them are with strong religious beliefs. That means that the majority of US Jews either do not consider a rabbi to be an authoritative guide on their spiritual life challenges or do not have a guiding rabbi at all.

Bringing closer Intellectual Judaism and Intellectual rabbis

We have to make Intellectual Judaism and Intellectual Rabbis working together. We have to return the Jews to synagogues and the synagogues to real Jewish realms with their work places, social circles, political affiliations, Christian religious institutions, etc.

There is no way to return the Jewish majority back to rabbis but for the rabbis to get involved in the individual Jewish spiritual realms to build together a better world for everybody – the Jews, the Christians and everybody else who accept the spiritual foundation of Judeo-Christian civilization. The rabbis have to begin building a better world for everybody not just by preaching, praying, holiday’s celebrations or doing bar/bat-mitzvahs. They have to become active and leading in promoting and defending the legislature based on The Torah/Bible guidance – and do all that in close collaboration with Christian religious leaders.

The Jews have to join the fight in restoring our Judeo-Christian foundation

Yes, the Jews have to join the fight in defending Judeo-Christian civilization because of two simple reasons: the death of Christianity would mean the complete failure of the Jews as the Chosen to make the Torah-guidance the governing guidance of the world and the Jewish nation may be physically annihilated if this civilization is dead.

Unfortunately, the Jews are far behind the Christians in defending and restoring our Judeo-Christian foundation, and some Jews have been even active in destroying it.

Those “destructive” Jews were justifying their actions by referring to the basics of Christianity.

Indeed, Christianity claimed that the God’s guidance receives its true meaning and interpretation from the New Testament – not from the Torah, which it calls the Old Testament. Thus, Christianity denied to Judaism, which is Christianity’s mother religion, the purpose, if not the very right of its continued existence.

Such Jewish anti-Christian attitude was rightly justified in the past. However, in the last century many Christian denominations reconsidered their spiritual relationship with Judaism. For example, Catholic’s leadership is now treating the Jews as the elder spiritual brothers and Evangelic Christians are treating the State of Israel as the God’s Promised Land. The Christians are changing their attitude but not the Jews.

Those “destructive” Jews are destructive not only in regard to Christians but to other Jews as well. Inside the Jewish nation there are Orthodox Jews who treat the Reform or non-religious Jews in the same manner as Christianity treated the entire Jewish nation in the past – the truly Orthodox Jews consider themselves as the only ones who know the God’s guidance.

The anti-Christian actions by many in the Jewish nation are conducted not only in the theological discussions but in the political realm as well. American Jews have long been among the strongest supporters of strict separation of church and state – to deprive the Christians of any influence in the political realm.

Regarding issues like religion in public schools, government aid or vouchers for religious schools, and the display of Christmas mangers or Hanukkah candles on government property, American Jews remain firmly separationist. They believe that in the non-religious, soulless society the Jews would have better conditions for creating a “better world” not only for the Jews but for everybody as well. In the past, I was among those Jews but not anymore. Why? – because I have got back to the Torah and reread and rethought it again from the viewpoint of our God’s given mission of the Jews as the Chosen.


What I have discovered can be summarized in the following way.

  • Since the humans were created in the image of God the Unique Individual and Creator, the humans are not a herd that follows one set of rules enforced by a shepherd. The humans were created as competing individuals – to compete with each other in their creative work since the truly creative work cannot be done without competition of different ideas.
  • The Torah is the guidance for all people – Jews and non-Jews – for competing in the creative work. At the core of Torah guidance are spiritual guidelines for the humans on how to compete peacefully and how to deal with non-peaceful competition.
  • To have a better chance to win in competition, the humans had congregated into groups with different group’s traditions and rules, which were transformed into different religions.
  • One group of humans called the Jews created the Torah-based religion of Judaism with a Torah-based special mission of the Jews as the Chosen. This mission is aimed at helping the non-Jewish groups to understand the Torah guidance and live by it. This mission is not a God-given privilege but rather a God-given heavy responsibility.
  • Since the non-Jews had group’s traditions and rules different from those of the Jews, the non-Jewish groups were creating their own religions. Christianity was a result of fulfilling by the Jews their mission of the Chosen. The Jews helped the non-Jews to create a Torah-based religion of Christianity, and Rabbi Joshua who later on received the name of Jesus Christ did it. It was the beginning of Judeo-Christian civilization where Jews and non-Jews had an opportunity to peacefully compete with each other based on the Torah-based (Old Testament) guidance tailored to the Jewish traditions in Talmud and to the non-Jewish traditions in New Testament.
  • Nevertheless, the competition between Jews and Christians was not that peaceful – it was accompanied by pogroms, expulsions, forceful conversions, public humiliation, and economic restrictions. However, all that was the result of human’s fight for political power camouflaged in religious clothing – not the result of Torah-based God’s guidance.

    These are graves in the old Jewish cemetery in Prague, converted, as too all of Prague's Jewish quarter, into the Museum of Jewish History

  • Nowadays it is clear both Jews and Christians are losing the fight for the Torah/Bible-based better world for everybody – they are losing the fight to the non-religious people and the Muslim world.
  • It is time to fight back for restoration of our Judeo-Christian foundation, and the Jews have to consider this fight as a priority for the Chosen.




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